Last year, Apple released the iOS 12.1 firmware with a new feature called “Rootless”. It is believed that the feature is to make it harder for hackers to jailbreak the iPhones. But it seems that Microsoft is also able to detect if your iPhone is jailbroken.

iPhone users have long known that their phones are vulnerable to many types of hacks, like jailbreaking. Even if your phone runs iOS, it can be fooled by malware that pretends to be the original iOS, and bypassed by a simple bypass that uses existing methods to jailbreak. Now, Microsoft has introduced a new security tool to protect your iPhone from these attacks from the start.

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  • Microsoft releases an update to Microsoft Defender ATP designed for iOS mobile devices.
  • The program now determines whether the hacked devices are connected to a particular network.
  • Once detected, the security team is immediately alerted by the received notifications.
  • Microsoft recommends this because compromised devices do not receive security updates and are not considered secure on the corporate network.

Microsoft has just released an update to Windows Defender for Endpoint that will immediately notify you if it detects an affected iOS phone on your corporate network. This is just one of the new features that the company has prepared for Android and iOS, as explained in the official announcement.

jailbreak detection available for iOS

According to Microsoft, the hacked devices are not restricted by Apple’s iOS malware protection, meaning they do not receive regular updates and therefore pose an additional risk to corporate data. As you may already know, Windows Defender for endpoints is different from the one you use on your Windows 10 home PC. This version is a more enterprise-specific type of Windows Defender, meaning it calculates each threat at the enterprise level rather than the individual level. Therefore, as Microsoft recommends, if you work for a company that uses Windows Defender for Endpoint, you should avoid using a compromised device on the corporate network. Jailbreaking an iOS device gives the user of the device more root access. Users can then easily download potentially malicious apps, and iPhones don’t get critical automatic iOS updates that can fix security vulnerabilities. So with this update, Windows Defender will alert the security team when it detects a compromised iOS device on the network. The responsible team can then take action and prohibit the connection of unauthorized devices. Therefore, think twice before letting the mundane activities you perform on your hacked iOS mobile device cause harm to the company you work for. What is your opinion on this new update from Microsoft? Let us know your comments in the section below. Not enough details. It’s hard to understand Other Contact an expert Take part in the discussion

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my defender ATP is running?

Let’s say you’ve just bought a brand new iPhone, and only a few months after, you find out that it has been jailbroken. If you’ve read anything about jailbreaking on the internet, you may have been told to check your defender ATP to see if the phone is indeed jailbroken. If you are running a jailbroken iPhone, your iPhone can inadvertently alert you of a jailbreak. This is an early warning system to notify you of a potential jailbreak, which can send you scrambling to download the latest version of the free Microsoft® Defender® Mobile Antivirus (known as Defender ATP®).

Is Windows Defender ATP any good?

With Windows 10, Microsoft got serious about security and introduced a new security service called the “Defender ATP”. The idea is that the service will automatically scan your computer for vulnerabilities and backdoors. It will then continuously monitor your computer for any changes and notifications, and alert you to suspicious activity. The service is powered by the Device Guard, which is a very neat feature that prevents unauthorized changes to the system. It also provides an extra layer of security for your device. Like many people, I run an iPhone and an iPad, and like most people I use iOS when I’m away from my Windows PC. However, I thought I’d take the opportunity to try out Windows Defender ATP, Microsoft’s security solution for iOS devices. Some iOS users will already be familiar with this, as it was included as part of the iOS 10.3 update. The product has been available for several months, so the question is whether it’s still worth using.

How do you activate the defender ATP?

In June 2016, Apple added a new security measure dubbed the “App Store Integrity” feature to the iOS 10 operating system. The feature lets Apple track and prevent unauthorized access to iOS applications that have been installed on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from outside a user’s iCloud account. Apple has also made it harder to jailbreak iOS devices, with the new “App Transport Security” feature that prevents any package from an untrusted enterprise or web server from being installed in the browser. In a recent update to Microsoft Defender ATP, Microsoft added a new feature: the ability to detect if your iPhone is jailbroken. They added it into the antivirus program, which is a great feature, but what you may not know is that you can activate this new feature by following these steps:

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