You cannot send a commercial contract or invoice in digital form with Word or Excel files. It’s too risky. These file types can be easily manipulated. That’s why PDF (which stands for Portable Document Format) is the solution. If you are looking for the best PDF editors for Windows 10, this article can help you find them.

Top 3 best PDF editors for Windows 10 in 2021

What do you expect from PDF editing software? Of course, it depends on your needs. Some people may need to make or add comments or notes in the PDF file. Some others may require more advanced editing tools. You can also think about the compatibility, the easy to use interface, the price, the safer function and so on. I have tested and compared 3 of the most popular PDF editing programs under Windows 10 with a thorough investigation. I hope this will help you decide which one is best for you.

Wondershare PDF element – The best alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro at an affordable price

PDF element 8 is the latest version of Wondershare’s PDF editing software. This release offers performance updates and new features such as cloud storage services, digital signature and more. Let’s dive in.

1. Conversion rate

The sooner you do your job, the better, right? This is what every user expects from every software and application. In terms of conversion speed, the PDF element claims that it can convert 100 pages in 1 minute, while its competitors need 2 minutes for the same job.

I tried to convert 100 pages of the document using a standard Microsoft Word box randomly distributed over each page. The process of converting a .pdf file to a .docx file (size 56 KB) takes 04.02 seconds and is longer for complex files. For example, it takes me 09.54 seconds to convert 56 pages of files (823 KB) with a few images.

PDF element also includes other useful features such as conversion process, data extraction, web numbering, optimization, watermarking, OCR and multi-file encryption.

2. User friendly interface

If you use PDF element 8 on your Windows computer, you will notice that it has a user interface similar to Microsoft Office. This way you can easily navigate through this application and find tools to work with the PDF file. Even if it’s your first time using PDF editing software.

If you’re afraid that editing a PDF file will change the layout and font, don’t worry. Element 8 of the PDF keeps the original layout unchanged.

3. Safety function

When working with business documents or other confidential files, make sure the best PDF editor you choose has advanced security features. Therefore, neither party will manipulate the documents. Element 8 of the PDF has advanced security features, i.e. password, authorizations, editing, digital and electronic signature.

4. OCR function

This feature allows you to edit the scanned file or the scanned PDF images to create selectable and editable text. With this handy feature, you can do your job faster and easier. However, for the OCR function on PDF element, you must download the OCR component separately. The file size is also quite large. That’s almost 400 megabytes.

5. Summary, text and image editing

After installing PDF element 8 on your computer, you can do many things with PDF files, such as B. add a comment, edit text and image, and so on. It has a complete set of editing tools such as note, mark, print, text area, stamp, mark, underline, shape, drawing, marking area, attachment and more.

It is possible to change the font and size of PDF files. To change an image, the application has a complete set of options. You can rotate a document, delete it, add an image to a document, change the text colour, etc.

6. Compatibility

There are many PDF editors on the Internet, but only a few are very compatible and can be installed on different platforms. While most similar products are only compatible with Windows and Mac, PDF works with both the computer and the mobile platform (iOS and Android). It provides a seamless experience when you need to work from one device to another.

7. Price

The application comes with a free trial version with basic editing tools, a paid standard version for $69 per year and a professional version with more advanced tools for only $99 per year. This is the best deal you can get from one of the best PDF editors for Windows 10. The price is almost twice as high as Adobe Acrobat.


  1. PDF element 8 offers the same tools and functions as Adobe Acrobat, but at a more affordable price. Even compared to other leading PDF editors for Windows.
  2. Easy to use user interface.
  3. The conversion process is very fast and retains the original layout, font and formatting.
  4. It provides a direct link to cloud storage (new feature).
  5. It features advanced text recognition (OCR), making it easy to edit a scanned PDF file.
  6. The batch function allows you to organize multiple documents at the same time.
  7. It has a wide range of output formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, Text, RTF, HTML, EPUB, HWP, then HWPX.


  1. The free trial version is limited to basic machining tools.
  2. The free trial version comes with a watermark.
  3. To use the OCR function, you need to download another file separately.

If you buy it in December (starting period), you can save up to 50% on this new PDF item.


Adobe Acrobat – original but expensive PDF editor

As the original PDF editor, Adobe Acrobat naturally has the extensive and advanced features that everyone, including professionals, needs. These characteristics: Create, combine, modify, fill in and sign, export, comment, scan and recognize, protect. Unfortunately, the price they offer is no less. Probably the highest level among other PDF editors

File conversion

Adobe Acrobat DC can convert a PDF file for archiving to other document formats such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), text and graphics formats, and PDF/A. You can also use this application to optimize files in detail for the Internet and mobile devices. This allows the user to check how the files appear on different platforms.


Adobe Acrobat enables you to collaborate on a document, such as B. sending it to a colleague to edit its content, subscribe to it, etc. This application provides easy access to all cloud services platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and others. Thsnk for its excellent integration with the clouds.


  1. The best PDF editors for Windows 10 with full functionality, customizability and speed.
  2. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and iOS.
  3. It offers high resolution.
  4. There is a free trial version with a whole range of editing tools.


  1. The price is high compared to other PDF editing software ($179.88 per year).
  2. For some people, working with this application may not be easy. You should configure it to be easier to use.

Nitro Pro is one of the leading PDF editors for Windows 10.

Nitro Pro is available in a personal and professional version. With extensive editing tools and a user-friendly interface, it is one of the most reliable PDF editing software. Functions include editing, creating and merging, viewing and collaborating.

File conversion

Nitro Pro has most of the conversion features found in other leading PDF editors. In addition to PDF Element 8 and Adobe Acrobat, this application can convert PDF files to Microsoft Office format, images and text, and optimize the document for web content.

Writing and collaboration

Nitro Pro can help you edit documents, including B. insert page numbers, add comments, logos, bookmarks, and watermarks. It can display the website numbering for document identification and indexing. Collaboration is not a big problem for this application as it is fully integrated with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive.


  1. Nitro Pro has a clean, accessible, and fast user interface.
  2. It features OCR technology for editing and extracting text from a scanned image/document.
  3. The user interface design, similar to that of Microsoft Office, makes it easy to use for Windows users.


  1. Can only be used with devices on the Windows platform.
  2. The price is quite high ($159 per user).

This article is sponsored by Wondershare PDF element 8.

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