123movies is a website where you can watch the latest movies, TV shows and more for free. I have made a list of the best alternatives to 123movies.

123movie is also available as a third-party application. I have written a whole article mentioning the steps to download 123movie apk app for Android, iOS, MAC, PC, Amazon Firestick and Roku devices.

123 Films has been known for years as one of the best free movie streaming sites. In fact, I could strongly advocate that 123 Films be named one of the best free movie streaming sites.

Although the 123movies application continues to work well and entertains its fans with a free stream of the latest movies, the 123movies site was ranked as one of the most pirated sites in 2016 by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Since then, users have been reluctant to use 123movies. Therefore, I made a list of the best sites like 123movies to watch the latest movies for free.

Let’s look at the list of the 123 best alternative films


thoptv logo ThopTV is one of the latest free movie streaming applications to hit the market. ThopTV not only includes free streaming of movies and TV shows, but also offers free live streaming where you can watch the latest sports games for free.

Thop TV offers a number of free movies and TV series that you can watch online. The best alternatives to the 123 movies in this list and a good streaming site. Sites like 123movies have gained popularity and Thop TV has stepped in for free movies and series.

My Thop TV magazine

ThopTV is a free application to watch the latest movies and broadcast them live without commercials. Another feature of ThopTV that I liked is that you don’t have to register or sign in to use the ThopTV application. Thop TV is a great alternative to the 123 movie that you should definitely try to watch movies and TV shows.

If you are looking for a versatile application that offers a huge arsenal of movies and TV shows, as well as a live TV feature, I think you should take a look at ThopTV.

Step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing Thop TV

Showbox (editor selection)

Showbox apk download

Showbox is a free application and website for streaming movies that is very popular. The Showbox application is one of the free streaming applications where you can find the latest movies and TV shows in HD quality.

Originally launched in the Google Play Store, it quickly became one of the most popular entertainment applications.

Showbox is currently available as a third-party application and also has a free streaming website. Since the closure of 123movies, sites like 123movies have become popular.

Showbox was selected by publishers from a list of the best websites such as 123movies to watch movies and TV series.

My opinion of ShowBox

I could not draw a conclusion about the list of free alternative movies without including Showbox.

If you are looking for websites like 123movies, Showbox’s site may be better than 123movies if we compare the features.

Due to the large number of users on Showbox, there are some delays, but it is reassuring to know that it is one of the best alternatives to 123movies.

To download and install the Showbox application


homepage of TeaTV App Apk

TeaTV was launched in 2017 and currently has over a million downloads. It is one of the most improved free streaming applications.

TeaTV is a lightweight application with a brilliant user interface that allows users to easily select a movie or TV show to watch on any occasion.

My review of Tea TV

I highly recommend TeaTV because I found it to be one of the best alternatives for 123 movies.

The TeaTV application is an ad-free streaming platform with many interactive features, such as safe and unsafe mode. It also supports multiplayer mode. So you don’t have to constantly stop and restart while watching a movie and receive a notification.

How to download and install TeaTV, a good alternative to 123 movies


Mobdro app apk download Mobdro was launched a few years ago in 2018 and is quickly gaining popularity as one of the best free streaming apps.

Mobdro can even compete with most paid streaming apps if you compare the features.

Mobdro’s home screen is very simplified and works well for watching TV shows and movies.

My evaluation of Mobdro

In my opinion, Mobdro is a combination of Netflix and 123movies in that it has similar features to Netflix and all the content available on 123movies.

Mobdro is one of the best sites like 123 Movies with a lot of movies and series to watch for free.

When I started making this list of 123 alternative movies, Mobdro was one of the first free streaming applications that came to mind. Mobro is an alternative to 123 movies for watching movies and TV series online.

How to download and install Mobdro.


netflix Over the years, Netflix has captured a large share of the streaming video market. Netflix is your best bet for finding your favorite movies and TV shows.

You can also download entire movies and series from Netflix and watch them later without needing an Internet connection.

In fact, Netflix has the best collection of movies and series.

My Netflix rating

If you pay a monthly subscription and want to watch some of the most popular and well-known TV shows and movies, I highly recommend a Netflix subscription. It is the only streaming app where you can find the most popular and well-known TV shows and movies.

Netflix is a paid streaming service. So if you are looking for something free, there are other alternatives to 123 Movies that have a good collection of movies.


cotomovie alternatives Kotom movies can be considered a direct alternative to 123 movies, as both free streaming applications have similar features.

Like 123 Movies, Cinemas offers free streaming links in HD quality to current movies and TV shows. Cinemas have a good selection of movies and TV shows.

Cotomovies is closed due to legal issues, but the apk files and applications are still available for downloading and watching movies online.

Both movies and 123 movies are on the list of the best streaming sites.

My evaluation of Kotomovi

I searched for some of the newest and rarest TV shows and movies and found good results for all my searches on the Cottage and Movies application site.

Another interesting feature of sites like 123movies is that you are not asked to register or sign up. Cotomovies is also the best site like 123movies to watch movies and TV shows. Millions of users from all over the world use this streaming site to watch movies and TV shows.

Cotomovies is available worldwide, you can use free movie sites and watch movies online anywhere in the world.

To download and install the APK Cinema application

I have also made a comparison between 123 Films and Cotomovies so that you can get an idea of the feature films and television program offerings.

Last words.

123movies is the largest streaming site for movies and TV series to watch movies online for free. Since then, many sites like 123movies have closed down. I hope you enjoyed my overview of the best streaming sites like 123movies.

Note: This article is intended for educational purposes only. Geekymint or the author have no intention of promoting the above websites. All rights to the free movies and series belong to the rights holders.

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