Stereo Mix is missing and does not appear in the list of recording devices in the Windows 10 Sound Control Panel? This guide will show you how to disable the Stereo Mix device if it is hidden, and how to get Stereo Mix by downloading and installing the Realtek PC Audio Codec if your computer does not have Stereo Mix at all.

Stereo Mixing in Windows 10 64-bit Startup missing from Realtek

Corrigendum 1: Stereo mix is missing in Windows 10

Before you download anything, make sure you have already unplugged all devices. Stereo Mix is hidden by default in the Windows 10 Sound Control Panel. You must show all devices that are disconnected so that the stereo mix is visible in the sound control panel. Follow the steps below to disable the recorders.

In Windows 10, open the settings and go to System > Sound. On the audio settings page, scroll down to find the audio control panel link. Click on it.

stereo mixes without displaying sound panels 10

In the audio control window, click the Recording tab. Right-click anywhere in the area where all devices are listed and select Show Disabled Devices.

Windows 10 Stereomix does not show disconnected devices

After displaying the disconnected devices, the Stereo Mix device should now be visible. Right click on it and select Activate to activate it.

To enable Stereo Mix in Windows 10

Corrigendum 2: Stereo Mix Windows 10 Download Realtek Codec 64-bit or 32-bit

If Stereo Mix does not appear in the list of recording devices even after it is uninstalled, it may mean that it is not yet installed. Stereo mixing can be achieved by installing the Realtek High Definition PC Audio Codecs software.

To download the Realtek PC Audio Codec, go to this page.

On the Realtek download page, select the driver that matches your 10-bit version of Windows. If you z. B. Windows 10 64-bit, select the Realtek 64-bit download link.

Stereo Mix Download Realtek 64-bit Audio Codec Windows 10

You may then be asked to accept the terms and conditions and enter your email address. After that, the download should start immediately.

Install Realtek 64-bit stereo mix

Pay attention: The link and downloadable manuals are from 2021. The official Realtek website may have changed since then. If the link is not available or the page doesn’t look like it, try a Google search for the Realtek audio codec. You can easily find the download as it is one of the most popular audio codecs in the world (make sure it is on to get an authentic download).

After downloading, start the configuration to set the audio codec. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Installing the Realtek audio codec for PCs

Once the installation is complete, restart your computer. After restarting, you should see Stereo Mix in the list of recording devices in the Sound Control Bar.

Stereo mix no sound or does not seem to work

If Stereo Mix is successfully enabled, but no sound is detected during recording, make sure Stereo Mix is selected as the default recording device in the Windows 10 Sound Control Panel and also as the default input device in your recording software.

Also, make sure the volume of the Stereo Mix device is set to a sufficient level by going to Stereo Mix > Properties > Level.

Windows 10 stereo mixed without sound

When Stereo Mix tries to capture the internal sound of your PC or what you are listening to, the volume of your speakers, headphones or what you are listening to also plays a role. Try increasing the volume of the internal speaker, an adjustable system volume in Windows 10.

Windows 10 speaker volume

Stereo Mix Windows 10 does not work

Tip: Stereomix only responds to the volume control installed in Windows 10. This does not affect the external volume control (physical volume control) of the speaker you install outside of Windows. For example, if the 100% system volume in Windows is too loud, you can lower the volume with the physical volume control on your speaker to counteract the excessive volume.

For example, if the system volume is 100% and the physical volume control is only 50%, Stereo Mix will always record 100% of the sound from your system, while you will only hear 50% of the sound volume.

Alternative to stereo mixing on Windows 10

If you want to record your PC’s internal audio but can’t get Stereo Mix to work, there is an alternative to Stereo Mix for recording your device’s internal audio. For more information, read : For recording internal audio on Windows 10 (no stereo mix).

Description to share : Is Stereo Mix absent or does it not appear as a recorder in Windows 10? To get Stereo Mix, download the Realtek 64-bit audio codec.

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