Want to create your own e-commerce site? Then you definitely need a highly secure and reliable hosting platform that allows you to take advanced security measures to start or manage your e-commerce business without fear. For this, you should choose the best web hosting solution such as. B. Reseller hosting that protects your sensitive data with end-to-end encryption.

But even after security measures are tightened, hackers still find ways to corrupt or destroy your website data with fake identifiers when connecting to an e-commerce site. Therefore, it is important to protect the data on your website with a secure layer using an automated solution. Therefore, it would be better to choose reseller hosting with WHMCS for network security, cyber security, secure management, automation and many other things to keep your e-commerce site data safe.

This guide will help you secure your e-commerce business by taking proactive measures against malicious attacks and cyber-attacks. To do this, you first need to know what the most common security risks are in e-commerce development.

General security risks in electronic commerce

Hackers don’t need strong technical skills to steal information from your website. It takes some social engineering and a trick to fool a few critical people in the target company.  So if you are starting or expanding your e-commerce business. They focus on the credentials of key people to access all the data of your e-commerce shop.

Therefore, here we have listed the main security attacks that e-commerce companies are facing today. So learn how to protect yourself from such security risks in e-commerce.

Fisheries attacks

When hosting an e-commerce site with free WHMCS reseller hosting, most e-commerce business owners are completely unaware of phishing threats. Phishing is the act of misleading users. A web page similar to other e-commerce sites will be created and you will be asked to log in again. When you enter your personal information, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. At this stage, they store your sensitive data and infiltrate your website.

Unfortunately, most e-commerce companies don’t know how to combat phishing; they don’t even recognize a phishing site. So to avoid falling into such a situation, you need to train your employees to recognize phishing attacks. Learn how to protect your email business from phishing attacks.


Unsolicited emails are also a factor in gaining access to your e-commerce company’s data. Hackers usually infiltrate the emails of certain users and send spam to certain companies. They used spam messages to carry out phishing and malware attacks to retrieve users’ login credentials. Once they win such a lawsuit, hackers can access or steal data from e-commerce companies.

Therefore, to protect your data from cyber attacks, you should not open these unwanted emails that are totally dangerous for your computer system.

Distributed denial of service attacks

Most e-commerce business owners do not know how to deal with DDoS attacks because they are not aware of it. DDoS attacks typically use multiple computers to increase false traffic to your website and slow down your site. When your website becomes too slow, they bring your server to a standstill, overload traffic, and impact conversion rates and sales, leaving you unable to perform functions even in the background.

To protect your e-commerce business at the reseller hosting WHMCS for free, you can use the Web Application Firewall (WAF) that filters all traffic and allows you to block the GEO when a large amount of traffic comes from the same area or your server’s IP changes.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is the most common type of cyber attack, injecting SQL commands and modifying existing scripts you use to run e-commerce sites. Once this process is complete, they can make changes to your scripts and even shut down your computer.

So to take preventive measures against such SQL injections and thus secure your e-commerce site hosted on a reseller hosting with WHMCS, you should use the whitelist. This ensures that only restricted users have access to a limited part of the code, so that hackers cannot modify it. In addition, regularly updating your website with the latest technology and real-time scanning are basic security measures to protect your e-commerce website from cyber attacks.

Debit and credit card fraud

This technique is considered one of the most important and popular tricks to crack sensitive information. For example, if you buy unlimited reseller hosting with WHMCS plans from any hosting provider and pay by card. At this stage, the hacker attacks your card details during payment processing. This is how they infiltrate the process and steal your data. It can harm you and put you in a difficult position where you could suffer financial loss.

E-Commerce Fight security threats with WHMCS Reseller Hosting at Wiseolution

E-commerce security threats are the most common types of cyber-attacks you will encounter in your daily life. Some of these are mentioned at the top of this post.  But only some of them can be solved by advanced security measures or by choosing the right and best hosting reseller with the WHMCS solution. Because it gives you better cyber security, making it harder for a hacker to steal data from your e-commerce site.

So to secure your e-commerce website, make sure your hosting provider offers the cyber security measures listed below, as well as WHMCS reseller hosting packages.


Enable encryption on your e-commerce platform so that users can access the data with the decryption key. No other user can read the data but themselves, because once the data is encrypted, it is converted into ciphertext to be read after decryption.

Make sure your payment gateway is secure.

Payment transactions are an important part of electronic commerce. So, if you purchase WHMCS Reseller Hosting to host an e-commerce site, make sure it provides you with standard payment gateways to safely protect your sensitive data, such as card information.

Secure your site with aSSL Certificate.

Make sure the hosting reseller with WHMCS that you purchase offers SSL security. So once you use an SSL certificate for your e-commerce activity, all data and information sent or received on your site will be encrypted. This has to be the best way to protect your e-commerce business from hackers.

Use anti-virus software

This is another safety measure you should consider. It will not help you back up your website data outside the system. For example, when data is received or downloaded from a private network, the antivirus program scans it thoroughly and reports any malicious activity detected. This way you can prevent your internal activity.

Implementation of firewalls

A firewall is a network security device that detects and blocks unwanted traffic and only allows legitimate traffic through. Therefore, it is preferable to install advanced and standard firewalls on your server to protect your website data from hacking or corruption. Simply put, it helps protect your e-commerce site from DDoS attacks.

Wise Solution – Best Hosting Service Provider for WHMCS Reseller

As you’ve seen above, protecting his or her website is one of several challenges that an e-commerce business owner faces every day. That’s why you should turn to a leading hosting provider like WiseSolution, which offers you fully secure web hosting solutions. Also, make sure the hosting provider offers standard security services, such as built-in firewalls, antivirus, malware protection, SSL certificate, Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, advanced server security, end-to-end encryption, and more, in addition to the cheapest reseller hosting with WHMCS. This allows you to protect your e-commerce from different types of attacks.

Purchase cheap reseller plans to host WHMCS on Wiseolution

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The first factor is to host your e-commerce site on a cost-effective reseller hosting service with WHMCS to protect your e-commerce business from hijacking by malicious hackers or cyber-attacks. Moreover, you should implement all the above factors carefully, as these general security measures will not protect your e-commerce business for very long.

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