Development issue/problem:

I installed the Android SDK and it takes about 7 GB on my (relatively small) SSD.

When I open the Android SDK manager, I see that everything is installed, even the old versions of the API.

That’s the way it is with Extra:

Can I safely uninstall all versions and keep only the most recent ones (in my case API 17)?

I use the andoid SDK tools to develop PPP with eclipse.

Thank you so much!

How can I solve this problem?

Solution 1:

Just delete the packets you want to delete.

You may want to keep some older SDKs to try out your applications on the lower platform. I personally hold GB(API 10), ICS(API 14) and JB(API 17).

You can also just try to move the entire android SDK folder to a new location with a relatively large amount of disk space, and then specify the new path in the blackout settings. This will save you bandwidth in case you need these APIs later. A friend of mine just made copies of me. The data here are very expensive

You can install it, but you must mention it in the manifest file (which you want to run on lower APIs). Moreover, an API on the target device will not work and will affect the development of your application. Search for Android versions of TargetSDK and MinimunSDK.

Solution 2:

Select the packages you want to remove , fill in the description of the image in and click on Remove packages.

Solution 3:

As for the current version (February 2019), here is a method that works from Android Studio :

  1. Open the SDK Manager (Tools -> SDK Manager).
  2. You will find all available platforms and in the Name field the entry
    indicates the installed platforms [✓], available updates [-] and uninstalled [ ].

Give here a description of the image

  1. If you click on this field, you can change the status. Click until it is empty and a red X appears. Then click on Apply. Then the platform is removed.

Give here a description of the image

Solution 4:

If you want to use the sdkmanager android command line tool instead of the user interface, you can do it this way.


Make sure sdkmanager does not complain about missing deposits:

mkdir -p ~/.android && touch ~/.android/repositories.cfg

Also make sure you use Java 8 by calling the Java version, otherwise sdkmanager will not work (at the time of writing). For example, the use of Java 8 can be solved in different ways:

  • Linux: sudo update alternatives –configure java
  • macOS with SDKMAN: use sdk java
  • Another way

Use of

Launch sdkmanager — help with all commands

To find out which components are available:

sdkmanager – List

To install the component :

sdkmanager – Installation of integrated tools;28.0.3

Deleting a component :

sdkmanager – remove the built-in tools;26.0.2

Solution No 5:

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Android SDK from the Visual Studio installer solved my problem and enabled the Android SDK options for me.

In the Goto VS installer, go to the SDK section, uncheck Java SE Development Kit (version) and Android SDK (API Level 25) for each component and click Edit.

If they are missing, reinstall them in the same steps.

Picture for an indication

Good luck!

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