Microsoft has been running into a lot of controversy lately, after deleting dozens of comments on the Windows 10 forum for the new operating system, the company’s online community. The company claimed that negative comments may lead to a “negative experience” for users, and as a result it removed the comments from the forum, which are now viewable only through a private link.

Microsoft has faced a tidal wave of anger after it seemingly deleted more than 50,000 comments from the Windows 10 subreddit that were critical of Microsoft’s latest operating system, which some users have dubbed Windows 11. The Redmond, Washington-based tech giant has yet to explain why it deleted the critical comments, and where they are now.


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  • After deciding to silence its users from basing Windows 11’s upcoming release, the Redmond tech corporation is currently receiving tremendous outrage.
  • All of this controversy erupted after Microsoft removed user comments from their AMA YouTube video and closed the comments section.
  • These latest actions have heightened user rage, since everyone now believes that their thoughts and reviews for the future OS are no longer important.
  • Windows customers now believe that the system requirements for Windows 11 are just another cunning method for Microsoft to sell more new gadgets.


Because of some of the decisions they’ve made about the next operating system, Microsoft was already on thin ice.

If the situation wasn’t awful enough, Microsoft has now decided to erase user comments that harshly condemned Windows 11 and everything it stands for in bulk.

An ill-advised strategy, given the response they’ve received for attempting to silence the community that has supported them through good times and bad.

By eliminating comments, Microsoft seeks to keep users in check.

Some of the deleted comments accused Microsoft of being incapable of providing a consistent experience, while others slammed the controversial system requirements in Windows 11.

Microsoft isn’t attempting to regain control over irate owners of incompatible devices, but the approach they’ve taken appears to have enraged them even more.

Windows 11 is still one of the hottest and most contentious topics in the world of technology right now, as you might anticipate.

Microsoft has dealt with the emotions of many disgruntled consumers a few days after the ask-me-anything (AMA) conference in which they attempted to explain the OS transition in greater depth.

The general tone and dictatorial attitude with which Microsoft has dealt with the problem thus far has elicited nothing but outrage.

As a result of the large amount of unfavorable responses, Microsoft has closed the YouTube video’s comment section, as well as deleting any previously posted comments.

Enraged customers speculated that Microsoft imposed the draconian system requirements in order to increase sales of new devices, which the Redmond-based software giant would profit handsomely from thanks to the associated Windows licenses.


Given that the video has received over 1000 dislikes and 100 likes so far, it’s probable that this was not Microsoft’s final struggle in its attempt to grab control of the narrative around the contentious Windows 11 upgrade requirements.

Windows users have taken to social media channels to vent their frustrations.

Users have flocked to social media channels to express their dissatisfaction with Microsoft’s decision to deny their community the ability to comment on their YouTube broadcasts.

Angry customers have taken to websites like Reddit to express their displeasure with the manner the Redmond tech behemoth has conducted its recent business.

Windows 11 is a blunder in and of itself, and Microsoft isn’t going to fix it. Microsoft stated that Windows 10 would be the final version of Windows, yet support for it will be phased down in just a few years. Microsoft lied to the public.

This tremendous outpouring of customer dissatisfaction makes one wonder what will happen to Windows 11 in the long run, given that it hasn’t even been released yet and is already generating such a negative public response.

Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/7/8/10, on the other hand, has a history of hating one release and then appreciating it through the years.

However, Microsoft has never demanded such a hardware change solely to run its operating system, which is the source of all the mixed feelings.

Rather of putting up with all of the tech company’s whims, an increasing number of users are hoping to switch to Linux in the near future.

It’ll be interesting to see how this story develops in the coming months, and whether Microsoft makes any changes that will have an impact on the Windows 11 story, whether for the better or for the worse.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.

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