What is facial recognition technology?

Facial recognition technology is part of the biometric technology that identifies a person by their face. It is also described as biometric artificial intelligence, which is used to capture the texture of the face and recognize faces such as the retina, nose and facial shape. It is used to recognize faces on videos, photos or in real time. The identification of persons has proved very useful for the security service in identifying criminals by means of video material.

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What is the facial recognition technology used in smartphones?

  1. Android Basic facial technology : In 2011 the Android operating system introduced face unlocking of the Ice Cream Sandwich version (Android 4.0). The main disadvantage of this face-unlocking technique was that only 2D images were stored, so a person or thief could cheat the system and unlock the phone. Because this technology was not fully effective, users used this option with a PIN code or password. Surprisingly, Google refused to unlock the face with the release of Android 10 for security reasons.

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Basic feature for unlocking faces in Android

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  • Samsung iris technology: The iris scanner of the Samsung device works on the basis of the retina, just as human fingerprints are unique, so is the retina and no one can copy it. Samsung has introduced iris technology in its flagship Galaxy Tab Iris, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge devices. Because a conventional front camera was previously unable to scan the retina, Samsung has given its flagship, the smartphone, a special narrow-focus infrared camera that can easily scan the retina. One of the disadvantages of iris technology is that it usually requires the proximity of the camera, which can be uncomfortable for some eyes.

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Samsung Iris Technology

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  • Apple Face ID : Face Recognition is a facial recognition technology developed by Apple and used in the iPhone X, XS MAX and iPad Pro (3rd and 4th generation). Since its introduction in 2017, Apple has continued to use 3D facial recognition technology in every new iPhone and iPad. With the introduction of a facial ID, Apple has decided to give up another biometric authentication – a tactile ID from 2017 on the iPhone and iPad.

You’ll learn how to get an ID:

  1. Press Settings
  2. Click on a person’s username and password
  3. Enter the access code (when prompted)
  4. Press Include a person (under a person ID).
  5. Tap Start and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. You’ll be asked to frame your face.
  7. Move your head so that it can be scanned from all sides.

When installing Face ID, you need to move your head slowly so that Face ID can recognize your face. Two pictures of your face will be taken during the setup, that’s all.

Face ID. Image – Apple

What is the best technology for unlocking faces?

Biometric facial sharing was introduced in 2016 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, while Apple first introduced facial identification in its iPhone X in 2017.

Apple Face ID technology is more promising because of its accuracy and security. It is based on a 3D facial recognition sensor. It can scan the face, even in the dark. This sensor consists of three parts, the first part is the point projection module, which creates a pattern of infrared dots on the user’s face, the second part is a projector, which is responsible for reading the infrared patterns and creates a three-dimensional face map. The third module is an infrared camera that creates an infrared image of these patterns. These templates are encoded and sent to the local secure enclave in the device processor to match the registered person. If the user performs 5 unsuccessful scans, the Face ID will be disabled for 48 hours. In addition, Apple claims that one in 10,000 people are more likely to unlock the phone with another face-identified person, while one in 50,000 people are more likely to have tactile identification. In addition, the Face-ID system easily recognizes the face even with make-up, hats, scarves, goggles and can also be adjusted according to the age factor of the person.


Facial recognition technology has been in use for several years. With increased safety and speed, the technology slowly develops to new heights. The future may come through free walks through doors, so that the technology recognizes faces and automatically grants access.

Some people think that even today the password and PIN are better and more secure than Face technology, because it is a bit difficult to crack a password. Every authentication method has its advantages and disadvantages. One area where facial recognition may differ from other biometric technologies is online authentication in conferences or videoconferences, where the face is usually scanned and authentication is performed on a larger scale. There’s still a long way to go for facial recognition. We’ll keep you informed.

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