Play torrent zones in 2020

Playing at their best in 2020. Gone are the days when people spent hours looking for ways to download the game. Today, not only do you have a lot of gaming options, but you can also easily access the torrents of online games.

Despite the emergence of many problems related to the torrent, the first major challenge is always to find a reliable torrent site for great games, only to find out that it is closed.

Before looking into torrents, be aware that downloading copyrighted content can cause real problems for users.

The safest way to protect your device from malware and illegal activity is to use a proxy server or VPN service to hide your identity online.

When listing torrent sites for the game, each site had to meet the following requirements:

  • Fast-loading work lights
  • good collection of games
  • Websites free of malware and click hijacking
  • virus-free game files
  • high operating currents
  • Useful site
  • A search bar that is not redirected to pop-ups

After the site met these conditions, I asked several torrent forums and communities to collect the 11 best torrent sites that will allow you to download any game in 2020.

No more goodbye,

Best workplaces for Torrent Games

TorrentsGames is the best site of torrentsgames


Power games

TorrentsGames is a complete website for torrent games. This is a popular website where you can download free games for PC, Mac, PS, Xbox and other gaming devices. It is one of the few torrent sites where you can find high quality links to the most reliable torrents.

Compared to the usual layout of search engines such as The Pirate Bay, uTorrent or ISO Hunt, TorrentsGanes offers you a very rich list of available torrents.

Although this list of games is well written, you can keep up to date with the latest available games, including the search for hidden gems and other exciting features.

The website contains links to games based on a gaming platform such as the Xbox 360, PC or Playstation, making it easier for users to find and locate torrents. It is also much more convenient to get the torrent file directly from TorrentsGames instead of redirecting it to different sites to find your torrent file.

GazelleGames – The best for reliable game flows


Playing the gazelles

Gazellegames – very popular website about crossing the game. The site has adopted a membership approach to try to solve the problem of continuous hacking of torrent sites in general. Initially the movement was greeted with mixed reactions, but gradually the gazelle became the most popular playground before the flood.

When you visit the GazelleGames website, you will receive a registration request.

The website contains an extensive list of more than 65,000 verified torrent links. Once registered on the site, GazelleGames will go through a rigorous approval process that will make the site one of the safest sites for wildlife in 2020.

DownloadGames Torrents – The best for newgames


game download torrents

Downloading Torrent’s games is a pretty long name for a website. It’s just like TorrentsGames that its torrent games site makes the best way to find your favorite game titles.

This website makes it possible to download torrents of games at high speed to the game console.

Most features of the website are similar to those of TorrentsGames:

You get the main game.

The games are divided into platforms

you can download the .torrent file directly.

Download Torrents games is an instant alternative to TorrentGames, where you can download the latest games for free.

Pirate Bay – better suited to the rapids of popular games


Pirate golf

The best sites of corner towers, yes the following site is a complete torrent search engine. Pirate Bay has a reputation for providing torrent links with different content. And, as expected, it should be included in the list of best river basins by 2020.

The Pirate Bay has been providing workflows for over ten years. From the start page of the search engine you can search for any title by category.

Pirate Bay is a common torrent site where you can download movies, books, TV shows, anime, music and much more, as well as games.

FitGirl Repacks – The best forgamers


fitgirl repacki

FitGirl Repacks is a unique gaming torrent website that allows users to repackage their games so they can play for free worldwide. We can say that most of the references here come from video game enthusiasts.

The site presents itself as FitGirl, where we like compression more than tearing. This is a website that does not allow requests except on a special request day. It is important to remember this feature of the website because FitGirl produces compressed and repackaged titles at its own pace.

FitGirl already has a database of over 20 pages of games, so you can expect to download torrents of proven games.

RARBG – the most reliable for free flow



RARBG has grown from a simple torrent site to one of the most reliable torrent sites, where you can literally download everything you want, including games.

GRBRN has updated its interface regularly, making it easy to find torrents in the list of all torrents. Simply select the Games category on the left side of the page.

The link to the torrent file is located at the top of the page, so you don’t have to read any unnecessary information to get what you want. RARBG files are downloaded instantly, so you don’t have to worry about fish downloads or spam redirects.

Torrentz Games – Best for other languages


Bee Brake

The most important torrent sites dedicated to multilingual game files. TorrentsBees has an authoritative opinion on where all her files are well organized.

When you open the TorrentsBees website, you will see the search bar and fragments of the most popular games. You can open the content of the website in your own language and download the content in your preferred language.

For each torrent head on the website there is an overview of several pages and a short video trailer. A verified download link can be found under the video that provides you with the .torrent file.

CroTorrents – the best solution for computer games



CroTorrents is a website for users who want to download reliable gaming torrents for their PC.

This is a good Game Torrent site for computer games of all levels. Most of the torrents on the site are small niche games like Super Tempter 2 on the screenshot.

The website has the infamous habit of redirecting when you click the huge green torrent download button, which usually opens on a foreign website. After a few unnecessary redirections you will get a magnetic link to the torrent file, and from there you can play your favorite game.

Bobbins – The best for Spanish language bobbins

Website: However, if your Spanish is not as good as Cristiano Ronaldo’s, you can easily translate the website at the touch of a button (especially on the Chrome browser). After using different torrent sites, you have a general idea where on each site there is a link to download the torrent.

Games Torrents has functional torrent files that you can download directly from the website. In order to use this website, however, you must be able to read Spanish.

In the Spanish game Torrentz you have to be careful not to press the big blue buttons (they make you go from one side to the other). Just click the white Descargar torrent button at the bottom of each torrent file, not the green button.

TorrentSnack Games – The best for multiplatform games


power pack

Torrentsnack is an elegant website that consists of content designed and filled with only the best torrents of games. As a gamer, you’d immediately fall in love with TorrentSnack games.

As one would expect from all major torrent sites related to games, TorrentSnack organizes its content into game platforms and provides a short summary (including photos and videos) per downloaded title.

The link and download button are displayed very opaque for each torrent file, so you don’t have to worry about funny redirections.

Lyme Torrents – Best selection of matchcakes


Limestone flow

LimeTorrents (mirrors like .info, .zone or .whatever) is probably one of the best torrent search engines.

The torrent site consists of a large number of available files, but for the more recent headers the search for seeds takes little time.

I have noticed that if a particular trail is not marked as popular, it may not have seeds or leeches. As a result, most common files remain stuck in uTorrent for a reasonable amount of time before you can start reading them.

Dump load safety at charge current

Security should be your first requirement when you open your torrent browser. Better safe than sorry: Illegal torrents can not only infect your device with viruses and malware, but can also cause legal problems for mega-corporations claiming copyright infringement.

I strongly recommend the use of a VPN for torrenting.


I hope you found your torrent file on the website mentioned in this list. Feel free to write to us if you know that other torrent sites are safe and working.

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