In the world of model railways, the waybill procedure has become very popular. For each car there is a badge with a power socket where the invoice is stored and forwarded to the final location.

The method is versatile and also fun to set up, use and adapt where necessary. The system is so widespread that any operator you introduce it to can have an idea of it.

There is an empty field at the top of the car card in which the vehicle identification data can be entered.

On the micro-marked card, the first blank line and the second line – the report marks of the car or train numbers and initials – shall indicate the type of car and the AAR (Association of American Railroads) code.

Finally, you must enter the middle description on the third line.

How do the train wagon maps work?

The maps provide information about all cars. Car maps of different types are used to plan and organize missions in different clubs. Sometimes operators carry a complete deck of cards with them, just to find out which machines to work on which location. For example:

  1. Card and bill of lading systems : Many railway companies that process waybills first receive and process the waybills to get tickets for the cars they want while they are rebuilding their train. They then attach each bill of lading to the machine with a strap or staples. This vehicle remains reserved for this consignment note until all goods have been carried. The delivery note will then be given to the kitten and the car will be described as empty. In this mode, there is no description of the content, destination or source, as they may change every two hours.
  2. Operations with road maps : Some systems prefer to remove the waybill and go directly to the vehicle parts. This system assumes that certain vehicles are always used in a certain way, i.e. they transport certain goods. In this case, the vehicle cards shall show a general description of the content, destination and source. When the wagon cards have to work with many trains in service, they are sometimes used in combination with the railway cards.

There are many processes related to car maps where you plan your operation, something or other that fits any model of railroad. T

This is a simple method if you only perform one or two operations at a time. You can turn over each card to decide whether the car is empty or full before you start your journey.

How do you use road maps?

Just follow the folding line here and make a fold (this one comes at the bottom of the car) and stick it to make a pocket poster.

If there’s no waybill, an empty car has been ordered, come back. However, entering the destination means that the car now has a place to go.

The average waybill currently in use has four levels and is large enough to show only one level when the weather is above card coverage.

The fairings are rotated between sessions in order to move the vehicle from one location to another according to the numerical scheme. In step 1, the loaded vehicle can be sent from the warehouse to the receiving industry, and in step 2, an empty vehicle can be returned to its original location to pick up another load.

Why should you use road maps in your train model plans?

It is not necessary to use all four steps of the calculation for a logic operation. You can use three, leaving one blank. If you want the car to stop somewhere, or if you want it to move periodically between two points, you can agree on one side.

As the owner of the network, you also have the authority to regulate the flow of traffic, serve new industries and introduce new road maps.

As said, but now supported by facts, the whole process is highly customizable, so you can try to test what is most likely to work.

What Are Model Train Car Cards?

Peter has been building model trains for longer than he can remember. An ardent fan of size HO and O. This blog is a creative way to delve into other scales and aspects of the model railway community and its hobbies.

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