Fun is something everyone needs. The main purpose of the party is to enable all of us to spend our free time in a good way, to fill it and not to get bored. There are many ways to have fun. So the things one can do are nature walks, outdoor activities like sports, and home activities like watching TV, listening to one’s favorite music, reading favorite books, playing games on one of the famous consoles like PlayStation or Ninteando Wii, etc. In addition, there are recommended activities for the elderly, such as. B. Online gambling.

What is online gambling? These are the same or similar versions found in casinos. For example, there are sites that have managed to crudely or completely recycle physical versions of games of chance and turn them into digital versions. They have also managed to create new versions of games that were not yet seen in some casinos. Therefore, we divide games into two categories: casino games (which can only be seen and played physically in a casino) and online games (which are usually found on the Internet, but not in casinos), which you can find on Playnamo. However, these are games that should only be played occasionally and not often.

While emphasizing the need to play moderately and be careful when some play like they are not careful. What are we talking about here? They seem to want to be constantly connected and online to play all the games of chance available, especially in these pandemic times when everyone is at home. Needless to say, both types of games are motivating, which means you want to play more and more of them, which can cause jealousy. We’re sure you don’t want to get addicted to these types of games, but we’re also sure you want to know which games can easily lead you to a gambling addiction. You don’t have to look for answers anymore, because we bring you the answers. Find out which is more catchy – online games or casino games? Answers below.

Go to the casino or stay at home – where is the dependency greatest?


As the world experiences a pandemic, each of us must be careful and protect our health appropriately. This includes going to work, taking public transport, eating or drinking outside the home, meeting friends and doing your favourite activities outside the home. When we talk about favorite pastimes, we also talk about going to the casino. Despite the fact that the casino has a criminal record, you should be careful. Besides health, you should also pay attention to the gambling practices of the casino.

Of course, it’s for his own health. I wonder how and why? Because these games are addictive, no matter where you play them, at home or at the arcade, these games are addictive. The addiction increases when you practice it from home. I wonder why. That’s because they are always available to you, because you don’t have to worry about someone else having to play after you, and you don’t have to worry about when the facility is open. Envy is just bigger, you pay more to play, and there are no restrictions on you. However, in order not to fall into an addictive situation, you should set a limit for yourself and also agree with yourself what you will play and when. Failure to do so may result in some of the side effects listed below.

Things you will encounter if you are addicted to gambling.

Here are some of the problems you may encounter if you abuse gambling:

You can reduce the power level

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To go to work and earn a salary, you need to rest, because that brings productivity. This is not the case with gambling, as people who engage in it are usually behind a computer or smartphone.

You can spend all the money you have.

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We’re sure you don’t want to spend all your salary, nor do you want to deplete your savings. Therefore, you need to set boundaries that you do not deviate from and treat gambling as a fun activity that you do from time to time and nothing else.

They may affect your eyesight

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People often lie to themselves that they only play one or two of their favorite games and end up spending more than three hours on the computer or a smart device and a lot of money. This in turn leads to tired eyes and vision problems, which you certainly don’t want to afford.

You can create a bad habit that causes problems.

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Playing online casino games regularly is a bad habit that leads to problems you definitely don’t want in your life, such as increased stress, loss of friends due to increased stress, lack of money, lack of time for other commitments, lack of sleep, etc. There are many other problems that you definitely do not want in your life, and to avoid them, you need to take action. Find out what you need to download below.

Organize and plan the time you want to spend playing online casino games

Do you know the most painless way to not be jealous? Plan your time and set a limit. Ideally, for example, you should set the weekend as the playing period and only play 1-2 hours with a limited budget during the two-day weekend (preferably Friday night and Saturday during the day).

This is the best way to deal with what is called the potential for envy and to give yourself a pleasure that you don’t have to worry about turning into envy. Follow your principles and don’t get addicted to anything. Set your own boundaries, divide your time and enjoy the games.

frequently asked questions

Why are online games more dangerous than casino games?

Since the only limit is the amount of money in your account, you can lose thousands of dollars or more. This makes online gamblers more prone to impulsive betting and large losses.

Which form of gambling is the most addictive?

According to the reference manual, the electronic game can be the most exciting game. The guide suggests that gamblers who play on electronic machines are almost three times more likely to become problem gamblers than those who stick to table games and racetracks.

What are the risks of online gambling?

Online gambling, like many online activities, involves a risk of criminal activity. However, there are other specific risks involved, such as. B. unfair and open payments, access for children and use by vulnerable groups Gambling can also be addictive, and you need to know when to stop.

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