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How can you watch for free? Sonyliv is looking for dying Sonyliv fans who like to be entertained by watching their favourite shows on Sony LIV. As we all know, Sony LIV is one of the most popular applications that allow us to watch our favorite shows. At Sony LIV we also like to watch webcasts, movies, TV series, etc.

If you are one of those people who want to watch their favourite shows on Sony LIV, and therefore want to watch them for free, then this is news for you. Because in this article we show you a trick, and with this trick you can watch Sonilow for free. So if you want to know the trick to watch sonyliv premium for free, stay here and read the full version of the post.

If you want to know how to view SonyLIV online for free, here is the full article on how to view SonyLIV for free.

What is the SonyLiv?application?

In the previous article, the Sony LIV Download PC application, I told you all about the Sony LIV application. It is one of the most entertaining applications where you can watch various Sony Entertainment shows. The most popular are Kapil Sharma, CID, KBC (Kon Banega Crorepati), Scam 1992 and others.

Currently Sony LIV also offers you the possibility to watch webcasts, movies and various premium programs. Because of the crown or COVID-19, all areas have suffered a lot of setbacks, and the Sony Liv App is one of them. That’s why Sony LIV has a restriction on free programming. But believe me, folks, this app is the most useful thing you can use to watch a show.

Name of the application Sony LIV
Operating system Android, iPhone, Windows and MacBook.
Evaluation 4.3
Downloads 100 million and more
Category Animation
Scope of the request 23 MB
Developer Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd.
Evaluation 12+

How can I view Sony LIV Premiumfor free?

I get a lot of questions about how to watch Sony LIV for free. After researching how we can watch free SonyLIV shows, I couldn’t find an exact answer. But if you are a regular visitor of the exotic technology, you know us, we always recommend you to do a hook or hook method. Officially you can’t view the sonyLIV web series for free, but there are a few tips for you.

Don’t worry, there are also a lot of illegal and legal tricks to watch Sonil’s online streaming for free. But we’re not here to offer you an illegal method. Because we are absolutely against piracy and illegality, we offer you a legal tip in this article that allows you to watch the undekhi sonyliv online for free as Netflix movies.

How to watch SonyLiv Live online for free

If you are the one who wants to watch sonyliv without bonuses, you should follow some of the steps below. You can also go directly to the official Sony LIV website to watch your favourite shows. But if you want to watch Sony LIV for free without paying a fee, you can follow my advice.

  • Go to Google, type Free Sony LIV Premium accounts into the search box and press Enter.
  • You see a lot of possibilities here, now you have to click on the first result.
  • This way you can get premium accounts without specifying the costs.
  • You can also try the Sony LIV M.O.D. MOTK and alternatives to the Sony LIV application, such as Thop TV, the best TV applications, etc.

Q. How can I view SonyLIV for free?

Rep. If you want to watch the sound for free, you can try the MOTCH mode without giving it a rupee.

Q. Are there any costs associated with the Sony Liv application?

Rep. No, you can view Sony LIV for free if you have free content. There is also a paid version called Premium. So if you want to look at the quality of the content, you have to pay.

Q. Is SonyLIV Premium free for Jio users?

Rep. Yes, as with Hotstar + Disney, you also get a free subscription to the Sony LIV application when you purchase a subscription.


So in this article I’ve told you all about how to get the free Sony LIV app. If you have any further questions of any kind, you can contact us directly in the Comment section. You can also contact us by leaving comments in the comments section. If you think this article will help others, you can also share it with your friends and family.

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