British refrigerators, freezers and combi fridge-freezers come in different sizes. There are independent standard models or large and small models that fit under the counter or in the corner of the dormitory, and everything in between.

We offer this guide on the size and range of refrigerators and freezers to help our readers who are confused about the different names and sizes of appliances they can buy for their home or any other place such as a playroom, a lair, an office, etc.

Then let’s dive in.

Fridge and freezer Dimensions and Sizes

Combined refrigerator-freezer size

Combined fridge/freezer

A combi fridge-freezer is a stand-alone appliance, usually with part of the refrigerator at the top and part of the freezer at the bottom, but this can vary as shown in the figure above. The layout and configuration of the doors depends on the respective manufacturer.

This type of refrigerator is the most common type of household appliance in the United Kingdom.

The standard stand-alone fridge-freezer is generally 60-70 cm wide and 83 cm to 174 cm high for the largest models, with the most visible being 122.5 cm, 157 cm and 175 cm. The largest models are generally 60 to 80 cm wide.

Back to the subject of the doors: This is not an industry standard. Some refrigerators take up more space than freezers (and vice versa). That’s why there are models that divide 50/50, 60/40 or even 70/30 between the refrigerator and the freezer, each with separate doors.

Pay attention: It is best to study the exact dimensions of the model you are interested in, as each model and manufacturer has its own variations. Never forget that the camera can only be installed in one visible place on a photo.

Standard fridge size

Standard hot-spot fridge

A standard fridge/freezer will in many cases resemble a combination fridge/freezer, but there are also taller fridges for families that need more space for refrigerated storage. They can have different sections and compartments, even if they don’t have a special freezer compartment. However, they usually only have one door.

Although this type of refrigerator is called a standard refrigerator, it is not really popular on the British market.

The standard refrigerator is 60-70 cm wide and 120 cm to 200 cm high for the highest models.

According to the manufacturer, large refrigerators will be slightly wider by 60-80 cm and certainly higher by 200 cm.

Refrigerator subcounter size

Russell Hobbs RHUCLF2B

The sub-counter refrigerator is designed for compact installation. They are placed under the counter top, where there is no room for a standard or superior stand-alone fridge. In general, they offer space on different levels as well as storage space for interior doors.

The compact fridge under the counter is available in widths from 47 cm to 55 cm or in sizes from 55 cm to 60 cm. Their height generally varies from 82 to 84 cm. Their depth requires about 55 cm.

Refrigerator subcounter size

Under the approaching fridge

Don’t forget that subteller models also have a lower capacity, so if they become too small, they become very small. Although the height is limited if there is a counter top above the freezer location, it is important for the internal refrigerated storage that you can provide a larger width.

The lower-counter freezer is often a larger version with dimensions between 55 and 60 cm, but the smaller models start at only 47 cm. For their size they often reach cautiously between 82 cm and 84 cm (also here 82 cm is most often visible). The depth of many models is about 55 cm.

Built-in refrigerator size

Installed under the measuring device of the refrigerator

A built-in refrigerator is a refrigerator that is slid into a prefabricated cabinet, often with a kitchen cabinet door that can be closed at the front. These models are not designed as stand-alone models, so they miss sidewalls and other nice little things because they are not needed. However, built-in refrigerators can be larger than the standard in some situations, which can surprise customers.

The width usually reaches 60 cm, but can be slightly less. If you have installed a current model in the position you want to replace, measure it to get an idea of its size. Please note, however, that the extra space required on each side and above the refrigerator may differ from the current model. The depth of most built-in models is 55 cm.

Of course you can get an integrated fridge/freezer as shown below. They are as wide and deep as the fridge under the counter, but are much higher – about 178 cm.

Built-in fridge

American style refrigerator size

American-style fridge

The American style refrigerator (also known as side doors) has a series of double doors that open to the left and right to create a kind of walk-in effect that is more important on all levels. The American style fridge has a smaller left side and serves as a freezer. Many models also have a water and ice dispenser integrated in the door.

American style refrigerators vary in width from 70 cm to 92.5 cm. The largest models are about 196 cm high, but this varies considerably. Their depth is usually 78 cm or less.

As these models often contain a water pipe and can produce ice, they usually have to be connected to water and electrical systems.

Also remember that each of the front doors opens wide, so you can block everything on either side of the refrigerator door when it is open.

French fridge size

French fridge

Many people confuse a French style fridge/freezer with an American style fridge. Despite the fact that they are both large, have double doors and lots of storage space, there is a clear difference between the two.

The fridge and freezer in French style have doors of the same size leading to a large fridge compartment. The freezer compartment is located at the bottom and is designed as a deep drawer.

If you have the space and budget, a fridge/freezer in French style is by far the most luxurious and spacious.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need extra space if I install a fridge or combined fridge/freezer?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Normally a minimum of 50 mm on the left and right side is required, plus an extra 50 mm on the top side. In addition, space must be provided at the rear for pipes, ventilation openings, water and electricity cables. In the rear part, where the heat is somewhat delayed, it can also get warmer, so it is useful to leave extra space for ventilation. Please refer to the owner’s and/or installation manual of the model you are interested in to ensure that the exact size of the model and the space required for proper operation of the unit are respected (almost all units will not operate if there is not enough free space around them).

Do built-in refrigerators need to fit properly or is extra space needed?

There should still be room for her. This ensures that the necessary distance for ventilation is maintained. Please refer to the manual for the exact space requirements, as these vary from model to model and from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Does the size of the refrigerator include the necessary space around the product?

Usually there are instrument measurements and then a general measurement including the required space on both sides or top. Make sure you have the correct dimensions when you check if you have enough space for the device of your choice.

How much space should be left behind the refrigerator for ventilation and cables?

We need a few inches in the back. All metal coils on the back can also dissipate heat, so they need enough space to displace the heat and prevent overheating. Pipelines also take up more space than most people think.

What is the normal weight of each type of refrigerator?

This varies greatly depending on the model. Usually you’ll need a cart to move your fridge around easily, or a couple of strong people to help you.

Do I need to hire a professional to install any type of refrigerator? Can you install your own fridge or freezer?

Most refrigerators or fridge/freezer combinations can be installed alone or together with a friend or family member. But they’re heavy and bulky, so you’re gonna need help. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the refrigerant in modern refrigerators must have time to cool down before the model can be started. This is especially true if they have been transported at an angle or moved sideways before being lifted in the right direction. Each fridge has details – usually a sticker on the fridge or a note in the manual indicating how long it should stay in the right place before being connected to the power supply.


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