Huawei Colours Y9a

With its aesthetics and performance, the smartphone captures the best of both worlds and can be purchased from Monday 14 September. September, until Sunday, September 20th. September 2020, can be ordered in advance. After that Midrange King will cost 43,999 PKR/-.

Available today for pre-order in Pakistan, the Huawei Y9a promises to be the ideal choice for consumers of all ages thanks to its sleek design, powerful performance and excellent value for money. The smartphone embodies Huawei’s fashionable flagship products, such as the Huawei SuperCharge 40W, 64Mp quad camera, 8GB and 128GB memory in a design derived from the Huawei Mate 30 series.

The Huawei Y9a can be used from Monday the 14th. September, until Sunday, September 20th. In September it will be available nationwide, after which it will be available for PKR 43 999/-.

The quadruple 64MP housing, which houses Huawei’s market-leading smartphone camera technology, and the Halo ring design make you stand out in more ways than one. The design not only makes your head spin, but also captures important moments anytime, anywhere with exceptional clarity and beauty.

With a high-resolution 64 megapixel camera, night mode, 120° wide-angle lens, artificial intelligence and EIS antiviral technology, you can be sure your photos will look great on social networking sites. The 16-megapixel automatic self-service camera is a new solution that lets you enjoy Huawei’s ultra-comprehensive 6.63-inch screen without distractions and creates great self-portraits at any time.

Young consumers need a smartphone superior to mobile games, and the Huawei Y9a certainly meets that need. With super-hole bezels and a self-serve automatic camera, it’s easy to enjoy Huawei’s ultra-full 6.63-inch screen, whether you’re playing games or watching videos. With a 92% screen-to-body ratio, this sleek and impressive design is perfect for gamers and allows you to play without interference.

Mobile gamers need to be sure they can play for a long time without worrying about battery life. This is another area where the Huawei Y9a distinguishes itself with its large battery of 4200 mAh (typical value). The Huawei Y9a uses the advanced 40-watt Huawei SuperCharge technology. With this solution, users can charge the device up to 70% in a 30-minute session.

The smart phone category has evolved in recent years and today’s consumers rightly expect a high level of performance at an affordable price. The Huawei Y9a goes beyond what consumers can expect in its price range and offers 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM for massive internal memory and multitasking in the background. This means you can play, watch and observe for hours while enjoying easy and silent multitasking.

The Huawei Y9a comes with the latest EMUI 10.1 software update as standard, allowing users to enjoy a smart and seamless experience with unparalleled ease of connection.

To satisfy users with a wide range of mobile applications, Huawei Y9a is pre-loaded with Huawei AppGallery, Huawei’s official platform with an ever-growing list of applications where users can easily browse and download the applications they need. And with Petal Search, Huawei brings over a million applications directly to your mobile phone.

The Huawei Y9a is available in Midnight Black, Space Silver and Cherry Pink and can also be ordered from Monday the 14th. September, until Sunday, September 20th. September 2020, can be booked.

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