was originally conceived as a series of new and existing Salesforce solutions brought together in one place to help companies and organizations get back to work safely under the watchful eye of COVID 19. However, as the pandemic continues worldwide, governments, businesses and workers are aware that many jobs will change in the long term.

Salesforce solutions serve as a platform to create a safer and healthier community and help students be spiritually healthy. In addition, we need to address and reshape the social challenges of diversity and inclusion and prepare our universities to work on multiple future scenarios. Image source : Medium

Recently, Salesforce announced several updates to its solution to help companies safely adapt to the new normal situation with more domestic tasks and the reopening in the current coronavirus pandemic. One of the ways Deloitte came closer to COVID-19 was by using EngageNow, an employee communication and collaboration center based on Salesforce technology. As our needs increase, the platform is easy to adapt, which is essential for us to adapt to this new standard. Image Source: Salesforce is a sales performance management platform for vendors with a user interface (UI) similar to that of a social networking site.

The platform wants to involve employees in the following three aspects:

  • Motivation through public recognition
  • Real-time feedback
  • Adequate alignment between the personal objectives of the team and the business objectives.

Employees are motivated to achieve their goals through a system based on recognition and reward. For example, an employee may successfully receive a symbol representing a particular qualification, or receive an Amazon gift certificate to exceed the manager’s expectations. In addition, employees can directly ask for feedback and share it with colleagues or supervisors on request.

Employee’s workplace Image Source: Salesforce

It is a central digital hub from which employees have access to business applications and resources. Your business workspace can be displayed or linked to Salesforce applications, custom software created on the Salesforce platform, your own internal systems, or third-party resources (such as Google Workspace). Organizations can use the workspace to remotely connect employees through personalized communication, secure collaboration applications and notifications.

Employee assistance Image Source: Salesforce

It is a portal for employees to ask questions and find solutions to, for example, IT problems and to obtain fringe benefits and career opportunities. In addition to the usual FAQs, the helpdesk will have Einstein AI-based chatbots that give access to climbing knowledge and articles in each department.

Salesforce has added this new feature so you can treat your sales reps as respectable customers. Companies now need to network digitally with their employees around the world.

There is no doubt that every organization must move from a survival mode to a way to flourish and rejoice in the company of charming, healthy and productive employees.

Queue management

With this tool companies and organizations can set up virtual lines at their production sites and reduce physical queues for customers. Customers can use the application to reserve a place in the queue and receive information about their waiting time, either via the application or via SMS.

Broadcasting services

Companies can use this feature of to send relevant information to their customers and employees, such as changes to work or meeting schedules, health and safety reminders, and so on.

Companies can send broadcast messages via platforms such as Text, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Any follow-up questions or service requests related to a Communication may be automatically answered via chat bots and personalized service communications.

Digital trust cards Image Source: Salesforce

These virtual posters can be used by companies to provide customers with important information about their physical location, such as mask requirements, social distance requirements and cleaning guidelines. The information can be placed on a website or in an application, and employees can easily update the information when they need to make changes. Image Source: Twitter

Salesforce has released a number of new tools and developed external partners to help companies safely resume operations after the COWID 19 pandemic. The latest products focus on visitor management on location, supply chain management and business continuity.

The new products are part of a series of tools Salesforce is collecting at A field team was recently set up in response to the pandemic.

At, organizations have access to a command center application that provides a common platform for all the tools an organization can use to manage its post-coron virus operations.

The three published tools are the first products developed by the ISV partners and include

  • Traction Guest offers the possibility to manage the visitors of the site and update the alerts accordingly.
  • Fusion Risk Management provides risk management and business continuity planning tools specifically designed for post-pandemic activities.
  • Compliance Quest provides quality assurance, compliance protocols and supply chain management.

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