4 Options for opening an ENC file on Android and laptop

But this time I’ll talk about extensions (.ENC). Maybe one of you doesn’t understand why I sent the file to WhatsApp, why it was changed to ENC. Find out how to open an enc file on your laptop and Android.

Details :

File Encryption means encryption. Encryption is a matter of data security. For example, if you find a file with the WhatsApp Enc extension, this WhatsApp function is used to ensure the security of the file.

How do I open an encrypted encapsulation file from WhatsApp? Here are some ways to extract files to your laptop and Android phone

How to open an ENC file on your Windows 10 laptop

You can use Zip/Rar compression to open a file with the extension enc. Here are the steps. The Windows I use is Windows 10. For those of you using Windows 8 or 7, it looks a little different. But how to extract files that have the same extension.

Create ENC file in ZIP file

  1. Please first prepare the collection folder you wish to open. If it’s still on your Android phone, you can transfer it to your laptop first.
  2. Then right click on the file
  3. Then click the Send button and select a compressed (zipped) folder. The file with the extension .enc is converted to a Zip file.
  4. After converting the enc file to a zip file, all you have to do is extract the file.

Creating an ENC file in a ZIP file

  1. The trick is to right click on the file.
  2. Then select Extraction here.

Creating an ENC file in a ZIP file

Not only can you convert a file to a zip archive, but you can also convert an enc file to a rar file so that it can be opened.

Creating an ENC file in RAR

  1. First you will find the collection file you want to open.
  2. Then right click on the file.
  3. There are several menus, select Add to namafilekalian.rar.
  4. He’s become a Rah, so you can unpack the Rah file.
  5. The trick is to right click on the RAR file.
  6. Then select Extraction here.
  7. Earlier I also discussed how to create and unpack RAR files on laptops and androids.

Create ENC file in RAR

Some of you may not have a computer or laptop. You can open the ENC file from the Android smartphone you are currently using. It’s easy to open files with the ENC extension on your Android phone. Learn how to open an enc file on Android.

How to open an enc-file on Android

Use of the ZArchiverapplication

ZArchiver is a kind of standard file management application for a mobile phone, but in this application it is very complete. Many people use this application for their own needs because the file management application on their mobile phone cannot extract files with the standard ENC extension. In addition, this application has many functions for which the standard file manager of the mobile phone cannot meet the needs of the users. To open the collection file on your Android phone.

  1. Please prepare the ZArchiver application first. You can download it for free from the Google Play-Store.
  2. After downloading and installing the application, open it and find out where the file containing the application is located. If you receive a file sent by WhatsApp, you can find it in the local file-> WhatsApp-> media-> document.
  3. When you have found it, just click on the file, there are several extraction options, just select it.
  4. If this happens later, a new folder with the name of your collection file will appear. Open it and see what’s inside.
  5. It’s done.

You can open so many things on a mobile phone file. Using the ZArchiver application is very, very easy. But there is another, simpler way to open this file.

This method can be used on laptops and mobile phones. Not only Android phones, but also iPhone phones can use the following methods. Using web applications is one of the good solutions if you are too lazy to reinstall applications. Learn how to open an online collection file without any software or application.

Online opening of a CENfile

  1. First open your browser on your laptop or Android smartphone.
  2. Then go to extract.me
  3. Then you can select the File tab (file selection).

How to open a CE file online?

  1. Note the format of the enc file on your laptop or smartphone.
  2. Wait until the process is complete. When you are ready to download the file, click Save All As Flash.

How to open a CE file online?

  1. Fact.

Details :


So, my friends, here’s how to open an ENC file on an Android and a laptop. If you’re still confused, you can ask in the comment column. Usually, the enc file is the result of WhatsApp encoding. Open the ENC file.

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