Bluetooth speakers have improved over the years. Nowadays they are perfect for personal use and for all small occasions that occur in your home. All you have to worry about is making them pay. Simply connect it to your phone and press the play button.

If you want an incredible Bluetooth speakerphone, look no further. Below is a carefully selected list of the top ten Bluetooth speakers of 2020. Most are well built, some are elegant, some are weatherproof and some are not suitable for outdoor use. Image source : CNet

Of course there are large, luxurious Bluetooth speakers on the market, but none of them can compare to the interesting and simple Ultimate Ears Boom 3. For its size, it produces some of the most audible, pleasant and balanced sounds. In addition, the waterproof cylinder is available in different colours, can operate for 15 hours between charges and has a Bluetooth range of 30 meters. It also offers a warranty of two years after purchase. If you’re looking for a live party, the Megaboom 3 ($185) is a solid model for bass amplification. Image Source: Geek Review

The Tribit series of Bluetooth speakers may not be trivial, but their sound is much better than their price. The StormBox is one of the best models. It is equipped with two motors and passive heat sinks in a 7-inch miter shape. But personally he can’t handle an active dance party. Still, the clarity of the sound is attractive, and it also has an interesting extra bass button that makes for amazing rhythms, even if they’re a bit muddy. beeldbron : Radar technology

The three Danon Envaya speakers look impressive on the pair. The largest model is the 8-inch DSB-250BT and costs $200 – the other two, which cost $99 and $149, are very well suited for their size. The volume of the Envaya is not abnormally high, but the advantage is that it does not deform. With its built-in amplifier, the Denon Envaya brings every playlist to life like no other speaker we’ve ever heard. Image Source: Cutting unit

If you need a Bluetooth speaker system that can take over any room or terrace, but still spend most of its life indoors, then the Sonos Move is definitely a great speaker to extend your home network. Sonos has invented wireless multi-room speakers that connect efficiently to almost any streaming service and work equally well with Google Assistant or Alexa. Their sound is certainly unbelievable to everyone. The Move is essentially a wireless speaker streamed over a Wi-Fi network. However, it also works as a Bluetooth speakerphone when you take it outside or to places without Wi-Fi. Image Source: CNet

In 2017 Ultimate Ears Wonderboom won the WIRED Gear of the Year award for being the best pool partner you can have. The latest Wonderboom 2 is much better than its predecessor. The small 4-inch joy ball is waterproof and dustproof (IP67). The battery lasts approximately 13 hours, has a Bluetooth range of 30 meters, is floating and produces an effective sound when in use. Source: 9 to 5 Toys

This latest version of JBL Link Portable. It is integrated with Google Assistant and has a 360-degree sound. It comes with handy accessories such as a charging station that folds easily between rides. You can enjoy about eight hours of portable JBL Link on a single charge. It is also waterproof for about a meter for 30 minutes. Image Source: Gadgets now

Although it is not the latest model, the JBL Clip 2 is still one of the best snap hooks on the market. It’s as big as a hockey puck and portable enough to take anywhere. It is waterproof and has a small carabiner at the top so that it can be attached to anything. It has more controls (volume, playback, Bluetooth, power) than its counterparts. The highlight is the integrated 3.5 mm retractable audio cable, which allows you to listen to a few songs quickly and easily without the inconvenience of Bluetooth. Image Source: CNet

In fact, the Tribit StormBox Micro is one of the best speakers for the bike. It has a silicone elastic band that is tight enough to attach to the handlebars of your bike or to the strap of your backpack. For example, you can put two couples together if a friend also has one, for pleasant social walks at a distance. It is dustproof and waterproof (IP67), which means it is weatherproof. With an autonomy of 8 hours per load, it is ideal for long adventure trips. Bildquelle: Homecinema Magazine

We’ve been big fans of JBL’s portable smart speakers, from the Link 20 to the Link Portable, for a couple of years now. It is very well integrated with Google Assistant and has a 360-degree sound. The JBL Link comes with handy accessories, such as a charging station, which can be quickly removed between the outputs. A single charge gives you eight hours of juice, and it’s waterproof to a meter for 30 minutes. Image Source: PCWorld

The Bose SoundLink Mini II may be very old, but it’s still one of the best wireless speakers with the best sound. The SoundLink Mini II has a deep bass, crisp treble and a rich midrange. This proves that small speakers do not always have to compromise on sound quality.

There are many things to consider before buying a Bluetooth speakerphone. For example, whether it has to be wireless or wired. Some wired speakers, such as. B. the Amazon Echo, offer first-class Bluetooth listening pleasure, but are not so easy to take outside the kitchen or living room. A speaker with a rechargeable battery is more convenient for listening to audio on the go. Then you need to decide whether a Bluetooth speakerphone with voice wizard is the best option for you.

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