One of the worst things that can happen to you when you buy a new technical device is a paralysis analysis scenario.

That feeling of confusion and the feeling of being overwhelmed by a certain choice. When purchasing a laptop, some of these questions may relate to the idea of Chromebook.

Therefore, today’s paper focuses on the transfer of some of the most important knowledge associated with these devices. What are Chromebooks for?

What are the pros and cons of Chromebook? What is the best Chromebook for students? Let’s talk about these gadgets and help you decide which Chromebook laptop is right for you.

Interesting facts about Chrome Book


First of all, when we talk about such a broad category of equipment, we can’t summarise the equipment. Chromos rarely have a very powerful material, and if they do, they are hardly ever associated with players.

These chrome books are both rare and very expensive. On the other hand, you can choose the processor you need, the amount of RAM you need and whether you need a special graphics card.

Please note that it can be quite expensive here, as Chromebook users generally choose Chromebook because of its portability, not top performance. Chrome books with more powerful AMD or Intel chips are rarely found because most models are based on Pentium or Celerom Atom chips.

Chrome book with Samsung touch screen. Samsung Touchscreen Chromebook

In addition, Chromebooks are quite difficult to adapt in terms of hardware. Fewer parts are sold on the market and because they are so thin and small, it is usually problematic to disassemble them and install new equipment without professional help. So what you see on the internet is what you get.

The quality of the screen and speakers is also almost always at risk. So keep in mind that if you’re an artist, movie lover or audiophile, you almost certainly need extra portable hardware accessories.

Advantages and limitations of software

Finally, here is the main difference between Windows laptops, Apple laptops and Chromebooks. We are all quite familiar with Mac OS and most of us know how to navigate in Windows 10, but few of us know what Chrome OS is.

Chrome OS is a very intuitive but strange operating system based on Linux. It is generally quite fast because it is not very bloated compared to Windows 10, and it is very intuitive to use for anyone who has ever used a smartphone or tablet.

This device makes extensive use of mobile data, as the Chrome browser is the central link for most functions and modes. It depends largely on your Google Account, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.

That’s why you need to be pro-Google here and create an account that helps you store your information. So whether you get a Google Chromebook, an Asus Chromebook, a Dell Chromebook or a Samsung Chromebook, you’ll find the same interface.

Chrome OS is not a target for viruses or hackers, so this is another advantage, especially if you are very concerned about your privacy.

In general, it would be best if you really watch this software in a shop or on YouTube, because it plays an important role for those who are very familiar with Mac or Windows.


In terms of performance, Chromebook is certainly not the fastest laptop in the game. As we said before, they rarely designed hardware for gaming or heavy operations, and if they do, it will cost you a fortune.

However, Chromebook laptops have a longer battery life than Windows laptops and most Apple models.

Because the operating system is much simpler and the hardware less demanding, you can work with these devices for quite a long time.

That’s why business people, students and teachers love them! We’ll talk about it later.

Setting up the chrome book. Chrome book adjustment


Pretty elegant Chromobuki – small, portable, slim, modern, with a nice small logo on the back. You can get them in different colours, shades or finishes, making them the perfect accessory for your everyday life. However, you should not expect a luxury aluminum game design or construction, especially not in the normal Chromebook price range. “


When you decide to buy a handheld device, of course you want to know if the price is within your reach. How much does the chrome book cost?

Windows laptops with this type of hardware are offered at a slightly lower price, while Apple devices with this type of hardware are offered at roughly the same or even higher prices.

When it comes to Chromebook prices, you pay the price for the simplicity and minimalism you get. Since these devices are lighter, more portable and more convenient than most laptops, you’ll need to buy them at a slightly higher price than usual.

Now you should have an idea if you can get the hardware you want in combination with Chrome OS at a reasonable price.

As for the software, you can save money by purchasing a G-Kit instead of Microsoft Office. Chrome OS has special applications for many things, including working with documents, but it’s up to you to decide if the features of these applications work.

What are chrome books and what are they not for?

There is no better universal Chromebook, but let’s summarize the whole story for you. Chromobooks are generally used on the go – they don’t have to be super sturdy, designed for gaming, editing, low-level programming, etc.

They need to be convenient and portable, for students who have to carry their stuff around campus, for businessmen who want to carry all their stuff at all times, for teachers who don’t want to invest tons of money in the equipment they need for online learning.

If you have the advantages of a 2-in-1 device, many Chromebook laptops can do that, making them ideal for a laptop. A laptop under 13 inches can also be a good choice.

Chrome beeches are great if you:

  • Travel a lot.
  • It needs a lot of battery power.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, connected to the internet
  • Requires protection against malware and viruses
  • We need something light.
  • in the household
  • You want an Android application on your laptop and on a device.

Chromobucts aren’t very good when you’re… :

  • Heavy-duty tasks such as editing, rendering, games, etc. require a lot of computing power.
  • That takes a lot of memory.
  • You need Microsoft Office
  • I work a lot offline.
  • Working with applications that do not include ChromeOS in their system configuration.

Who should buy a chrome book?

Those who prefer portability and simplicity to power. Those who use their devices to make phone calls, edit documents, surf the web, etc.

Those who are already familiar with Google Docs, Google Drive and Gmail Those who don’t want to pay a higher price for a laptop they won’t fully use.

In addition, people who know they prefer battery and privacy over third party applications and customization.

Chromebook vs. laptop

Children and brunettes can get the most out of Chromebook. You could use it at school, but it’s confidential. Moreover, most of them are used to the usual Android-look smartphone, which makes setting up new devices like this one extremely easy.

Who shouldn’t get a Chromebook?

Those who love games and those who like to have a lot of control over their software are not really the ideal users of Chromebook.

If you want maximum performance offline, Chromebooks isn’t for you either. If customizing your hardware is an important issue, you should definitely buy a Windows laptop or an Apple model, because they are much more flexible.

If you are not familiar with Google tools such as Gmail or Google Drive, you should consider buying a laptop or tablet with a different operating system.


Why don’t you buy a Chromebook? Now you should already feel if Chromebook is right for you, but if it isn’t, don’t worry – we recommend you take a look at some products and detailed reviews of Chromebook to see if you want some of the most popular models on the market.

Otherwise, you may want to see models of 13-inch Windows or parts of Apple – maybe even the iPad.

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