Hello, dear readers, today we’re going to do a step-by-step guide on how to take a screenshot on Windows 8. In this guide you will find the simplest and most effective way of working. Taking a screenshot on a Windows computer or laptop is not difficult. All you have to do is follow a few steps. We will read these steps in the next paragraphs.

Easy way to take a screenshot under Windows 8/10

How do I take a screenshot under Windows 8?

Screenshot under Windows 8

You may need screenshots at any time. So you need to know how to take a screenshot on your device. It doesn’t matter if you use your PC/laptop for business or pleasure. Screenshots are also called screenshots, and they are recordings of your screen. There are several ways to take a screenshot on a Windows 8 computer. Read them below.

1. Using shortcut keys

  • PrtScn (print screen) or CTRL+PrtScn

This is the first method that consists of taking a screenshot on a Windows PC or laptop, and it is also a very well known method. You can use this method in all versions of Windows. Simultaneously press the PrtScn (print screen) or CTRL+PrtScn keys.

How do I take a screenshot under Windows 8?

Windows then takes a screenshot of the entire current screen and saves it to the clipboard. The next step is to open any image editing software, learn to draw and then paste an image from the clipboard. Press and hold the CTRL+V keys to paste an image from the clipboard. You can then save it in JPEG or PNG format and use it anywhere.

How do I take a screenshot under Windows 8?

2. Another short keypad segment to take a screenshot of.

  • Window + PrtScn

If you want to take a screenshot of your entire screen and save it as a file on your hard drive without using any other software or tools, press Windows + PrtScn at the same time.

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When these buttons are pressed together, Windows automatically saves the screenshot in the image library and the screenshot folder. You will notice that the name of the recorded file is Screenshot(number).png, where the number indicates how many screenshots have been taken on this device.

How do I take a screenshot under Windows 8?

If you are using a PC or laptop with Windows 10, you can find these screenshots in the folder-> Pictures -> Screenshots. This method not only saves the file, but also copies the screenshot to the clipboard.

3. another small piece of keyboard for the screenshot

  • Old + PrtScn

This is another key combination available for taking screenshots on Windows 8 computers or laptops. You must open the window you want to capture and then press the Alt + PrtScn keys on the keyboard. The screenshot you took is saved on the clipboard. You can now open Paint or another image editing program where you can insert the image. You can then edit it and save it to the hard drive of your Windows PC or laptop.

4. Application of sniper tools

One of the best and easiest tools to take screenshots of your computer screen. This tool works on all versions of Windows and is already installed on all Windows. And the cutting tool is specially designed for taking screenshots. This tool allows you to take many types of screenshots, such as windows, entire screen areas, or custom screenshots.

How do I take a screenshot under Windows 8?

Just click on the option of the shape in which you want to create the screenshot and move the cursor across the screen. Then click the Save button. Now enter a file name and select a storage location. Here we go. You took a screenshot under Windows 8.

Note: You can use the hidden secret keyboard combination of this tool. Many users of snipers don’t know this. When using the cutting tool, you can use this tool to take a screenshot with the Ctrl+Print! key combination. With this hotkey you can even call up the menu. Just open the application and press these buttons, and the sniper will grab everything, including the opened menu items!

5. Using the Snip & Sketch application (Windows 10)

In an update of October 2018, Windows 10 came out with a new application to replace the cutting tool. These two applications are currently available together in Windows 10. This Snip & Sketch adds new features. As you can see, the name of this application suggests that after taking screenshots you will focus on sketching or editing them. This new application offers different ways to take screenshots on your PC or laptop.

How do I take a screenshot under Windows 8?

Last words: If you have read this article carefully, you now know in a few steps how to take screenshots under Windows 8. We have mentioned many methods for this. You can try any of these methods and a screenshot will also be taken on your Windows 8 computer. Share this article with friends, family or others who want to know more. Thank you for reading this article.

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