The Logitech M331 is a gaming mouse that is designed for people that use computer for their work or want to game every now and then. The M331 is a great mouse for both gaming and working.

Logitech M331 is a mouse with a unique design and a button that allows you to switch between two modes: side button and scroll.

Nowadays, more and more users tend to choose a better webcam, the Logitech M331. With its outstanding video and audio quality, this webcam can bring you more fun and exciting moments when you are online. What’s more, Logitech M331 is a nice choice to transfer images and video files between your computer and your mobile devices, such as your smartphone, tablet and the like.

Download Logitech M331 software and drivers for Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7, and for Mac OS, Mac OS X. Here, provides it for you. Below are detailed instructions on the software and how to configure it to meet your needs. A brief overview of the required products is also available. We hope you enjoy this site.

Logitech M331Overview and Manual Setup

Logitech M331: Software downloads, driver updates, manual installation – A mouse is an essential accessory for desktop and laptop users. Some users prefer a wireless or cordless mouse over a wired one because it is convenient and not complicated by sometimes complicated cables. Logitech is one of the leading accessories manufacturers with an impressive range of mice and keyboards, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus.

Logitech M331 Silent Plus Design

The design is one of the features of the Logitech M331 Silent Plus review. The shape or design concept is a bit different from most wireless mice on the market. The Logitech M331 Silent Plus has an asymmetrical design that emphasizes ergonomics or user comfort when holding the mouse. word-image-4863 From the top, the shape of the Logitech M331 Silent Plus mouse resembles that of the B170 series, with a neater front end. The straight curve seems deeper, which can be used to accommodate the thumb when using this mouse. These curves make the Logitech M331 Silent Plus ergonomic and comfortable to use. Logitech M331 Silent Plus This mouse uses AA batteries this time and is said to last 24 months. In addition, this mouse automatically goes into sleep mode to save energy when not in use for a long time. According to the official website, this mouse supports a resolution of up to 1000 dpi.


Overall, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus is a very comfortable wireless consumer mouse, thanks to its ergonomic design. The buttons and scroller are silent or make no sound, allowing the user to concentrate. However, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus may not be suitable for left-handed users. However, the Logitech M331 Silent Plus is definitely worth considering in the entry-level category. Benefits of the Logitech M331 Silent Plus

  • Ergonomic design
  • Excellent processing quality
  • Mute button when pressed

No Logitech M331 Silent Plus

  • Not suitable for left-handed people

Technical data:


  • H x W x D: 105.4 mm x 67.9 mm x 38.4 mm
  • Weight: 91.0 g


  • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux kernel 2.6 + 2
  • USB port


  • Type of connection : 2.4 GHz radio link
  • Wireless range: 10 meters
  • Battery details: 1 x AA
  • Battery life (not charged): up to 24 months
  • DPI (min./max.) 1000 ±
  • Sensory : Yes, 2D, mechanical
  • Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi
  • Number of keys : 3

Loading software:

for Windows

Logitech Software Options:
  • Software Version:8.54.106
  • Last updated:2021-04-21
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File size:204 MB

Download here

Firmware Update Tool
  • Software version:2.5.108413
  • Last updated on:2021-04-15
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File size:11 MB
  • Software type: 32 bit

Download here

Firmware Update Tool
  • Software version:2.5.108413
  • Last updated on:2021-04-15
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File size:11 MB
  • Software type: 64-bit

Download here

for Mac

Logitech Software Options:
  • Software version:8.54.147
  • Last updated on:2021-05-17
  • OS: Mac OS 10.15, Mac OS 10.14, Mac OS 11
  • File size:144 MB

Download here This is the latest version, direct from Logitech. If you have any problems with this link, please contact us. You can reach us at [email protected] Drivers for your computer/laptop can be downloaded from this website via a verified link. We’ll give you the latest version.The Logitech M331 is a two-button optical mouse, and it’s perfect for those who are working on a computer with a touch screen. I’ve been using the M331 for a couple of months now and I’ve been really impressed by its performance. It’s not the most fancy mouse out there, but it works great and it’s affordable.. Read more about logitech m331 change dpi and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my Logitech driver?

Logitech is one of the leaders in the world of computer input peripherals. Their mice, keyboards, and speakers are some of the most highly regarded in their category, and they’re even better when used in conjunction with Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10. If you have one of their products, you’ll be pleased to know that the company has released an updated driver for the M331 mouse which is available for download. Follow these steps to update your Logitech M331 software: Go to the Logitech web site and download the software. You can find the software for your model below. Click on this link, and follow the instructions to download the software. Move your mouse to the bottom right corner of the computer screen and click on the Windows Start menu. Right-click on the Logitech software icon and select Run. In the Run window, enter the following commands and then click on OK to begin installation: SETUP.exe /AutoUpdate SETUP.exe /AutoUpdate If the setup program does not run, you may need to download the latest version of the Logitech software from the Logitech web site. Click here to download.

How do I change the DPI on my Logitech M331?

How do I change the DPI on my Logitech M331? The Logitech M331 is a compact, easy to use, wireless mouse that you can use either with a Windows PC or with a Mac. The 1.5 m (4.9 ft) long mouse has a four-button design, which makes it easy to use even for those who have never used a mouse. There are numerous changes to the Logitech M331’s software-side this year, including a new gaming mode that makes the trackpad and keyboard respond more like a controller and more like a keyboard, respectively, and the inclusion of several other gaming-related features. However, there is one major change that you might not know about: the DPI scale. Before, the DPI scale was tracked in increments of 200, but it has now been changed to a scale of 100 to 999.

Is M331 unifying?

Tech companies like to talk about how their products work, and how they’ve improved, but they rarely do so when it comes to the software that runs them. Logitech’s M331 is a $200 wireless mouse that’s been in the market for nearly a decade, and while it’s held up well, it’s not the most advanced piece of hardware in the company’s lineup. In fact, you can’t even find it on Logitech’s website—the closest you can get is the M310 that’s been on the market since 2009. So why is the M331 so hard to find? Simple—it’s not a mouse at all, but rather a software device that works with several other Logitech products. The Logitech M331 is a Bluetooth headset that features a neat little trick that can be useful for some users. The M331 won’t play music when it’s paired to an iPhone or iPad, but it will play audio from your computer. This can be pretty useful if you want to listen to music on your computer without having to shuffle around the cables and plugs. If you’ve ever wanted to do this, but had no way to do so, this is how you can turn your M331 into a wireless music player.

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