Most cold letters fail. You know why? Because most marketers get it wrong and end up ruining their cold email campaigns. In this article, I will share with you proven tips and strategies for using cold email to boost your marketing efforts.

First this: What is a cold email?

For those who are not familiar with the concept of cold calling, let me explain it in simple terms:

A cold email is a type of unsolicited (marketing) email, usually sent to a person with whom you have no direct or indirect personal contact.

For example: Let’s say you just opened an online clothing store. They are a new player in the field, with an unspecified brand image. Now you want to get the salespeople involved and start emailing executives from retail brands like Nike, Adidas and Calvin Klein. They know nothing about you or your company. So when you send them an email about your new e-commerce store and why they should consider selling from your store…. is a cold email.

7 Tips for writing unsolicited emails that are read and received positively

Follow these 7 tips to write better sales letters and increase your chances of success:

1). Check the e-mail address of the recipient:

When you send a cold email to someone, make sure it’s the right person you’re interested in. This doubles your chances of a positive response. For example: If you want to send an ad request to a magazine, you don’t have to email it to the editor. Is that so?

Find out how to verify that your recipients’ email addresses are correct:

  • Search the place carefully. The Contact and About pages are two of the most common places to find a stakeholder’s correct email address.
  • If the above tips don’t work, you can dive into social media profiles as part of your search – check the LinkedIn profile pages of the people involved, for example.

2.) Use your own e-mail address

The next tip for writing a good prospecting email is to make sure you use your own email address (preferably business) to contact the prospect. Do not send an email with a common company name, such as B. [email protected]. It ruins the whole point of face-to-face contact.

3. Personalising your e-mail

By personalizing your email message, you immediately grab the recipient’s attention and make a good first impression. You can find many ready-made templates for cold email calls on the Internet. But you should be aware that you cannot reuse the same template for emails to all your prospects. In this way, the distinction between unsolicited e-mail and spam is removed. So do your homework on your prospects and then write a truly personalized email. Here’s what you need to personalize in your prospecting email :

  • Subject – The subject line is your best chance of convincing someone to open your email, let alone respond to it. So you have to weigh them very carefully.
  • Introductory sentence – These are often the first few lines of text we see in our emails under the subject line. So personalize your email well to increase the chances of your email being read and responded to.

Sharing a touch point or a sincere compliment is the best way to personalize your emails. There may be contact points: You share a common passion or interest, you come from the same school, university or even the same city!

Some people are so creative in their cold email strategy that they literally make something out of this world. For example: My friend, Puneet Bhalla, recently received a chilling email in the form of a truly personalized video message! There are no limits to creativity! Check out this screenshot of the LinkedIn feed where he shared this post:

4. Be sincere in your appreciation when you do!

If you decide to submit a test, make sure it’s genuine!

For example: I get a lot of unsolicited emails from guest editors who want to contribute to my blog. In their emails, most like my blog. They say they read my blog regularly. But I don’t see any comments from these people. They’re not even my email subscribers. Isn’t that a very misleading assessment? So what do you want me to do? I shamelessly ignore these cold letters. It’s very simple!

5. Don’t talk like you’re begging for something.

I see most cold pitches in email going straight for the goal, often so terribly direct that it seems like they are literally begging for something. For example: Check out this email from someone who wants to write a guest post on my blog:

She is so direct in her message that she emphasizes – all she cares about is a link to her website. That sentence ruined everything! How can I trust their work?

If she had instead contacted me and written about how she could add value to my blog, or even offered to update an old post, I would have gladly accepted the offer.

6. Be brief and concise in your message.

Another tip for writing good cold calling letters is to keep them short and sweet. Sales prospects typically receive hundreds of emails a day. So respect their time by keeping your message short, personal and concise.

7. Using a professional e-mail signature

Finally, be sure to use a professional closing and signature to make your message powerful and meaningful. Adding a professional electronic signature can help you build trust and a personal connection with your email recipient. This tip will increase your chances of getting a positive response to your cold call email.

Your thoughts?

What do you think of cold correspondence? How can you use it to market your business? We would love to hear from you!

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