Discord is one of the most popular texting platforms among gamers and Youtubers. And not only that: Dissonance has proven popular with people working in the field of cybersecurity and is becoming more popular every day.

The controversy was made public in May 2015, but within a short period of time gained the attention of several communities. What makes Disharmony famous are the features it offers its users. One of these features is the Discord spoiler image. You may be wondering what a disk spoiler image is and how to create a disk spoiler image. If you think so, follow this article, we will cover all the steps needed to write it.

What is the image of the Discord spoiler?

If you like movies, TV series or anime, you may have heard the term spoiler. If you don’t know, it’s fiction that reveals the plot or a summary of certain events. It gets more interesting when you see a movie that appreciates its plot, and someone shares the entire plot and destroys it.

Spoilers just ruin everything. To avoid such spoilers, Discord has added spoiler tags to prevent anyone from spoiling the fun. You can also send such a message or a discordspoiler image. Below is an example of a spoiler message and spoiler images.

Text of the discordance spoiler Image of the discordance spoiler

In the screenshot above, you can see that the image is marked as a spoiler and the text is hidden by a black bar. They are both examples of spoiler text.

How do I display the disc spoiler image?

To display a Discord spoiler, simply click on the image or in the text marked as a spoiler. However, we recommend that you do not click on any of these except in an emergency or when something important is going on. Because who likes to be spoiled.

Pay attention: The Discord spoiler label is not intended to hide spoilers for specific movies or others. Sometimes he is sent out to have fun with his friends. We can send a Discord formatted text message, which is another reason why it has become so popular in a short period of time.

If you encounter a disk connection error, a pending terminal error, or a Discord javascript error, follow the appropriate links to see the solution.

How do I send the disc spoiler image?

Now that you know what a disk spoiler message is and how to view a disk spoiler image, you can look forward to sending disk spoiler messages and images. In this case, perform the following steps to send the spoiler image from the disc. First we will discuss how to send a message and a spoiler image on the desktop, and then we will discuss how to send spoiler images and messages on the mobile.

Computer spoiler text and graphics:

Sending text and images from Discord spoiler to a computer is quite easy compared to mobile phones like Android and iOS. Follow the instructions below to submit text and images of the spoiler in the discrepancies section.

Disc spoiler text in PC

Step 1 : Log in to your Discord account and go to the server you want to send the spoiler text to.

Step two: If you are on the server, enter the message you want to send as a spoiler between the two arrow icons. See the example below if you don’t know what a pipe symbol is, or type your message after /spoiler.

| The text of your spoiler

Image from the discord spoiler


/spoiler Your message here

Step three: In the screenshot above you can see that the text in the pipe symbol has changed, this is due to the highlighting. If you did, send a message.

After sending, you can see that your message has been marked as a spoiler.

Text of the mismatch spoiler


If you want to submit spoiler text, you can type the text and select the part you want to mark as spoiler and click on the eye icon. This will automatically add a pipe icon and mark it as a spoiler.

Image from the discord spoiler

That’s all I’m saying. You have successfully sent the Spoiler or Discord image.

PC disc spoiler image

Sending a spoiler image is even easier than sending a text. Follow the steps below to submit a spoiler image to Discord :

  1. Log in to your Discord account and go to the server you want to send spoiler images to.
  2. Then click on the + button to the left of the text box.
  3. Select the image you want to download.
  4. Once you have selected an image, you will be prompted to take a screenshot as shown below.Spoiler Text

  1. There is an option Mark as a spoiler. After selecting, the image is marked as a spoiler as suggested in the box. Discordant spoiler image

Text and images from the mobile spoiler:

Now that you know how to send the image and text of the Discord spoiler to your computer. We’ll discuss how to send it to your mobile phone. You can use a similar method for Android and IOS devices.

Disc spoiler text in the mobile phone

Sending a spoiler text from a mobile phone is similar to sending a spoiler message from a PC.

  1. Open the Discord application on your mobile phone.
  2. Type the message you want to send as a spoiler between the two pipelines || text here | or after the word /spoiler.

| The text of your spoiler


/spoiler Your message here

It now sends a message and is marked as a spoiler.

Picture of the window spoiler in the mobile phone

Submitting a spoiler image from a mobile device is a bit tricky. You can send the image as a spoiler in Discord PC by simply clicking the Mark as spoiler button, but this does not apply to mobile phones. Follow the article to send the spoiler image to your mobile phone.

  1. Call the file manager of your mobile phone. You can use the built-in file manager for your mobile devices.
  2. In the file manager, find the image you want to send as a spoiler.
  3. Rename the image and add spoiler_ at the beginning. If your image is called Img_xxx_xxx.jpg, please change it to Spoiler_Img_xxx_xxx.jpg and send it to the Discord server.
  4. After clicking submit, the image will be marked as a spoiler.

It’s just a matter of sending a moving spoiler image, right?

I know this method of sending spoiler discussion photos to cell phones is redundant to most of you. If that’s the case, we’ve included some pretty good YouTube videos below to help you through it.

For the IOS device for sending the disc spoiler image
For the Android device to send the disk spoiler image


It is always better to have fun with the different features of the Discord application. Now that you know how to send a spoiler image and text in Discord, have fun with your friends and notice that the spoiler image doesn’t work on the older version of the Discord mobile app, so you better watch what you send.

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