In a Zoom meeting, the host and other participants can easily share their screen with each other using the Zoom screen sharing feature, provided that the meeting organizer has enabled this option for everyone. However, the host and attendees cannot see your computer or cell phone when you enter a scope meeting. You can only see and hear your video and audio if you have enabled this option in the settings.

For others to view the screen in Zoom mode, the person who wants to share the screen must get permission by turning on the Share Screen option.

There is no other way for the host or other participants to see your screen without being able to do so by enabling the Share Screen option.

What can the zoom animator see when you share the screen?

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In a Zoom meeting, you can share the screen in different ways. You can split the whole screen or part of the screen.

What can the zoom animator see when you share the screen?

When you share your entire screen, Host Zoom and other participants can see everything you do on your computer. It is therefore advisable to exercise caution when opening personal files.

If you choose to share a portion of the screen or browser tab, only that portion will be visible to the host and other meeting participants.

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When you start sharing your screen with the host and other meeting participants, a green frame appears on your PC screen. You can also see a message in the green bar at the top: You share a screen

What can the zoom animator see when you share the screen?

To turn off screen sharing, tap the Stop Sharing button.

on an iOSdevice

When you start screen sharing on your iOS device, you see the message You are sharing the screen in the Zoom application and a red transfer icon appears in the status bar at the top.

What can the zoom animator see when you share the screen?

On the Android device

Similarly, when you start screen sharing on an Android device, the broadcast icon appears at the top of the screen and the screen sharing menu appears at the bottom of the screen.

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The Zoom application’s screen sharing feature does not work as a desktop remote control. As a result, the host or participants will not be able to interact with your files, applications or emails because control is only with the person sharing the screen.

However, when you open these files or applications, the host and participants can see what is in them, but they cannot control it at all.

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Previously, the Zoom application included an attention tracking feature to see if a participant was paying attention or doing something else during a meeting. However, for security and customer privacy reasons, this feature was removed on 2. April 2020 deleted.

If you’re worried that your boss might see you using your phone and not paying attention during a Zoom meeting or webinar, don’t worry: It cannot see you or track your attention until you turn on the video, in which case it can see you through the video stream.

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