Top 12 Best Download Software Managers for Android – Are you someone who likes to download large files from your Android device? If this is the case, it’s time to have a download management application.

Unlike the standard Android downloader, the application offers you many advantages, such as a faster download process, the ability to pause or resume files, etc.

The principle of the application is also very simple: it optimizes the downloaded file to a multiple of the normal speed. This way you don’t have to wait long to access the downloaded file.

And here’s a list of the best download management apps for Android that make the download process faster.

uTorrent is an application that allows you to download large files from the internet. This application can only work if you are on a WiFi network.

For those of you who like to download movies or other large files, this application is of course the right choice. Because it can download large files at optimal speed. Moreover, the files you download later will not be limited.

In other words: You can even download dozens of files in GB. Another advantage you can get later is the ability to directly integrate the torrent file provided by BitTorrent.

In addition to the advantage of being able to download large files quickly, Advanced Download Manager also offers benefits that a download management application may not have.

No, because users can download up to three files at the same time with a maximum download speed. Surprisingly, users can also interrupt the current download process and resume it later. It’s really great, isn’t it?

If you are interested in the multithreading feature that enables faster downloads, you can prove it right away by downloading large files. More than 50 million Android users have proven it. Are you sure you’re not interested?

3. AndroidDownload Manager

Android Download Manager

Download Manager for Android is one of the best and fastest download management applications, capable of downloading large files over 2 GB. This advanced application from Renkmobil Bilisim supports various file formats such as APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC and more.

Like similar applications in general, you can use this application to pause downloads or even resume interrupted downloads. It is not only light in size, but it is probably the only application with a much better user interface than comparable applications.

It is interesting to know that you can send the downloaded file to your computer here. As long as you’re still on the WiFi network. In fact, the process of sending or transferring bytes provided by this application can only be used when you are on a WiFi network.

4. turbodirector

Turbo Load Manager

Do you want to download large files to your Android device? You will get the best results if you use the Turbo Download Manager. Yes, the article can increase the download speed up to 5 times.

The operation is quite simple, just copy the download link you receive and paste or paste it into the functions offered by this application.

As the developer notes, TDM cannot support downloads from YouTube because of Google’s requirements for this service.

5 Download all files

Download all files

As one of the leading download management applications with more than 50 million users, he was confident that he could download different types of files at unmatched speeds.

With this application of MDJ Software you can download all kinds of files from the internet. No exception links from YouTube with a copyright-protected and Google-prohibited origin.

As with similar applications, you can pause or even resume downloading files that were previously disabled.

6. IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager can efficiently download and manage the different types of files you download from the Internet. If you are a fan of downloads, this application is probably a must.

Here are some of the advanced features available: file downloading is more streamlined, downloaded files can be easily managed, integration with Google search is possible, disabled downloads can be resumed, the user interface (UI) is attractively designed and much more.

With many extra features, this application is undoubtedly a complete package for those of you who want to download music, documents, movies, etc. easier and faster.

7. Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid Download Manager

Not satisfied with the standard download management feature on your Android device? Now you can rely on the Droid Charger. Indeed, this application is capable of managing and downloading different types of files with an optimized Internet connection, whether 3G, 4G or a WiFi network.

In addition, the application created by Dmitry Voronkiewicz has a user-friendly look that makes users feel comfortable with the concept of darkness in this application.

8. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

Although lightweight, an application called Download Accelerator Plus has proven to improve the download process with multi-threaded features. It also has an auto-upload function that allows the user to resume the download process if it stops or the connection is disconnected.

For example, certain types of files can be downloaded. B. RAR, MP3, APK, DOC, AVI and many other common file types.

This application actually works by simply splitting the file into different parts and using a multithreading function to make the download process faster and more stable,

9. Super Download Lite

Super Download Lite

Not only does Super Download Lite handle downloaded files very well, but it also has many advanced features that are usually built into similar applications in general.

For faster downloads, you can use two networks at the same time, cellular and WiFi. Unfortunately, the Android device you are using must be in original condition to use these features.

10. Quick Download Manager

Fast Download Manager

The Quick Download Manager makes the download process easier and faster. It can also download 10 files at the same time at optimal speed.

This application automatically detects the links you open in your browser. If the link comes from a good hosting service, the download process will probably be much faster, so you don’t have to wait any longer.

11. Energy Downloads

Energy Downloads

Although PowerDownloads is not as popular as previous download management applications, it has many advanced features that should not be underestimated.

In addition to being a downloader, it also supports sending downloaded files to TVs equipped with Chromecast capabilities.

This application allows users to upload different types of files and download up to 8 files simultaneously. It is interesting to note that with this zer0lab application the user has the possibility to place an advertising position. Pretty cool, huh?

12. Download Blazer

Blazer Download

Like other download management applications, Download Blazer promises faster download speeds. You can pause downloads, resume interrupted downloads, manage file queues, and integrate with most browsers.

Download Blazer

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