Projectors are a great way to effectively enjoy movies or games in a different direction. Either you want to install it permanently in your living room, or you want to install something portable and easily movable in your office. However, there are several options depending on your budget and your needs.

The ViewSonic M2 Full HD portable projector is without a doubt ideal for setting up a projection room whenever and wherever you want. It’s portable enough to be placed where you need it, and automatically changes within seconds of being charged.

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Normally, most projectors are big white boxes, but the M2 has taken a more ornate approach. The M2 is a square of black and dark brown plastic, one inch wider and one inch taller than the Mac Mini.

The projection lens is on the front, but a lens cap is not attached. So be careful when moving the projector (fortunately a soft carrying case is included). Several hidden sensors help focus the projector and an intelligent feature called Eye Protection. This means that if someone accidentally looks into the projector lens or if the subject gets too close, the image is temporarily turned off.

The adjustable front foot makes it easy to adjust the projection angle when the M2 is placed on a flat surface.

The M2 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, but via an external USB drive. Fortunately, this key has a special compartment under the projector, so you can plug it in without even knowing it’s there. Once connected to Wi-Fi, you can also easily stream directly to the projector from your Windows, Android, Mac or iOS device.

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In addition to wireless projection, various standard connection options are available at the rear of the projector. There’s a full HDMI port for connecting a laptop or gaming console, and a USB-C port for connecting the latest laptops or smartphones.

The projector also features a USB Type A port, a 3.5mm audio port for connecting a headset or external speaker, and a microSD card port. It has a tripod mounting screw in the base if you want to mount it on a sturdy tripod, and you can also use a standard projector mount if you want to hang it from the ceiling.

The delivery includes the M2 – a slim remote control. The buttons are not labeled and the controller does not glow in the dark. You should always have the remote control with you and you can use the projector effectively because there are no controls on the projector.

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The ViewSonic M2 is equipped with an RGB LED light source with a lifespan of approximately 30,000 hours at full power and a 0.33 inch 1080p DLP chip. It measures 2.9 x 8.8 x 8.8 inches and weighs 2.9 pounds.

With Alexa and Google Assistant, you can use your voice to turn the projector on and off, change the image source, adjust the volume, and turn on autofocus. And if the projector is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can download the vCastSender application to your phone, connect your phone to the network, and issue commands through the application with options other than the available voice commands. Replacing the remotes costs $40.

Autofocus is enabled by default and continues to operate with fine blur each time the projector is turned on. However, the motorized manual focus is operated by the remote control. In addition, the included Wi-Fi dongle can be connected to direct iOS or Android devices for screen mirroring via the hidden USB port for wireless connectivity by connecting via an HDMI cable or by plugging in a USB flash drive or micro SD card for instant file viewing.

You can use applications already stored on the projector, add additional applications from the Aptoide Android Store, and stream videos to YouTube, Netflix, and more. If you are not near a power outlet, you can also power the projector with a charged power bank through the USB port on the back panel.

When the projector is on a table, moving the lens places the bottom of the image on the center line of the lens. I want to tilt or rotate it so it’s pointing at the screen. The image can be squared with a vertical keystone correction of about +/-40 degrees and a horizontal correction of about +/-30 degrees, with manual and automatic vertical and quadrangle correction. It also includes controls to rotate the image for rear projection, opposite orientation in a ceiling mount or on a tripod.

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The projector has an output of 1200 LED lumens, which means that the device will measure a lower brightness, but the image will be bright in a dark room. The M2 also has 500 ANSI lumens, which is relatively higher than the 467 ANSI lumens measured for the brightest mode.

Moreover, the luminous flux of a projector with 467 ANSI lamp is sufficient to illuminate a screen of 100 diagonal with a gain of 1.0 in a dark room at a standard 16:9 M2 format, a screen of 60 at moderate ambient light. There are additional setup instructions for viewing UHD 4K hardware. The M2 runs on a 3840x2160p 30Hz HDR connection, while the specs indicate it supports HDCP 2.2, and ViewSonic has indicated it is still studying the issue.

M2 is equipped with a set of Harmon Kardon 3 watt stereo speakers that provide incredible sound quality and high volume for a small meeting room. If you want to integrate an external audio system, you can do so via the 3.5 mm analogue audio output or via a wireless connection with Bluetooth speakers.

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Quality of construction

One of the M2’s great features is its ability to take rapid autofocus immediately after power up. Wait a few seconds for the test photo to come into focus, and then you can display your content. You can also have an 80-inch screen at a projection distance of 2 meters, which is quite a size. However, increasing this value will result in a slight decrease in brightness and image quality.

Automatic Keystone correction helps, if you place the M2 at the wrong angle, you can make enough adjustments to make the image look correct. Since it is an LED projector, you should not expect stunning images, especially if there is a lot of ambient light. That way you get a better quality in the darkroom.

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The M2 is a large enough projector to enjoy movies at home. Sometimes you may have problems with scenes that have multiple levels of black. There is nothing wrong with the specifications of the projector.

One strange feature of the M2 is the constant smoothing of movement, and there is no option to turn this off in the settings. So when you are viewing content via USB or wireless casting by directly connecting the source, motion smoothing is always enabled. It won’t be a big problem, but if you’re watching old classic movies or cartoons, the sped-up images can look very unnatural. The projector offers the ability to view Blu-ray 3D or other content when combined with compatible 3D glasses from ViewSonic or another third party. M2 games are pretty decent, but motion smoothing isn’t ideal in games that rely heavily on smooth animations and bloom effects to convey atmosphere.

User and Audio Interface

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The operating system is a variant of Android, so it’s not exactly elegant. As a result, menu navigation can be tiresome and the main interface is not well organized. This is not the exact version of Android, so there is no access to the official Google Play store for applications, but you can access the Aptoide store. The applications tend to crash or not start up properly, and you may not have a good experience if you want to view content directly through one of the applications.

Another annoying fact about the M2 is that it cannot automatically detect when a source is connected, so you have to manually select the desired source using the remote. In addition to controlling the projector with the remote, it is also possible to control the projector from a smartphone by downloading an application, but only if both devices are on a similar Wi-Fi network. You can also control the projector with your voice via Google Home and Amazon Echo.

The audio system is equipped with two 3 watt speakers tuned by Harman/Kardon. It has a fairly high volume, but the sound quality is not that good. Fortunately, you can connect a speaker or headphones via cable or Bluetooth for impressive sound. However, if you’re not too worried about sound being a little too loud, the built-in speakers will work just fine.

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Using the M2 without power requires the use of a USB-C battery, and ViewSonic didn’t include one. According to ViewSonic, you can watch about two hours of movies using a 10,000 mAh pack, like the Mophie PD XL Power Station.

The M2 has an HDMI input, HDMI 2.0, but the projector can only display 1080p. However, a single HDMI input is not a limitation for a projector. The USB-A port has enough power to easily control a streaming device like Roku or Amazon Fire TV if you don’t want to use internal applications. If you have a device that can stream video via USB-C, the M2 can record and display it. Before using this option, make sure your phone supports this feature.

The M2 sound was co-designed by Harman Cardon. The two speakers have only three watts each, relatively little, but they can fill a small room and sound exciting enough for small speakers.

It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. But it seems a little stressful, so the remote is a little less stressful. Normally the remote control is simple and not illuminated. The vRemote mobile application can be used to control the projector, but must be registered to use it.

The M2 can mirror Android and iOS screens. However, this is not an alternative to missing applications, as you might expect. The screen is displayed until you press the video playback button. For example, on Vudu or Netflix, the projector screen goes blank. Finally, the connection of the broadcast key to the HDMI and USB power ports of the M2 is the ideal support for accessing all broadcast possibilities.

Regardless of the image quality issues, the M2 is an excellent projector. It’s small and portable, can drain the battery and has great sound thanks to the internal speakers. It comes with a small carrying case, so you can easily put it in your bag and take it anywhere. That’s why it works incredibly well, especially if you connect a media streamer. But for an item that will be permanently placed in your home, there are other, more interesting options for the same amount of money.

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