Windows 10 File Explorer does not allow you to display the size of folders in the Details pane. The Size column in File Explorer only shows the size of files, not folders. The only way to see the size of a folder without using a third-party application is to display the tooltip or properties window of the folder (explained below). To display the size of folders when browsing files and folders, we need the help of third-party software. In this guide, we will not only show you the basic ways to display the folder size in File Explorer, but we will also show you two simple apps that you can use to display the folder size in Windows 10 File Explorer.

Check folder size without software

Depending on what you want to achieve, if you just want to check the size of a particular folder, you don’t need to use software to help you do that. Here are two ways to quickly check the size of a folder in Windows 10 File Explorer.

Folder size via tooltip

The easiest way to check the size of a folder is to hover over it and wait a second or two for the tooltip to appear.

The size of the folder is shown in the information box of the folder tooltip.

Folder size via properties

Another way to quickly check the size of a folder is to right-click on it and select Properties.

In the Folder Properties window, you can view the total size of the selected folder and any other relevant information about the folder.

Show folder size in Windows 10 File Explorer

Folder Size is a simple, free program that adds a separate window to Windows 10’s Explorer to display the size of folders while browsing through them.

It was developed over a decade ago and allowed the size of a folder to be displayed in a column of the Windows file explorer before the advent of Vista, 7 and 8. Since Vista it is no longer possible to add a size column to Explorer. Therefore, a separate window is inserted instead. The best thing about this app is that it also works on Windows 10.

To view the size of folders in Windows 10 Explorer with Folder Size, download and install Folder Size at

After installation, open File Explorer / This PC and navigate to any folder. After that, a separate window should appear, showing all folder sizes in the current directory.

If you close the Folder Size window, you must close and reopen File Explorer to reopen it.

How can I uninstall an application? Since this is a program that must be installed, if you no longer need it or if it is not right for you, you can uninstall it in the Add/Remove Programs window or Settings > Programs. Find the folder size in the application list, select it, and then press Delete.

Displaying the folder size with the folder size explorer

The next application is also called Folder Size, but it is quite different from the previous one. The two applications just have the same name, but were created by two different developers.

Folder Size, developed by Mindgems, is a standalone file explorer that can display the size of folders in a column when you browse your computer with the program. Since folder size can be a column property, you can also sort folders by size in the app, which you can’t do with the default Windows 10 File Explorer.

You can download Folder Size from the link below (preferably the portable version if you don’t want to install it):

To learn how to properly use the application to view folders by size and sort folders, read : Sorting folders by size in Windows 10.

Description to share: In this guide, you will learn how to check the folder size in Windows 10 File Explorer and how to view the folder size using the Folder Size app.

frequently asked questions

How can I see the folder size in Windows 10?

Open the File Manager window and right-click on the Name field at the top. You’ll see some options – particularly options that let you choose what information about your folders you want to see. Select Size and the property will appear on the far right of the window.

Why doesn’t Windows Explorer show the size of folders?

Windows Explorer does not display the size of folders because Windows does not and cannot know them without a potentially long and tedious process. A single folder may contain hundreds of thousands or even millions of files, each of which must be examined individually to determine the size of the folder.

How can I see the file size in detail?

Click the Select Parts button on the View menu. Check the box next to Folder Size and click OK. Use the key combination CTRL and + to change the width of the column so that the Folder Size column is displayed correctly.

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