Minecraft is a very versatile sandbox where players can do almost anything. Thanks to this versatility, there are many different game modes and types that Minecraft players can now enjoy on the hundreds, if not thousands, of existing multiplayer servers.

In this article, we have listed the seven best Minecraft jailbreak servers that you can play right now.

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The server has been around for almost six years now and has enjoyed uninterrupted popularity since its inception. The server has thousands of players per day.

The gameplay is great and there are many options for the players. A good progression system, a well-balanced economy, the ability to add shops and player-built areas, good PvP competitions, and of course a rewarding mining experience is what you get here.

Server IP address: purpleprison.com

This is a space prison server where players take on the role of astronauts trapped in a dungeon-like space prison with only one goal in mind: escape.

The server is very well done, and the attention to detail here is impeccable. Not only do you have the ultimate goal to escape, but there are also many battles against space monsters, mine exploration and fun challenges.

Server IP address: play.pluteria.com

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In the OP blocks, there is a Minecraft prison made of candy. As the player reaches higher levels, they eventually unlock a new colorful candy mine.

Each mine has its own candy that gives you powers that can only be used in a certain mine. It’s a fun concept and a nice change from the usual prison servers.

Server IP address: play.opblocks.com

Prisons? offers a unique insider’s experience. Chances are you haven’t experienced some of the new features on this server yet.

This makes for an interesting and entertaining experience for newcomers and hardened veterans alike. There are also custom spells, such as explosion or lightning spells, that cannot be found in Minecraft vanilla or on other servers.

Server IP address: play.jailsmc.net

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MC Prison is often considered one of the few original Minecraft servers that started the prison server phenomenon. The prison experience is absolutely classic and old school with jail cells, guards, gangs, illegal items and much more.

If you’re looking for a simple, RPG-driven prison in the Minecraft multiplayer community, this should be your choice.

Server IP address: mc.prisonfun.com

Mineville is a fairly popular Minecraft server with many game modes such as Parkour, Skiblock, Survival and of course Prison.

The server is also very active, so you’ll have no trouble making friends or enemies in no time. There are minbas, custom spells, player progression and even PvP arenas.

Server IP Address: server.mineville.net

Like Mineville, Minesuperior is a popular Minecraft multiplayer server with many built-in game modes. The prison regime is one of the best of the other options available and offers a classic prison experience.

Constantly making changes and additions to the server to improve gameplay and the consistency of the overall experience.

Server IP address: play.minesuperior.com

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