Like any other video game, the League of Legends has its own snake, and Initing is one of the most common snakes you’ve probably read in game chats (which is probably why you’re reading this article).

Entering means consciously feeding the League of Legends.

Now that a summer hunter with bad game can also group together to feed, deliberately feeding is different because the one who spoils him does so of his own free will, not because he cannot do so for any reason in today’s game or because he has a bad pass.

Intentional currents are often referred to as flames, another jargon used for players who abuse others and thus violate Riot’s call code and terms of use, which could ultimately lead to their being banned.

So if someone writes Inting in an LOL game chat, it’s intentional feeding.

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Yes, very much so. Conscious eating or perspicacity means not only voluntarily throwing the game, but also showing a lack of sportsmanship in general.

If deliberate feeding really weakens your team because your opponents get more shots and eventually more gold, which helps them build up their champion relatively quickly, then it also brings with it the fun of playing for your opponents.

Not to mention that this greatly increases your chances of receiving a message after the match, which in turn increases your chances of being temporarily or permanently excluded from participation in the Legendary League.

In 3 simple steps.

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In every online game you will find poisoned players, and this is not a new phenomenon. Online team games have been deliberately fed for a very long time.

If someone deliberately feeds the League of Legends, you can talk to him or her and try to calm him or her down or report him or her after the game.

It is not advisable to contact such players if they are poisonous, as this makes you angry and possibly poisons you, and it may be forbidden if someone (perhaps the feeder itself) accidentally gives you a signal after the game. Just mute in the game, try to play as good as possible to win, report it later and continue. If you want, you can block these players.

It is important that you report these cases, because it helps Riot Games to improve the LOL community. However, do not continue denouncing all those who play a bad game as a deliberate trough. If someone has a bad game, you can always talk to them quietly and let them know if they do something wrong.

Incorrect reports can ultimately render your reports in the League of Legends books unusable.

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