Microsoft surface 3 Laptop

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Species assessment


Specifications and performance evaluation



  • A luxurious look
  • Convenient keyboard and trackpad
  • Sufficiently high power
  • Instant start function
  • straightforward design


  • No support for Thunderbolt 3
  • No Dolby Vision.
  • Protection of the blind
  • No special GPU
  • Does not support high-end games

Read the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 presentation and get the best price. This device is one of those laptops that will help you to be cheeky and move in style when you carry it with you.

This notebook has a glossy, lightweight design with a luxurious look that also promises reliability and high performance.

The features and hardware included in the system are very useful and help you to perform your computer tasks with improved speed and performance.

The elegant finish of the key system ensures comfort, smoothness and speed of typing thanks to a sufficiently efficient movement of the keys.

The system is also very reliable for everyday tasks and will prove to be more productive because it meets both your computer needs and your style.

The long battery life also makes this system one of the most reliable, so you can work all day without having to charge it from time to time.

The speed and performance of the system have been improved and the latest processor is at least twice as fast as the previous versions. In short, the system allows you to do what you want and makes it one of the most reliable computers to work with.

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Warning for Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 – 13.5 touch screen – Intel Core i5 – 8 GB memory – 128 GB fixed … – $799.00

Notebook with Microsoft 3 interface Overview

Buy for it: Durable quality assembly, good software integration, C-type USB connection.

Attention: Limited port selection, several strange errors, the screen is blue when a restart of the system is needed.


A 13.5-inch Microsoft Surface 3 Notebook is a device that belongs to the class of mid-size notebooks in terms of versatility and performance. However, the laptop has a higher quality and a more advanced design that promises sufficient performance to be worth the investment.

Design and construction

Despite the fact that there have been no major changes in the design of the system, one of the most notable changes to this laptop is the inclusion of a C-type USB port.

However, it does not have Thunderbolt 3 ports, which is a bit of a disappointment as most modern laptops are compatible with it.

Otherwise, it’s a notebook worth the money thanks to the fast Intel Core i5 processor and faster SSD of the latest model with lots of memory, instant power-up and more.

The system works faster and safer and the design of the touchpad has also been greatly improved, making it faster to respond and easier to navigate. The Wi-Fi connection standard adds a number of promising features to the system.

The 13.5-inch touchscreen also enables easy navigation and order entry. Discover the top 10 brands of laptops.

With a 3:2 aspect ratio and useful features such as the use of the surface stylus and the 10-touch multi-touch function, the display looks great in terms of performance, appeal and functionality.

The engineers not only ensured that the system remained clean, smooth and stylish, but they also made sure that it was built down to the smallest detail.

The design of the chassis and the careful selection of the internal components for mounting the system retains its light weight of only 3.40 lbs, making it highly portable.

You can choose from more than a variety of rich shades and colour combinations, including matt black, platinum, cobalt blue and new sandstone.


The latest generation processor offers a significant improvement in system speed and performance.

With four cores, you can get more than you expect from a Windows 10 operating system.

The 10th generation Core i5-1035G7 processor is the best. The second generation offers the best performance and makes the system extremely valuable for users.

The Intel Iris Plus graphics system, although not specialized, has some of the most powerful features that will support Windows and the Intel Core processor.

This will ensure that the system is sufficiently competent and able to take over additional management of the company if necessary.

The corresponding Windows 10 operating system is already known and used to handy functions such as logging on to Windows Hello without a password.

This operating system makes your IT work much easier, safer and more reliable.

You can use Microsoft Edge for faster playback, create better content with Office 365, and store large files securely in the cloud with OneDrive built into your system.

However, if you need more security tools for your workplace, you can easily upgrade to the Windows 10 Pro operating system. It will also add value to the system.

The system makes it easy to navigate, scroll and browse through many websites and documents, and even broadcast TV programmes and movies. With this system you can create some of the most impressive presentations.

The level of performance is enhanced by other useful features of the system, including the ability to facilitate multitasking.

USB type C and type A ports make it possible to connect the system to other docking stations, displays and external devices.

However, there is a serious problem with the system that has been brought to the attention of several users. Often a blue screen appears on the system.

The problem can only be solved by restarting it over and over again. It really gives them a headache, because there is no other way to solve it, not even by Microsoft’s technical staff when they are asked for help.

In addition, it is sometimes noted that the system is somewhat behind in terms of speed and performance, but it is said that it is a problem for all Microsoft laptops and that it has been a problem for a long time.

The system automatically adjusts to save battery power, which slows down the system. This problem can easily be solved to some extent by changing the power saving mode, but that would certainly not make it a gaming laptop.

Despite these two problems, it’s one of the most advanced laptops on the go, with such a wide range of performance that you can also use it to charge your smartphone and accessories.

RAM and memory

The 8 GB RAM is sufficient for fast reading and writing instructions. Although RAM is not exceptional, it is sufficient to cover your daily computer needs.

A 128GB SSD also gives you plenty of space to store files and folders.

The SSD interface works with 7200 rpm, making these files and folders quickly and easily accessible when needed.

Do you want more storage space for photos and files? Just use the system’s built-in OneDrive feature to store them securely in the cloud.

Connectors and connection

Despite the limited number of system ports, they give you more options for connecting external devices.

It comes with USB type C and USB type A connectors. These ports not only make it possible to connect to other devices, but also offer the added advantage of being able to charge accessories.

The USB C and USB A multitasking ports offer many new and easier ways to connect to the interactive touch screen and the improved Studio Mics chip. It will also allow you to wake up with your voice.

The system also offers several connectivity options that are more powerful than ever. You can do this by using Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax and Bluetooth wireless technology.

Battery life

The system’s lithium-ion battery provides you with sufficient power all day long. However, under test conditions, it was found that the battery life depends on the use of the system.

Normally, the battery life of this device is 11.5 hours! It is a nice life, given that it avoids waiting times when you are away or when the system is not in use.

It is also equipped with a quick charge option. It takes about an hour to restore 80% of your capacity after the battery is fully discharged.

That’s why the battery system is good and sufficient to provide you with more power to do your job and follow your passions.

Additional functions

Take a look at the extra features of the system and you will see that it is worth the investment.

When it comes to security, the Windows Hello face login function offers you enterprise-level protection.

The Pixel Sense function provides rich, vivid images with a resolution of 2256 x 1504.

The standards of the Dolby Audio Premium system ensure a sufficiently clear sound from the stereo speakers and facilitate communication with two microphones.


  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Screen: 13.5 inch
  • Display: (2256 x 1504)
  • Storage : 128 GB
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Kind of camp: SSD
  • RAM type : LPDDR4X
  • Processor: i5-1035G7, 10th Generation Core
  • Graphs : Intel Iris Plus Graphics
  • Processor speed : 1.3 GHz to 3.9 GHz with Turbo Boost Technology
  • Transformer brand : Intel
  • Product dimensions : 13.5 x 2 x 10 inch
  • The operating system: Windows 10 Homepage

What do users think of Microsoft Surface Laptop 3?

Microsoft has done a good job by creating a laptop that is as reliable as it is and that can compete with other devices of the same range and specifications. However, users can talk about this device in different ways: for better or for worse.

Some users say it’s a pretty good phone, but you shouldn’t buy one with a few hundred dollars more than a smartphone, which is likely to survive, and of course surpass it.

Few customers said they could buy a laptop with twice the power for the same amount of money, which would make the laptop more competitive with others.

Other users thought the laptop was more productive, but that’s all. He didn’t like the low configuration of this 13.5-inch device because it didn’t allow games and fast and efficient video upload to the YouTube channel.

Some users have reported their experience with this system, which has been quite good so far, with little or no problems. See the Surfaceaptop 3 User Manual.

They were willing to give the system a little more time to figure out exactly how the system worked in terms of power, price and performance.

Poor brightness of screens that cannot be switched off or are not used seems to be a common complaint from users.

They said they had even tried to change the registry to change the problem, but with little or no success. Apart from this press release, they liked everything about Surface Laptop.

Other users say it works without any problems, even though the matte black surface makes the fingerprints fairly easy to see, but it rarely has a negative effect on performance.

According to some users, this is a laptop that works well, but they said that when the mouse is connected to the USB C hub, it seems to jump and slow down because it can’t handle it like other laptops.

To solve this problem, it must be connected separately, but then it refuses to assign the USB-C port according to them.

Other expert advice

Cnet said it was a laptop that was pretty good, but needed a little more juice to make it exceptional and beat other laptops to enter the ultra-competitive laptop category. However, given its basis and a fairly strong combination of trackpad and keyboard, this is a notebook worthy of the name in terms of value for money.

Mr. Verge said, without paying attention to annoying system errors, that it is a good laptop with sufficient battery life, top-notch compatibility with Windows 10 and a sufficiently powerful processor. Best of all, it doesn’t have any of the bulky or intimidating programs normally found in laptops of this range from other brands. It’s a decent laptop for your loved ones.

Trusted Reviews considers this laptop a fantastic ultraportable and a good alternative to many other brands of laptops in these price and range specifications. The beautiful exterior, sleek and portable design, combined with carefully selected hardware components used inside, make it both high quality and remarkably modern.

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