About a year or two ago, Qualcomm announced that it would enter the notebook market, and not only that, but to focus on building Windows ARM devices for mainstream consumers. A long time ago we saw devices like Windows RT that used ARM processors but failed miserably. But after Qualcomm’s announcement – they’ve worked with major brands and are moving fast today – we know they’re taking this seriously. That’s why Joi, the Malaysian house brand, worked with Qualcomm to build his first Snapdragon-based Windows laptop – the Joi SK3000 book – and this is what we have to say about it.

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Joy ous Aspect Laptop


The JOI Book SK3000 has an affordable price, but the laptop certainly has a nice design and a nice combination. It is made entirely of aluminium, which means you get a robust construction inside and out. The lid’s pretty heavy, but it doesn’t bother. Because the laptop doesn’t have a fan, it has a slim profile, which makes it a good laptop to take anywhere without feeling like you have to carry it. When it comes to ports, you have a choice: a USB-C port that also serves as a charging port and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. If you want to charge your computer, you can do so with a microSD card and the laptop can stay connected to the internet via the built-in SIM lock.

The laptop uses a 12.5 full HD IPS screen, which is a good thing because in this price range, some or most brands tend to save money. But the addition of an IPS screen makes it a beautiful sight to see. It is used exclusively for productive work and watching shows, it is fun to use because the colors are bright and sharp enough to please the user.


Being a laptop, it has a stylish and decent size keyboard, which I appreciate. The laptop also has a wider trackpad and a nice left and right click positioning button at the bottom of the computer – all in all, the experience is not too shabby.


Can it run the right applications like on the x86/x64 platform?


One of the questions surrounding such a machine is whether it can run applications that are used on a daily basis. This is important, because the Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 under the bonnet is an ARM processor, and we have seen that it mainly works on mobile devices so far. Please note that the Windows platform has always depended heavily on x86 or x64. The existing ARM processor is capable of running some applications, but for the most part you will have to rely on applications that are only available in the Microsoft Store.

On the JOI Book SK3000 you can see the difference in performance, because if you try to run the application on x86/x64, it will not work or will work difficult – due to the complex nature of the application. This is because ARM processors are RISC processors – they are designed to work with a simple instruction set, while x86/x64 – with CISC processors – can work with a complex instruction set. This does not mean the MRA is defective. ARM and x86/x64 processors can operate at high clock speeds, but the best thing about ARMs is that they are energy efficient and have excellent battery performance. And what does that mean?

So there is still hope for MRA, thanks to Microsoft.


Yeah – that’s exactly why. To make this laptop a success, Microsoft also plays an important role. However, they are working with Qualcomm to make the applications run on ARM processors – in fact there is an update of Windows Insider that is being tested and will run 32/64-bit applications on ARM with emulation, which you can read here.

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Believe me, a laptop in this price range is usually intended to cover the essentials, i.e. productive work, video calls and perhaps entertainment. The JOI Book SK3000 does just that, and if you need it to cover important areas – Google Chrome, Office Suite and just that, it’s a good laptop to take with you – all thanks to the affordable price of 2199 RM.


The fact that we will now see a Qualcomm laptop is impressive, and it’s a good competition to watch out for. We give the JOI Book SK3000 a silver award for the ARM processor, which defies the market by offering a more affordable notebook option.

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