How do I reset an Epson L120 printer – Does your Epson L120 have an error that prevents it from printing or does it only display the screen that is flashing constantly? If that’s the case, you need to know how to reset your Epson L120 to free the printer from these errors and problems.

Resetting the Epson L120 printer

The Epson L120, which displays a blinker with the symptom of a full service or ink leak message, means you are receiving a message or code indicating that the printer is having problems or a fault.

Details :

This must be very annoying, not when we need a printer to print a document, but the printer cannot be used and can only show a blinking display.

But don’t worry, repairing the Epson L120 printer is actually very easy. Just restart the printer to make it work properly again.

And the way to restart an Epson L120 printer is also very simple. There are even two types of means to achieve this, without software and with software.

How to reset an Epson L120 2020

The L120 printer, which is defective or cannot be used, can have several causes. Therefore, there are two types of L120 printer reset methods that can be used.

The first way is to find out how you can sell without the need for software or applications. This method is used when the Epson L120 has an error in the ink level because the ink has run out after filling or signing.

The second option is to use the Epson Reset application to reset the printer. This method can be used if the Epson L120 always shows a flashing or blinking display (ink path counter).

In addition, both methods can actually be used as a solution for the L-series Epson devices such as the Epson L110, L120, L200, L210, L220, L300, L310, L350, L355, L360, L365, L385, L405, L455, L485, L550 and others.

1. How to reset the Epson L120 printer manual

How to restart an Epson printer as this ink level is sufficient for a manual restart without software. This problem is indicated by the fact that the ink indicator comes on and then remains at rest and the printer cannot be used for printing.

Here you can learn how to reset the Epson L120 after filling or running out of ink:

  1. Turn on the Epson printer.
  2. Press and hold the Power button and Resume button for 5 seconds.
  3. Press two buttons again for 3 seconds.
  4. Leave the printer on for a few minutes.
  5. The Epson printer works perfectly.
  6. It’s done.

If the above method still cannot solve the problem with the Epson L120 printer, this is an error. You can try the following method with the Epson Reset application.

2. Epson L120 Reset request

The Epson Reset application can help you troubleshoot problems that occur with the Epson L120. Moreover, this refill can be used free of charge and is suitable for all Epson L-Series.

How to reset the Epson L120 with the last load :

  1. First download the application form here.
  2. Remove it and install it on your computer or laptop.
  3. Turn on the Epson printer.
  4. Then open the Reset application.
  5. Then press the Select button.
  6. Select L120 or modify the version of the Epson printer.
  7. You must select the Special Setting Mode menu.
  8. Select an ink gauge for the ink pads.

Annex Epson L120 Reset

  1. Check the playground meter.
  2. Click Initialize and then click OK in the message that appears.

Annex Epson L120 Reset 2

  1. Restart the Epson printer.

Once you have followed the above instructions, your Epson L120 will function normally again. The problem that occurred with the Epson L120 is now solved with a reset program.

Details :


This means that the Epson L120 printer must be restarted with an application or manually without software that you can use as a printer after the ink has not printed and only flickers.

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