A PDF document contains text, images, and a whole bunch of other documents (most commonly web pages) that are arranged in a specific order. This can be a problem if you want to change the order of the documents—for example, if you want to move pages from the middle of the document to the beginning or vice versa. Thankfully, Acrobat has an easy way to solve this problem: simply select all the pages you want to move and choose “Rotate Pages” from the Pages menu.

PDF rotators and page movers are very useful tools for dealing with PDF documents, especially if you want to have several different versions of a document or if you want to work on the document with your colleagues. PDF Rotators allow you to rotate the pages of a PDF document to any angle you want, or flip them over so that the opposite side is visible.

PDFs are great documents for editing and sharing, because they can be accessed online and can be viewed on any device. They’re even more useful when you can rotate and move the pages within them with ease. If you’re a blogger, writer, or someone who needs to make edits to a PDF, you can do this at home with a few simple steps.. Read more about how to rotate pdf and save changes in adobe reader free and let us know what you think.

Not so long ago, organizing and editing documents was a real headache. But today we have many tools at our disposal that can do all the work of editing, converting, formatting, etc. documents. However, if you rely on a sophisticated tool, you are spending a lot of money and getting less value for your money. That’s why you need a fast, yet cost-effective online tool that allows you to multitask in a split second. CocoDoc is a versatile editor that provides users with features like PDF editing, PDF conversion, electronic signature, etc. And that’s not all. It can also rotate and move pages in a PDF document, which is usually offered by more expensive programs. In this article we will show you a simple but effective way to rotate and move pages in a PDF document with CocoDoc. But first, a brief look at CocoDoc and some of its features.

What is CocoDoc?

CocoDoc is a versatile, cloud-based PDF editor. It has an interactive user interface that makes it user friendly and increases user efficiency. With CocoDoc, you can quickly reduce the time it takes to edit a PDF file that would take several minutes with other tools, increasing your productivity. Although people often worry about online platforms because of security issues. However, CocoDoc uses a highly secure 256-bit SSL encryption system that provides additional security for every document you upload. That’s not all, it also offers many other features that will be discussed below. word-image-4078

CocoDocMain features

Below are some of the best features of CocoDoc.

Compressing and splitting PDF files

This fantastic feature allows users to compress multiple PDF files into a single file, reducing the unnecessary stress of searching for individual documents here and there. Compressing documents into a single file takes up less disk space and allows users to use the remaining space according to their needs. It also takes too long to read and display a PDF file of several hundred pages.  CocoDoc has a tool that can split your large PDF file into smaller files, saving you time.

Conversion of documents to PDF

CocoDoc offers a feature that allows you to convert a PDF file directly into Word, Excel, PPT and even PNG files. This helps users whose devices do not support PDF. You can now open the same document in a different format. The optional undo and redo function makes the whole editing process smooth and efficient.

Convert document to PDF

For people who want more privacy and security for their documents, PDF files are the best choice. To edit them, you indeed need high-end software, which is not easy to find. Therefore, when converting any document to PDF, whether it is a Word, Excel, PPT or JPG file, no changes can be made. This guarantees the security and confidentiality of these documents.

Adding a watermark to PDF

CocoDoc also allows you to insert a watermark in a PDF file. With a few clicks, the job is done and the PDF becomes your property. The tool allows you to customize the watermark in different styles and fonts. Moreover, you can create a unique design and change the layout of the texts.

Rotate and move pages in a PDF document

word-image-4079 Now let’s see step by step how to turn and move pages in a PDF document. Step one: Go to Turn PDF on the official CocoDoc website. Step two: Select the PDF file and download it from your computer. Step three: Once you have uploaded the file, you can complete your task and rotate a single page or the entire PDF. Step four: Similarly, you can move or replace individual pages of a file within a row or individually. Step 5: Once you have confirmed the final alignment and placement, simply share and upload the updated file.


That’s it for this tutorial on turning and moving pages in a PDF document. After reading this guide, you can easily accomplish this task with CocoDoc as your primary tool. If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it with your colleagues and help them take advantage of CocoDoc’s capabilities.Whether you’re a professional in the publishing business or just need to create a few PDF documents from time to time, we’ve all had the problem of one or more of the pages being in the wrong order or orientation. This tutorial will show you how to rotate and move pages within a PDF document, even if you don’t have any special PDF editing software.. Read more about how do you rotate a scanned pdf? and let us know what you think.

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