The developers of Windows Terminal end this week with two new versions. One of the stable channels received the 1.5.10411 release, and the pre-release received the 1.6.10412 release. Here are the novelties in these updates.

Windows Terminal Tabs And Panes

Both the stable version and the preview version contain significant changes.

The main changes

First, the Windows terminal received an updated version of the Cascadia Code font 2102.03. 23 bug fixes, support for new glyphs, control images, infinite arrows and other changes. The long Cascadia Code v2102.03 change log can be found on the GitHub release page.

Second, as of this update, your Windows terminal automatically creates a new settings.json file if you accidentally delete an existing one.

In addition, in the stable and preview versions, the window title bar now updates correctly when the application changes title or tab.

Here is the rest of the changelog common to the stable and pre-release versions of Windows Terminal.

  • The shell extension “Open Windows Terminal Here” no longer gives the cryptic error message on servers.
  • The terminal should no longer crash when the user closes a tab while printing text.
  • Circuits: [] or Circuits: {}[{}]Should no longer cause boot errors.
  • The developers had to disable the “Close…” submenu because of a platform problem that caused it to crash.

Specific changes for the Windows terminal view

If you are using the Windows Terminal Preview, changes and bug fixes are only available in this release. They are not currently available in the stable release.

Changes to the parameter user interface

  • The Windows terminal no longer removes disabled profile resources from the settings.
  • The “Start mode” and “Table change mode” switch now works correctly on the parameter page.
  • Renaming the color scheme used by the base layer no longer affects all other color schemes.

Bug fixes

  • The input time-dependent pixel shaders will now work properly and update to a glorious 60 FPS.
  • Right-clicking on a renamed tab should no longer stop the renaming.
  • Furthermore, a right click on the control paddle should not cause the control (or the paddle) to stop.
  • The application now better follows the hidden/displayed cursor state.
  • The Windows terminal now removes hyperlinks if the window is unclear.
  • The developers also fixed a problem with incorrect double quoting of OSC 9;9 directories.
  • You should now be able to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the command palette, even if they are linked in your terminal.

Greater reliability and better performance

  • The application no longer crashes or displays random errors via an empty pixel shader path.
  • The developers have fixed a bug that caused the application to crash when right-clicking and closing a tab with multiple splits.

👉 If you are not familiar with Windows Terminal, it is a modern console tool for command line users that changes the way you work with command line, PowerShell and WSL in Windows 10. It leverages your user experience with tabs, shell profiles, keyboard shortcuts and an incredibly beautiful user interface. It has a DirectWrite/DirectX-based text rendering engine with GPU acceleration that makes it really beautiful.

Windows Terminal is completely open source. Its built-in tabbed interface lets you organize instances of the command line, PowerShell, and the Windows subsystem for Linux into a single application.

Download the Windows terminal

Windows Terminal is a Microsoft Store application, so you can either get it from the Microsoft Store or from the GitHub versions page.

Like the stable release, a preview version of the application is also available for download from the Microsoft Store and the GitHub version page.

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