Hello everyone, are you looking for Logitech Webcam/Streaming Gear? We offer software drivers available for all Logitech software downloads/updates, specifically for Logitech C930th Windows and Mac OS compatible software downloads for Logitech Camera Settings, firmware update, Far End Control 2013, Skype For Business Far & Control, and you can browse the list below to view the available software. In addition, we will attempt to provide a brief overview of the products related to the Logitech C930 Business WebCam and its specifications. Don’t forget to visit the official website https://www.logitech.com for full product information.

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Logitech C930e webcam overview andspecifications

In the previous article, I briefly introduced the Logitech C925e professional webcam because both attachments are designed to make business meetings smooth and comfortable, in terms of specifications, settings, adjustments, and more. I could try to add another advantage to this C930th: It’s good to make videos as if you’re talking directly to your customer or partner. Finally, the HD 1080p quality with 4x zoom does not reduce the quality of the video, and the independent adjustment of the frame rate in all conditions, even in low light, does not reduce the sharpness of the video.

Logitech C930e Software, Business Webcam for wins, mac Logitech C930e Business Web Camera

Other features such as C930e are already certified and highly compatible with Skype for Business and the Cisco Jabber, as well as the C925e, this webcam also supports H.264. with scalable video encoding and high-quality UVC 1.5 encoding, use it as a mini shop computer and network video communication, customize your C930e and pan, zoom, and boot images for access control. To customize these settings, Logitech C930 for Logitech Camera Settings software is available for Windows and Mac Os.

USB 2.0-3.0 high-speed certified, plus two omnidirectional microphones, two studio microphones, a laptop ready to install, LCD and CRT displays, OR 3 MP, 2 meter cable and many other benefits not mentioned above. Here you can prove that professionals are always more important than the Logitech C930th professional webcam.

OS support
  1. Windows operating system to configure your Logitech camera, firmware update, 2013 Far End Control and Skype For Business Far End Control.
  2. Mac OS setup for Logitech cameras, firmware updates
Type of connection  
USB protocol/speed  
UVC support  
Microphone and type  
Lens/sensor type  
Accent type  
Optical resolution
  • Genuine⇒ 3MP
  • Improved software⇒ No.
Not applicable
  • Image recording (4:3 SD)
  • Image Recording (16:9 W)
  • Movie recording (4:3 SD)
  • Video effects (VFX)
  • Buttons
  • Focal length
  • Universal clamp adjustment (range)
Field of View (FOV)
  • Diagonal ⇒ 90° Diagonal ⇒ 90° Diagonal ⇒ 90°.
  • Horizontal ⇒ 82.1°.
  • Vertical ⇒ 52.2°.
Frame rate (Max)  
Right light  
The shadow of privacy  
Possibility to mount on a tripod  
Flashing lights (LED)  
Cable length  
System requirements
  • CPU minimum = 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duet
  • Recommended processor = 3.06 GHz quad-core processor
  • Minimum RAM = 2 GB
  • Recommended RAM = 4 GB
Webcam dimensions
Physical webcam
  • Width of the → webcam 94 mm (3.70 in)
  • Webcam depth → 24 mm (0.94 in)
  • Webcam height → 29 mm (1.14 inches)
  • Webcam weight → 162 g (5.71 oz)
brand model The Logitech C930th Webcam for Business

Download instructions and webcam software

How to download Logitech C930e software for Logitech Camera Configuration, Firmware Updates, Far End Control 2013, Far End Control 2010, Skype For Business Far End Control from our website Click first to open (+), then close (-) to go back, and now scroll down to find the software update we listed. In addition, some configuration guides (PDF) can be downloaded as a basic user guide for the Logitech G930th Business webcam.

See the Logitech C930e webcam for Windows

LogitechFirmware Update
  • Software version⇒
  • Last update⇒ 2019/11/04
  • OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Size⇒ 2.82 MB
Download .
LogitechCamera settings
  • Software version⇒ 2.3.117
  • Last update⇒2018/04/24
  • OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Size⇒76.1 MB
Download .
Logitech Remote Control 2013
  • Software version⇒ 1.2.309
  • Last update⇒ 2018/03/27
  • OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Size⇒ 1.27 MB
Download .
Logitech Remote Control 2010
  • Software version⇒1.2.311
  • Last update⇒2018/03/27
  • OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Size⇒1.74 MB
Download .
Logitech Skype for remote monitoring
  • Software version⇒1.2.309
  • Last update⇒2018/03/27
  • OS⇒ Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Size⇒ 1.27 MB
Download .

Watch the Logitech C930e webcam for Mac OS

Logitech Camera Settings (4K Support Update)
  • Software version⇒3.0.12
  • Latest update⇒ 2020/02/03
  • OS⇒ macOS 10.15, 10.14 and macOS 10.13.
  • Size⇒ 36.3 MB
Download .
LogitechCamera settings
  • Software version⇒3.0.12
  • Latest update⇒ 2020/02/03
  • OS⇒ macOS 10.15, 10.14, 10.13
  • Size⇒36.3 MB
Download .
LogitechWebcam Firmware Update
  • Software version⇒
  • Last update⇒2019/11/04
  • OS⇒ macOS 10.14
  • Size⇒ 1.93 MB
Download .
LogitechCamera settings
  • Software version⇒ 2.6.2
  • Last update⇒2019/09/16
  • OS⇒ macOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14
  • Size⇒ 36.2 MB
 Download .
LogitechFirmware Update
  • Software version⇒ 8.0.916
  • Last update⇒ 2017/03/06
  • OS⇒ Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11
  • Size⇒ 691 KB
Download .

Get Started with the Logitech C930e Professional Webcam

Web camera setup for MacOS


Installing a webcam for Windows


If you are having problems installing your webcam software or the manual for another Logitech C930e Business Web Camera product, please visit the FAQ page on the official website. Everything you need to know is already on this page, including B. Information about Logitech webcams/browsers, webcam software, camera settings, firmware update, Far End Control 2013/2010, Skype For Business Far End Control, software installation, and other important information you may need. Thank you for visiting our website.

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