UltraVPN is a UK-based VPN provider that entered the VPN market in 2018 offering a high-speed service with more than 100 servers in more than 55 countries. They are now more popular due to their fast download speed, zero registration policy and affordable price.

UltraVPN is user-friendly and offers users full support and a 30-day money back guarantee. In this document, this UltraVPN is evaluated on the basis of various factors mentioned below.


UltraVPN Price

UltraVPN costs its users little because they offer their services for one, six or twelve months. They also offer their users a 30-day money back guarantee. You can use the trial version before subscribing to the plan.

Monthly plan

The monthly plan costs about $6.99 per month and the monthly renewal plan costs $8.99 per month. An additional benefit for users is the 30-day money back guarantee.

Semi-annual plan

This biennial plan is valid for six months and costs users approximately $4.99. When the plan is renewed, the price rises to $9.98. This plan also includes a 30-day money back guarantee for users.

Annual plan

This annual plan is a long-term plan that lasts 12 months and has a low price of approximately $2.99 per month, and goes up to $7.50 if you extend your subscription so that their users can benefit from the UltraVPN VPN service. Here, all rates are basically the same and users can benefit from access to the servers and VPN functions.

In which UltraVPN offers a 7-day trial to its users. Only one user needs to download and install the software on their device and create an account to take advantage of the 7-day trial period. They don’t have to pay anything for their software.

Ultra-high speed and power

The most important factor in VPN software is speed. Users don’t have to wait for the page to load, which is a waste of time. While UltraVPN is one of the fastest and smoothest VPNs in the VPN market.

They provide a quick and easy connection to their users. They also offer very high download speeds for their users. But this VPN reduces the download speed up to 15%, sometimes up to 40% for users.

So users love this VPN for streaming movies, downloading torrents, playing and watching. They offer good and better performance to their users, but it depends on the server the users choose. We recommend that you check the speed of each server and use it for a quick download.

Privacy and security

UltraVPN focuses primarily on protecting privacy with its zero log policy, although this policy is somewhat flawed and keeps your original IP address and does not keep track of other users’ online history.

UltraVPN uses OpenVPN because it is the most secure protocol for its users, and it also provides the function of the most secure AES-256 encryption standards with its DNS servers that guarantee the security of the user data where they prevent data leakage.

Forestry policy

A logbook policy means that you record information about the online activities you visit, the games you play and what they store online in the form of log data. They also collect data such as the operating system, the application version, the VPN server used by the user, the connection/disconnection time, the IP address and other data used to optimize the user’s experience.

This method also collects innocent data, some of which can pose a significant threat to your privacy. UltraVPN therefore has a zero registration policy; they say that UltraVPN does not check your searches on the Internet or the websites you visit. However, we record the IP address of your device.

Area of responsibility

Users need to know where the VPN provider is registered because different countries have different policies and laws for their business. Where UltraVPN has its LLC protection network and limited protection networks in the United States and the United Kingdom. Both countries have aggressive intelligence services, but UltraVPN has a zero registration policy.


Encryption is the conversion of readable data into data that is unreadable for users. This can be done with an encryption key to unlock and read the data. When the VPN has two key lengths, both AES-128 and AES-256. Where UltraVPN uses the most secure encryption standard, AES-256.


The protocol defines the formatting and transmission of data in the network. UltraVPN uses OpenVPN, the most powerful and secure protocol.

Leakage protection

In terms of security and privacy, this protection against leaks plays an important role. The VPN allows us to transfer certain data so that it is visible when the user’s device connects to the VPN servers. Where the UltraVPN’s kill switch function prevents user data from leaking.


UltraVPN offers its users the following options, among others,

  • Servers in over 55 countries.
  • High speed connection without bandwidth limitation.
  • Supported in all major operating systems such as Mac, Android, Windows and iOS with their specialized applications.
  • With an extension for the Google Chrome browser they work as a proxy server with encryption and protect your IP address.
  • It works very well with Netflix and Torrent.
  • Only three simultaneous connections are offered.
  • It does not work in China and is not suitable for the people in China.

User experience

UltraVPN offers users a first-class, user-friendly interface. The interface seems very modern and clear. They have invested most of their time in developing the aesthetics of their applications. For quick and easy navigation is designed for the users of the application. From there the user can see the details of the function. Another interesting feature is that they have live chat capabilities when used while connected to a VPN network.

At the bottom of their application a different menu gives you information about the VPN on all platforms. You will also find links to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If a user is looking for help, there is an extensive list of FAQs, tips and tricks and other knowledge-based guides. Users can also browse their blog if their search is not found.


UltraVPN is available on Android and iOS platforms. UltraVPN users can easily download from the Play Store and the App Store. They have a well-designed application for Android users, but it looks simple and provides a quality service to their users.

UltraVPN for Android applications have a large login and logout button to connect to the VPN server. They also indicate the connection status of the servers if they are connected to the same network. This button can be toggled at any time to protect user data from leaking VPN IP and DNS data.

They have easily accessible country lists that allow the user to move easily from one country to another around the world. All this UltraVPN application is very easy to use or navigate. Here users can enjoy the UltraVPN service by connecting to their favorite shows with a single click.

Customer Service

UltraVPN offers users 24/7 support with certain functions. For example, an electronic ticketing system, live chat support, direct telephone support with impressive for the users. They also have an extensive knowledge and FAQ on their website for their users. This helps their users to solve simple problems without phone calls or e-mails. While these FAQs contain many simple and fundamental questions about the services they offer their users.


UltraVPN is the best and simplest low-cost VPN provider that satisfies its users with its service. They also provide an excellent and better service to their users by ensuring the secure protection of their data. The UltraVPN is therefore an excellent choice.

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