One of my main professional and entertaining activities is programming. So my laptop should be a computer with everything you need to program.

Luckily, I’ve been working with the Internet for years, so I don’t need a lot of resources.
On my work computer I usually use simple editors, usually Notepad ++, but I also use BlueFish and Visual Studio code, which is cross-platform. I have tried many others, such as Atom and Sublime Text, in short, there is a wide range of alternatives for both Windows and Linux.

What about Chrome OS?

Well, it’s a little cramped in that respect, because there aren’t many applications.
I will briefly discuss them and comment on the conclusions I drew in my personal and very specific case as a programmer.

First we need to talk about the text, the application I installed as a word processor on the Chromebooks series. It is very simple and has the syntax for web languages. A lightweight program that allows me to create small scripts, but that doesn’t have the functions I’m looking for and that exist:

  • Syntax highlighting .
  • Automatic filling . If you are going to write a sentence that suggests adding variants of the language you use, in my case HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Javascript Console . If the console is integrated, I can see the error messages in the editor itself without having to go to the browser.
  • Overview . This allows you to see changes in the editor itself in real time.

Auto-Fill and the console seem necessary to me.

I first tried to install some editors in the Chromebook Encoding Guide, both as Chrome extensions and with pps .
Finally, I would like to say that I haven’t really found my place in one of them. There are a lot of them in two Google stores, I didn’t leave one because I didn’t like them (I didn’t try to pay for them).

Program on a Chromebook –

So I can’t program on Chromebook? Fortunately, because there is another alternative: Web services.
There are online platforms that allow programming in the cloud development environment, it’s incredible!
Among the many new alternatives, I leave a few, all with a free plan:

1) Cloud9 was the best for me, but it was paid for when Amazon bought it and integrated it into AWS. The worst part is that I can’t even log into my old account, even though people say I can.

2) Codani everywhere, alternative . It allows you to run a container similar to a virtual machine in which you can implement an application with all the libraries, frames and dependencies you have. And one more thing! A miracle online BDI that has a free container, and the rest is paid for. Highly recommended, but it has no auto-completion (of course I’m surprised it has one, and I haven’t seen how to activate it).

3) JSBin .com, a simple alternative to the two previous ones, but only suitable for web programming, is perfect for me. For quick tests this is a very good alternative, it has a console, support for ES6, with a fairly complete overview, only auto-completion is missing.
This allows you to share and store files, even if they are publicly available. You can also download files locally, but you will need to enter their statistical codes.
It has a github integration folder and can be registered.
One of the strong points is the possibility of integrating, for example, the most commonly used JavaScript libraries:

  • Jquery, Jquery UI and Jquery Mobile
  • Bootstrap
  • Corner
  • Reaction
  • Key word:
  • and some more

4) Code pen. This is a JSBin competition with very similar characteristics. On the same screen you have one column with HTML, another with CSS and a third with JS, perfect for my needs. It also has a console panel and another example panel. You can even work with the React. js button.
You should activate automatic filling in the general settings, not with the pen.

5) Lightning pile. It looks good, but it doesn’t have a console, although it’s self filled in, I haven’t found much documentation. For more complex projects with libraries this can be a good alternative.

What’s my choice?

Program on a Chromebook –

Codepen has everything I need, and it’s easy and free.
For something fast, without an Internet connection, the integrated text editor is sufficient.

Attention later (25.25/18), I found two very good new services:
– Reply. With auto-completion, multilingual github integration, console, multi-command, preview and syntax highlighting. Very simple and fast.
– An ornament. At first glance, I didn’t like it.

This change can be a good alternative to codepens. I’ll take a closer look.

The new update 29.10.18, there is a new payment extension for the online store Chrome, which (I have not tried) seems that everything is fine : IDE web development

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