RAEGR, the Bangladesh-based brand of audio accessories and smartphones, has launched its latest affordable RAEGR AirBeats 250 wireless headset. These Bluetooth headsets are only available at very reasonable prices at ₹1.099. It’s hard to laugh at a product like that for such a price. However, if you are wondering whether or not you should buy these headphones, here is our report on these headphones after you used them last week.

Contents of Box

Contents of the RAEGR 250 box

First, let’s take a look at everything you’ll find in a RAEGR AirBeats 250 box.

  • You will first receive a user manual.
  • Second, three ears of different sizes.
  • And a small micro-USB charging cable.
  • It also comes with a high quality, hard case and is ideal for safely carrying earphones, micro USB cables and various additional earplugs and earplugs.

RAEGR 250 junction box

Design, construction and comfort

Let’s talk about the design and assembly first. In general, the earphones look very solid with a metal housing and the unique shape of the ear modules. Yeah, it doesn’t make you feel first class, but it doesn’t make you feel cheap either. So, in general, you’ll probably like the design and construction of these Bluetooth headsets.

REGR 250

The cable connecting the two side modules is supplied with an integrated controller for controlling the volume, play/pause and incoming calls. It also has a built-in microphone and the RAEGR logo on the other side. The left water droplet has a built-in micro-USB charging port and an LED display for indication. The micro-USB port is closed with a plastic flap to prevent moisture from entering.

REGR 250

In terms of actual use, I had used the RAEGR AirBeats 250 wireless headphones for at least three days and found them very handy. It doesn’t fall out of my ears easily, and since the landing is subjective, I found during use that the landing is comfortable and sociable. So you can use it for 3-4 hours without interruption.

Overview of RAEGR 250

The earphones are not available as sports earphones, but special ear wings and ear shells also make these earphones ideal for sports activities. I tried the headphones during the training season and found them very comfortable. It’s also waterproof (IPX4), so you don’t have to worry about sweat and rain.


RAEGR 250 comes with a 110mah battery that, after 2 hours of full charge, provides 5 to 6 hours of playback time. I’ve tested many Bluetooth headsets in this price range and I think most of them have the same battery life, which is more than enough for normal users.

Communication and microphone

The RAEGR AirBeats 250 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. The conjugation is simple and uncomplicated. Press and hold the shutter button to turn on the pairing function (the first time). Once the pairing is complete, a quick connection is automatically made when the power is turned on. I found no separation or mating problems during the tests, and it worked perfectly. It also supports automatic connection switching, allowing you to switch devices in a minute.

REGR 250

The microphone plays a big role these days, so let’s talk about it. I tested it on standby, the quality is good and the microphone is very close to your mouth, so you don’t have to talk loud. The person on the other side of the conversation can get the best quality of your voice.

Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, the RAEGR AirBeats 250 offers fairly good sound quality at a reasonable price. I’m not sure about the size of the driver, but the overall sound is very loud, so I recommend using it at a volume level of about 80% for best quality and hearing protection. The earphones have no noise reduction, but their tight fit ensures good noise isolation, so you don’t have to raise the volume even in noisy environments.

As I said before, the overall volume is loud, but at the same time it does not lose its clarity, even at high volume, which I think is best with these headphones. Go to the bass button, the main point of these RAEGR headphones. The bass reproduction is very high and has a pimple effect, making the bass reproduction of the songs more pleasant and energetic. If you like bass or if you like a lot of EDM or pop, these headphones in this price range are the perfect choice for you.

Overview of RAEGR 250

The voices and trebles sound quite good, but because of the heavy bass there is almost no distortion in the treble (especially at high volume). And not just these headphones, but I think all cheap bass-oriented wireless headphones have this problem. So if you’re an everyday user and need a decent wireless headset for entertainment purposes and the bass button is your priority, you can usually rely on it. But if you are an audiophile and need a very balanced sound, then your search is open!

REG 250: Do you have to buy it?

In general, these are decent wireless headphones, there is none like all headphones in a price range. You get quality, durable design and a reasonable price, which is one of the advantages of the RAEGR 250 Wireless Headset.


Rs. 1,099

Rs. 1,999

on the spot

Three new rupees. 1,099

Booth: 05.11.2020 15.22

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