KidsGuard Pro Exam & Grading

Name: KidsGuard Pro

Suggest a price: 29.95

The coin: USD

The operating system: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS.

Category of application : Utility company

  • Features
  • Productivity
  • Interface
  • Prices


KidsGuard Pro is a spy app that can control your child’s Android and iOS devices. It is ideal for parents who are worried about their children’s telephone and tabulation activities.

The advantages of

  • Monitoring without detection
  • Monitoring Maximum data type
  • View call history, messaging, social applications including messages, browsing history, etc.
  • Remote access to multimedia content, photography, location, recording of conversations, etc.
  • You don’t have to break out of jail or root.


  • Prices
  • Limited functionality for iOS

If you’re worried about your child’s phone and tablet activity, check out this KidsGuard Pro for Android and IOS overview.

There is no doubt that all parents love their children. In order to grow up well, they can do everything they can. But one thing can worry them. Most mothers and fathers don’t know what their children are doing on the phone and on their smartphones. To monitor your child’s activity on Android and iOS devices, you now need a monitoring tool. In this case, KidsGuard Pro can be one of the best tools to spy on your child.

But if you’re not familiar with this program, don’t worry. This KidsGuard Pro review will help you find out more. It contains information on pros and cons, indicators and prices.

Introduction of KidsGuard Pro:

KidsGuard Pro is a smartphone and tab monitoring tool for kids, available on all platforms, especially Windows and Mac. To help parents, it offers several features and benefits. In this overview you will find detailed information about the properties, features, usage, restrictions and prices.

How does KidsGuard Pro work?

KidsGuard Pro collects information about your phone and tabs. He then uploads it to an online account. You can simply login to this account and view the details. You can also view real-time data and do many things to track your child’s activity on Android and iOS devices.

Introduction of KidsGuard Pro: Properties and specifications

KidsGuard Pro offers a variety of monitoring tools and has a number of interesting features. Here is a list of the most important features.

  • Real-time data synchronization
  • 100% unnoticed
  • 100% secure and encrypted
  • View photos and other multimedia files, text, call logs, contacts, and more.
  • Monitoring of social applications such as Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.
  • Dictaphone
  • Real-time location
  • Tracking browsing history, phone files, calendar, etc.
  • Real time camera
  • Other activity controllers and keyloggers

In fact, I didn’t mention all the micro-functions you can find under KidGuard functions. You’ll find them if you’re going to use them.

Monitoring the activities of children without detection

Monitoring the activity of smart devices is very difficult these days. In iOS, it’s almost impossible. There is a chance to be discovered in Android. But KidsGuard Pro has a different tactic that allows maximum surveillance without detection.

What can I keep for your children on iOS and Android devices?

In an android you can control almost everything you need. In iOS, it’s a little limited. With KidsGuard Pro, however, it was possible to monitor as many types of data as possible in iOS.

You can track as many data types as possible in Android and iOS.

In general, you can keep track of text messages, phone logs, contacts, browsing history, calendar, social application activities, location, and various application activities. But you can do more with keyloggers. This will give you even more information about your child’s phone and account. Android has a photo function. It allows you to capture images remotely in real time. However, this is not possible in iOS because of Apple’s strict security.

Monitor your children on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Snapchat, Messenger etc.

If your child has a smart device, one of the biggest problems is the social app activity. What do they take with their friends, talk, etc.? KidsGuard Pro can help you look up this data. Currently you can check Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Telegram, Kik, WeChat, QQ, Line, etc. This means you can keep track of the most popular social applications. It can relieve you of many unusual worries.

Monitoring of telephone calls, messages and call data

You can easily track your child’s phone calls and messages through the dashboard. With KidsGuard Pro you can also activate the recording of long distance calls. So you can hear your child when he or she talks to other people.

Screenshot, real-time image and location data

It’s one of the most exciting things you can do from the dashboard at any time to take a screenshot of your children’s mobile phone. You can also take a picture to better understand what they’re doing. Real-time location data is another element that will help you in different situations.

Playback of photographs, videos and other supported media

KidsGuard Pro tells you which photos, videos or bookmarks of your son or daughter under the age of 18 are in your phone. You can also view all media files and other supported files. There are no restrictions.

Keyloggers, WiFi protocol, browsing history and other functions

The Keylogger is another useful tool. Although it is not available for iOS. For an android, it can be much more useful than you think. You can find out what your child is doing, what he or she is or will be printing, etc. This will give you an idea of what your child is thinking. So you better take care of him. The wifi recorder is another function that tells you what kind of wifi your child has used. In addition, there are many other things, such as displaying the history monitor, exporting data, etc.

Introduction of KidsGuard Pro: Interface

There’s nothing special about an IO. Because the user interface is a web-based interface. He looks very clean and familiar. So you won’t have any problems with this software. But if you want to control your iOS device, you’ll need additional software on your Mac or PC. Moreover, the interface of this software looks modern, clean and comfortable. In this KidsGuard Pro preview you can already see screenshots. This will help you better understand the user interface, whether you like it or not.

Introduction of KidsGuard Pro: Performance tests and other components

Let’s talk about the performance of KidsGuard Pro. I personally received a free subscription to view this program. I will give you the details of the performance based on my own experience.

I have tried KidsGuard Pro for Android and iOS devices. After I installed my Android phone, I checked the data on the KidsGaard web portal and started looking at it. All data was available almost immediately. Location tracking, call history, messaging, social application monitoring, media browsing and photo-shooting – it all works really well. Actually, I didn’t find any problem when looking for Android in KidsGuard Pro.

But with iOS, it was different. I had to download and install the necessary software on my computer. Mac software is also available. Then I had to physically connect the device to get data from him. Apple’s strict security prevents you from tracking iOS devices such as Android. KidsGuard Pro secures your child’s iPhone, iPod or iPad. The data is then analysed and presented to you. This requires physical access to your child’s iOS device. But because KidsGuard Pro scans the iTunes backup and displays the data in it, you can take a different approach. You can secure your iPhone wirelessly. This avoids unnecessary problems when you connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac using a lightning arrester.

Although KidsGuard Pro promised, I found in my test that it delivers the promised performance.

I have not experienced any performance problems, errors or difficulties. Well, I’m satisfied with the performance test.

Introduction of KidsGuard Pro: Restrictions

In any case, at this stage of the KidsGuard Pro exam, it is time to establish a number of limitations. If you disable Google Play protection on Android devices, you can easily spy on your child’s phone without being detected. In fact, you will be satisfied with the result. But for iOS, that’s impossible. KidsGuard Pro works just like the other iPhone management software. It first backs up and then shows you the data based on iTunes Backup. You should also view all of these items in the desktop software installed on your PC or Mac.

Another thing that surprised me is that when downloading the right android MOTCH, you have to go to a page where https is not enabled. There’s also something going on with desktop software. Another thing is that you can’t control multiple devices at the same time.

I also think the price is a bit high because of the limitations of iOS monitoring.

Introduction of KidsGuard Pro: Price

KidsGuard Pro starts at $29.95/mon for Android and $39.95/mon for iOS. However, if you stick to the annual plan, you can find much cheaper offers. In one year, the price for Android is $99.95, and for iOS – $109.95.


For interested parents, KidsGuard pro can be a good option to monitor children’s activities on the phone and on the tab. This KidsGuard Pro review explains a lot. However, if you want to try it, I suggest you go to their website and buy if you think it’s the right choice for you.

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