Samsung has unveiled a new Chromebook 2021, the Chromebook 4 XE310XBA-KC1US. This is an affordable laptop that is great for schoolwork and daily tasks. And while the Samsung isn’t the best Chromebook, its price makes it an interesting option to consider as a secondary device.


The Samsung Chromebook 4 2021 is not a full-fledged laptop. Instead, it fills the gap between what you normally expect from a tablet and a laptop. The sturdy frame and surprisingly well-matched materials make this Chromebook a solid device, perfect for basic users.

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In terms of design, the 11-inch Chromebook 4 doesn’t differ much from last year’s model. It looks a little clumsy. Still, I found this size to be a reassuring feature, especially compared to similarly priced devices that seemed much more fragile.

The Samsung Chromebook 4 XE310XBA-KC1US, far from perfect, does not have an expandable SD card slot. For some this is an obstacle, for others not so much. Unless you plan to use it for local file storage, I doubt it will be a problem in the long run. Especially since all new Chromebooks come with a free one-year subscription to Google One, which gives you 100 gigabytes of storage through Google’s cloud services.


In terms of performance, the Samsung Chromebook 4 is anything but exceptional. On par with similarly priced models. While standard system memory is larger than a few years ago, software capabilities have also evolved in the same direction. The Chromebook 4 XE310XBA-KC1US is powered by the Intel Pentium N4020 processor. This is an entry-level dual-core processor that will get you through the day. You don’t have to worry about overdoing it. You can run almost any Chrome OS application with it.

The system memory is sufficient for daily use and basic tasks, but cannot be expanded further if required. You can multitask, edit documents, surf the web, edit photos and, to some extent, edit videos.

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Storage space is an issue. This model, the XE310XBA-KC1US, has a capacity of only 32 gigabytes. There’s no SD card slot, so you’ll have to rely on cloud solutions to store all your files, big or small. The eMMC drive is adequate, especially considering all the other specs. Don’t expect any bottlenecks other than intermittent system memory. Especially when browsing memory intensive sites and the like.

Graphics and display

Some users have complained about the image quality of this model. Especially the narrow viewing angles caused some frustration. Even for a cheap laptop, I find this unacceptable. There are other full-size models that don’t cost much more and have better screens. You don’t have to worry about it not having a full HD screen. At 11 inches, the screen is small enough to have adequate pixel density.

In terms of graphics, the Samsung Chromebook 4 comes standard with the Intel UHD Graphics 600 integrated processor. It reads online content smoothly, lets you edit photos and videos with the apps found in the Chrome Store, but don’t expect much more from Samsung in terms of graphics performance.

Interface and network

Interface options abound, the Samsung has a USB Type-C port, two USB 3.1 ports and a USB 2.0 port, a standard HDMI output, but no SD card slot as previously mentioned. You have Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Bluetooth 4.0. It’s not exactly cutting edge technology, but for $200 I can’t complain.

Portability and battery life

In terms of weight and autonomy, the new Samsung Chromebook 4 does not differ much from the old model. Weighing just 1.2 kg, this model is an excellent option for those looking for an ultra-light and cost-effective device. It’s not the lightest laptop, especially given its small size, but again, I have to use the price argument. You won’t find a lighter laptop for less.

The battery life is more than acceptable. A charge will last about 10 hours in practice, maybe a little less. That means the Chromebook 4 is the perfect device for those who need the flexibility of an ultrabook in terms of weight and battery life, but don’t need the power of a laptop.


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Overall, I think the Samsung Chromebook 4 XE310XBA-KC1US is a decent Chromebook. The performance and features meet all the expectations one would have of a laptop under $250. However, I think the screen quality and lack of an SD card slot are real problems for any user considering buying one. Overall, I think it’s worth it, especially in terms of wearability. You just have to adjust your expectations before you use it for the first time.

Samsung Chromebook 4 XE310XBA-KC1US System Specifications

Processor Intel Celeron N4020 2 cores, 4 MB cache, 1.1 to 2.8 GHz
Memory 4 GB DDR4 SDRAM on the card
Storage 32 GB electromagnetic drive
show 11.6″ HD matte LED
Graphics Intel UHD 600 graphics
Interface USB 3.1 Generator 1 Type-C 2 x USB 3.1 Generator 1 Type-A USB 2.0 HDMI
Link Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac 2×2) Bluetooth 4.0
OS Chrome OS
Battery 2-cell lithium-ion battery, 39 GHz, up to 10 hours.
Weight 1.17 kg (2.6 lbs)

Graphics and display


Interface and network


Portability and battery life


frequently asked questions

Are Samsung Chromebooks any good?

Overall, the Samsung Chromebook is a solid device for the price when used for casual online tasks, especially for those familiar with Google.

Does the Samsung Chromebook 4 have a touchscreen?

While the battery life of the Samsung Chromebook 4 is good and the price is in the low end, the laptop’s 11.6-inch screen is not bright and colorful enough. Also, this laptop has a touchscreen, so you can’t touch the Android apps in the Google Play Store.

When will the 4th be available? Samsung Chromebook edition ?

The Samsung Chromebook 4 from $229.99 and the Samsung Chromebook 4+ from $299.99 are available starting today, 7. October 2019, available at Best Buy and and select retailers.

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