You probably know SUMIF (Sum If) as an addition function in Excel, and it’s a simple way to find out how many times a certain value appears within a range. If you’ve been using it, you’ve probably noticed that the formula can get really long if you have a lot of values to sum. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use SUMIF in Google Sheets, a powerful spreadsheet alternative that’s easy to use and free.

SUMIF is a function in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other spreadsheet programs that helps you get a maximum or minimum number in a list based on a condition. Common examples include getting the average of a list, or getting the maximum number of occurrences of a condition. SUMIF is a great addition to your spreadsheet to make calculations easier.

Results display for empty cells

In this case, the SUMIF function has taken into account the values of cells B3 and B6 because the corresponding cells in column A are empty. If you want to go a step further, you can also use conditional formatting to select the range of cells that SUMIF takes into account in its calculations.

Users should also be aware that the SUMIF formula cannot be used in an array formula. The SUMIF formula is mainly used in Google Sheets budget spreadsheets where you need to calculate values for a specific text string.


The SUMIF module in Google Sheets allows users to calculate the sum of numbers in cells that meet one criterion, a specific criterion, or multiple conditions. In addition to numbers, it can also be used with data containing text strings and numbers. It is also one of the main data analysis features of Google Sheets.

When using the SUMIF feature in Google Sheets, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to avoid mistakes. If you want to add numbers that meet more than one criterion instead of just one, you must use the SUMIF formula.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do a Sumif in Google Sheets?

To do a sumif in Google Sheets, you would use the SUMIF function.

Does Google Sheets support Sumifs?

Yes, Google Sheets supports Sumifs.

How do I Sumif multiple criteria in Google Sheets?

To sum multiple criteria in Google Sheets, you can use the SUMIF function. =SUMIF(A2:A10,”<>“,B2:B10) This formula will sum the values in cells A2:A10 if they are not equal to the value in cell B2:B10.

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