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How to reset your iPad

Is your iPad suddenly lethargic and unusually slow? Abuse of Apple devices is not uncommon – in fact, more than a third of active Apple iPad users have reported a device cycle issue to Apple’s support center. In today’s article, we focus on restarting your beloved iPad. How do I restart my Apple tablet and what do I need to know in advance? Read the following and we will guide you through the process. Actually, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Before attempting to reset your iPad, please note that during this process (depending on the reset method you choose) all of the tablet’s settings will be reset to default values. This means you will lose all network, location, privacy, and keyboard dictionary settings that you have manually set. This should not be a problem as you can always reset them to your personal preferences after the reset.

However, we advise you to be very careful with any of the above reset methods and make sure that you have fully backed up your data and media before attempting to reboot your device.

Why reset the iPad

Before we discuss the steps and methods for resetting your iPad that you have issues with, let’s look at the most common issues where resetting your device can help:

  • Frozen screen
  • The device is not responding
  • The device is slower and runs slower than normal.
  • Frequent interruptions of mobile phone connections
  • Spontaneous and uncontrolled strike of the application
  • Problems with scrambling

Note that restarting your iPad is a good thing, but it doesn’t always fully solve the problems mentioned above. Sometimes it is sufficient to take an exam under the supervision of a qualified professional, but it is a good start.

Reboot iPad (Soft Reset)

Soft Reset is the first and easiest way to reset your Apple iPad. We recommend that you perform a soft reset if your device has a prolonged delay or has difficulty opening and charging certain applications. This method of restarting your tablet is very simple and will not result in the loss of your valuable data. Learn here how to gently restart your tablet:

  • Find the power button on your iPad;
  • Press and hold the button for a few seconds;
  • You should see a slider at the top of the screen to turn it off;
  • Drag the cursor with the right mouse button to start the reset process;
  • After turning off the device, wait a few seconds before turning on the iPad again;
  • Press and hold the power button again;
  • You should note that the Apple logo is back on your iPad screen;
  • That’s it! You should be able to continue your work!

Don’t forget that your iPad needs to respond fully to perform a smooth reset! If the device does not respond to your keys, you should switch to another solution.

To restart the iPad

The best alternative to a soft reset for the iPad is a forced restart. This method of restarting the device is recommended if the soft restart has not solved the problems that have occurred. Forced restarting is sometimes called hard restarting – but it makes no difference to the overall process. This also applies if your iPad suddenly turns off and is no longer turned on. Like the soft reset we talked about earlier, the forced restart will not affect your tablet’s data.

Resetting the iPad via the Home button

  • Simultaneously press and hold the power and home buttons until the unit is completely turned off;
  • It may take a minute to restart the iPad, so please be patient;
  • Release the buttons when you notice the Apple logo appear on the screen again;
  • That’s it! Your iPad should work normally again!

To reset an iPad without the home button

  • Find the button to increase the volume
  • Press the button and release quickly
  • Find the button to turn down the volume
  • Press the button and release quickly
  • All you have to do is press and hold the power button.
  • You can release the power button when you notice the Apple logo appear on the screen again.

To apply this method, you need to act relatively quickly. Try not to take long pauses between the above steps.

To return the iPadto factory settings

The third and final method of resetting your Apple device is basically called a factory reset. This option should never be used as the first reset option as it will permanently erase all data, settings and media files from your iPad. The factory reset should only be used if the above two methods have not solved the problem you are trying to solve. We strongly recommend that you only perform a factory reset when your device has become completely unusable! This method is also excellent if you decide to sell your tablet because it completely cleans your device.

To reset your iPad using theconfiguration

  • Start by opening the Settings program.
  • Go to General and find the Reset input.
  • Click on ”Delete all content and settings”.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking several times on a specific entry.
  • Wait until the control panel appears.
  • Enter the settings manually or select to restore the previous settings.
  • That’s it! You’ve successfully accomplished your mission

How to reset your iPad with iTunes (Reset iPad without password)

  • First connect your iPad to your PC/Mac.
  • Open the iTunes application
  • You should see a message indicating that your device is currently in recovery mode.
  • Press OK to confirm that you have seen the relevant message.
  • Find the Recovery Backup item.
  • If you click on this item, a drop-down menu appears
  • Find and select the backup you just made from this menu.
  • Find the ”Restore” button and click it to restore and reset your device.

Please note that after a reset, it is not possible to restore lost data unless you have made a full backup of the files! If for some reason you forgot your password, you can reset the device using this method.


In case you’re still a little confused about the whole reboot thing, keep this in mind:

  • A soft reset is preferred for a device with bad behavior. If you often have trouble freezing your iPad or if you’re just slower, even though it’s still responding perfectly, choose this option.
  • A forced restart is the second best option: if the problems encountered do not disappear after a soft reset and remain active, keep using this method.
  • Reset is the last option, which should only be chosen if the above two methods have not effectively solved your problems. Select the Factory Reset option only if the device stops responding or if you want to delete all data.

We hope this article has helped you disentangle your misconduct. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget that our state-of-the-art editors are always there for you if you need help.

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Before you perform a reset, it’s a good and safe idea to back up your iPad. In case something goes wrong.

  • Open your iPad settings
  • Touch Apple ID (top left).
  • Tap your iCloud
  • Press the iCloud backup
  • Activate the iCloud backup and confirm it.

You have successfully turned on a backup on your iPad. It automatically backs up your data every 24 hours as long as your device is connected to the Internet. Don’t worry, it happens most nights in the garden. If you have never backed up the device before, it may take a little longer, the next backup will be much faster.

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