Cannabis flower smoking is on the rise. Consuming hemp flowers offers a number of benefits and flexibility. There are also a number of ways to consume our strains. Some of us smoke, some prefer to vape, some take oil or pills.

If you are looking for ways to consume CBD flower, then this article will help you understand the possible ways to consume the new special sauce cannabis flower.

Quality cannabis flowers can be consumed at home in these 5 possible ways, with a bonus tip. Sit back and read this article to start a new way to eat the best variety/flower.

1. Use hinge or front hinge connections

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One of the most popular ways to consume CBD flower is by smoking it. And for smoking, it is better to buy pre-rolls or make joints.

If you are currently in a state where cannabis consumption is legal, you can make a blend with lots of THC and CBD for a unique smoking experience.

If you think rolling knuckles is not your strong suit, learn how to roll perfect knuckles quickly and efficiently.

2. Smoking pipes or hookahs

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You can invest in pipes as well as a bong if you want to smoke cannabis flower of specific varieties. This means that you should not roll the joints.

If you are using a tube or bonga, you do not need to break the flower before packing it into the tube/bonga. This saves a lot of time and paperwork.

You will notice that the pipes/liners come in different shapes and designs. Sometimes smoking by them can cause a burning sensation in the throat. Because a lot of smoke can accumulate in the room during the first puff.

However, you may come across newer bongs that have filters and cool the smoke in one or more different ways before it reaches your lungs.

3. Prepare own extracts


Making your own extract may seem like the hardest way to consume. If you buy a special strain, it is best to make your own CBD oil to get more therapeutic benefits. Making your own extract is very simple. If you want to know, try it here and enjoy the benefits of this easy to make extract. What you need to do is decarboxylate the cannabis flower by heating it and activating the CBD in it.

Procedure for drawing up a separate extract

  • The cannabis flower should be very lightly crushed and spread out on a baking sheet. Try boiling the CBD flower at 215-220 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes until the THC components are released.
  • Now combine one ounce of CBD flour with two cups of coconut or olive oil. Do not use hemp oil, as it does not tolerate heat well.
  • Heat it on low for six hours.
  • If you cook the butter in a pan, add 2 or 3 cups of water to prevent the butter from burning.
  • When the 30 minutes is up, let the butter cool. Store the material in a glass container.

You can use this oil for cooking or for spraying, depending on the dosage that suits you.

4. Production of foodstuffs


Well, edible spices are another option! Add cannabis flowers to your favorite recipes. You can choose cake or pastry and any type of fat formula, as these supplements allow for optimal absorption of fats in the body.

Use cooked CBD butter to replace any recipe that currently uses butter. If a recipe calls for one cup of oil, use three-quarters of a cup of oil.

5. Use a dry grass surface

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There are various cannabis cartridges on the market that you can use to make cannabis flowers. These are nothing more than electronic vaporizers with small compartments in which you can place the amount of weed you want to smoke.

Next, the device must be heated to the specified temperature in order to convert the CBD and other THC-related compounds into inhalable vapors.

If you are making a slow-cooker recipe, simply chop the flour and add it directly to the dish. The cooking time promotes the absorption of cannabinoids through the food. In the meantime, if your recipe calls for CBD intensification, just decarboxylate the cannabis flower. Then add it directly to the dish you are preparing.


If you buy the species in its natural form, you have some flexibility in how you want to use it.

For most of us, smoking is the most pleasant way to go. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the special flavor of the sauce. You can’t always smoke, so you need another way to use flowers.

Search the market for clean, rich and fragrant cannabis flowers. You can find the best online stores that offer different types of specialty sauces as well. This gives you the assurance that the quality of the product you buy from that particular dealer will be the best, no matter what you choose.

frequently asked questions

Can you eat a CBD flower?

According to cannabis bud users, smoking fresh CBD flower is a feast for the senses. It has a very distinct and spicy flavor. Many of these users claim that it is the best and most enjoyable way to consume the flower when it essentially smells, tastes and looks like marijuana.

What is the special CBD sauce?

Grown by Oregon CBD, this version of CBD Special Sauce is their flagship line that crosses special sauce and early resin berry. This is an industrial cannabis strain characterized by an astringent berry scent, pink stigmas and high oil yield.

Can edible spices be made from hemp flowers?

cannabate cooking with hemp flowers. Hemp oil is an extremely useful ingredient for the production of CBD-containing materials. You can use it in cooking and baking, spread it on toast, or even stir a teaspoon into your tea or coffee.

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