YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine, and millions of people watch videos every day.

Every day, thousands of new videos are placed on the platform to attract attention and provide timely information. People make live feeds that work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s now easy to create live YouTube broadcasts 24 hours a day and it takes less than 30 minutes to set them up.

But you have to prepare in advance and the content has to be planned for the future.

Live broadcast requirements

I had to be prepared not to work at the last minute,

Video content – images, poison, looped video or live streaming of an event, you need to make sure you can access it on a remote desktop computer.

Audio – A live stream requires music to make the stream enjoyable for the audience. If your video already has sound, you don’t have to do anything to get it.

Titles and descriptions – you must have a good title and description, don’t forget to include important links and titles in your description. Also add video tags to your video.

Software and tools – Find out what software and tools you need for a live broadcast and make sure you run them locally on your local system first.

For streaming I will use OBS in this article. You can choose the software you want: Streamlabs, StreamElements.

Windows Server – In order to install OBS on a server, the Windows operating system must be installed so that you can easily install all the necessary software,

Before creating a server, check the power required for your stream, e.g. B. CPU, GPU (required for video decoding), RAM and memory,

For 24/7 live streaming of 1080p 1080p lo-fi music with only the image and gif as video and audio source, you can easily use a server with 2 CPUs, 512MB GPUs, 4GB RAM and 50GB memory (performance differs per server).

However, if your stream uses the video as a video source, you will need more powerful CPUs and GPUs to encode and decode it.

Configuration server

Make sure you have gone through all the necessary procedures before looking at the installation server options.

You can select any VPS server or dedicated streaming provider from the following list.


Ohbubble is a popular and first choice solution for setting up a 24/7 live broadcast server,

They provide a dedicated server pre-installed with OBS and streaming labs and optimized for streaming,

Configure your content in the software and click Start Streaming, that’s all.

Ohbubble offers 4 recordings, with each recording specifying the quality of the stream, the images and the type of content that can be used in the stream settings such as video, gif, image.

Plan Limit value Monthly
Platinum plan 1080p to 1 second per second $29.99
Sapphire plane 720p at 30 seconds per second $39.99
Golden Plan 1080p at 30 seconds per second $49.99
Diamond plan 1440p at 30 seconds per second $69.99

OhBubble plans for servers

If you choose ohbubble, your server is already configured, just open the program by following ohbubble’s instructions,

Also make sure you don’t configure the streaming settings on the server yourself, always contact our support team.

Paper surface

Paper space is not an alternative to the bubble, better than all aspects.

Paperspace offers fully managed GPU window servers that can be used for resource-intensive tasks, unlike VPS servers that are optimized for web hosting instead of 24-hour, bandwidth-intensive streaming.

To configure the server for 24/7 live streaming, I will use their Paperspace Core product, which offers licensed Windows 10 servers with GPUs (Nvidia Grid GPUs),

Personally, I use Paperspace with Air Plan to broadcast live on YouTube 24 hours a day.

You can get $5 credit if you buy the JIOSBVD or
registration code at
(it is up to you to decide if you want $5 credit or not).

Plan Guard Monthly
Airplane $0.07 $22
Standard plan $0.10 $35
Comprehensive plan $0.18 $65
Plan Pro $0.32 $120

Paper core space plans for servers with a standard GPU

A storage fee ($5 per 50 GB) is charged for an hourly subscription, but a storage fee is already included in the monthly plan.

If you only want to test one server without committing for a month, you can switch to an hourly subscription.

Once you have decided which plan you want to use, go to to create a Windows machine.

Setting up the server will take some time, so please be patient,

When a Windows device is created and ready to use, you can access it directly from your browser or from the Paperspace Desktop application. When the Windows computer is running, you’ll love it.

Below you can see what the remote desktop looks like when you open it,

I’ve already installed the OBS and VLC 64-bit drive,

Make sure the Paper Space console is set to an empty space, otherwise the server will shut down after this time.

So you first have to install both software, and then we install OBS for live streaming.


Depending on what you do in streaming mode, the steps for configuring OBS will vary,

The following setting provides live broadcasts in 1280×720 at 30 frames per second, using GIF as the background with more than 300 audio tracks repeated over and over again.

If your system is more powerful and you want to offer better stream quality, you can configure the settings listed here.

Under Settings > Stream YouTube as Service, select Primary YouTub Ingest Server as server and enter the streaming key,

You will receive a feed key at or

In the Settings > Output menu, select the software (x264) in the Encoder as Hardware (NVENC) menu that does not work on the Paperspace server.

In the Settings > Video menu, select Basic Resolution (Canvas) and Output Resolution (Scalable) and leave the total FPS value at 30.

The basic setup is now underway, so let’s get to work and get on stage.

In Scene > Source, we will use high-altitude sources.

  • To use a GIF image source
  • For a video and audio file, use the media source with the selected loop in the
  • For more than one audio file, use the VLC video source with the selected loop.

Select Image from the source list, browse, and select the gif file you will use because it is a cyclic repeating gif file and nothing will be reinstalled.

If you have a media file (audio or video), you can use a media source from the source list, but since I need to select a directory full of audio files, I will use a VLC video source.

Make sure you check the Loop Playlist box and also select Always play, even if it is not visible.

The VLC video-soruce option only appears in the list if a 64-bit VLC is installed.

Now all other audio sources in the audio mixer are muted to ensure that no other sound is transferred to your stream,

If you’re satisfied with everything, just the wire, make sure you put it in private if you just want to check the current installation, and also to minimize OBS in the taskbar.

Now that your installation is ready for the thread, you can start it, but don’t forget to set up a backup server.

Backup Server

As with the primary server, you must set up a backup server if your primary server fails for any reason.

First create a new server and configure OBS with a change.

Under Settings > Thread, select YouTube as Service, register the YouTube upload server as server and enter the thread key,

Initial flow rate

Now everything is perfectly arranged and you can get the power going.

Once you start streaming, make sure everything is working properly and that the available resources on the server are sufficient.

If you have a problem with anything, let me know and I’ll try to help you.

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