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There are two formatting options when creating Word documents: Landscape or portrait format. The default setting is the portrait mode. However, if you want to use lateral text, you can switch to landscape mode.

If you want to use both types of page formatting in Word, there are several workarounds you can use by using the Word formatting and partitioning options. Here’s how.

Creating a one-page landscape format in Word 2019 and 2016

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Clear instructions for creating individual pages in the Microsoft Word 2019 or 2016 document landscape. Just follow these steps.

  • Place the cursor at the very top of the page you want to rotate in landscape orientation. (In our example we work with page 2).
  • Select Layout or Layout>Divide>Next Page to create a section.
  • Click the Layout tab and choose Orientation > Landscape.
  • All pages are marked as landscape after layout in step 2. In our example, the pages 2, 3, 4 and the top are in landscape format. Because page 2 only needs to be displayed in landscape format, all previous pages must be converted back to portrait format.
  • Move the cursor to the top of the next page (page 3 in our example) or to the next page where you want to stay in portrait mode.
  • As in step 2, choose Layout>Preferences>Next page to create another section.
  • Click on the Layout tab and then choose Orientation> Portrait. The rest of the document is displayed in portrait mode.

That’s all we have to say about it! You have successfully created a one-page landscape in Microsoft Word 2016 and 2013.

In a nutshell: If you try to change orientation without reversing the page, the entire document switches to landscape mode. To create the style of the selected pages in landscape format, you must insert section breaks accordingly.

If you have two partition breaks, you can simply set one to landscape mode and the other to portrait mode (default). I hope this has helped you in your work!

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