For example, we often want to move installed games from one drive to another. For example, from a hard drive to an SSD for better loading performance, or from a smaller drive to a larger drive, etc. This quick guide shows you how to install games installed through the Origin client (the screenshots have been updated for the latest Origin 2021 client), such as… B. Apex Legends, The Sims, FIFA, Battlefield, etc., can be moved to another drive without reloading.

Moving Origin games to a different drive

Please note that this guide only works with games installed through the Origin client. If you have an Origin game that you want to move from one drive to another, follow these steps.

First, launch the Origin client. Click My Game Library in the Origin client window.

You can see all the games you have installed on your computer. Right-click on the game you want to move to another drive, and then select Move Game.

In the Open Directory pop-up window, navigate to the directory/path of the folder you want to move the game to, then click Select Folder.

There are no restrictions on where you can move the game. You can move the game to any location on any disk. You can just create a new folder on the drive you want to move your game to, and call that folder Games or something.

Message: Make sure you have enough memory for the game you want to move, otherwise a warning window will appear.

After you click Select Folder, Origin begins moving your entire game folder into the new folder of your choice. Transferring can take some time, depending on the size of the game files and the read and write speeds of the SSD and HDD.

Once the transfer is complete, Origin runs another process called Game File Check to verify that the migrated game files are not missing or damaged as a result of the migration process. This process may also take some time depending on the size of the game files.

Once the validation and refinement process is complete, the game is deemed to have been successfully transferred. You can now start the game and play.

The Move Game option is unavailable or grayed out

If you right-click on a game in the game library and the option to move the game does not appear (or is grayed out), close the game completely if it is active, and then try again. Some games may still work after closing. In that case, restart your computer and repeat the same steps (do not start the game after the restart).

And if you still don’t see the option to move the game, try running Origin as an administrator. It may also be that Origin does not have sufficient permissions to move the files.

The game disappeared from the Origins library after it was moved

If the transfer process is complete and the game files have been moved to the desired location, but the game does not appear in the Origin game library, try the following solution.

In the Origin client, click Games in the top menu bar and select Reload Game Library. Now check that the game has reappeared in the game library.

If the game is still not in your library, click on Games in the menu bar and then on Add a game without an original. Navigate to the new folder where your game is currently located, and select the main executable file (.exe) for the game. It should then add the game to its library.

Description to share: Want to move your Origin game from hard drive to SSD? Here’s a quick guide to moving Origin games to another drive without rebooting.

frequently asked questions

Can I install Origin games onto a different drive?

Yes, it’s possible. Go to Advanced Origin Settings and create a folder for your games. Download the games you want and install them in this folder. Repeat this process for all the hard drives you want to use.

How do I move games from drive C to drive D?


How do I change the location of my game on Origin?


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