If you think you can buy a normal household fridge or freezer (or a combined fridge/freezer) and place it in an unheated garage, shed or garden shed, then you should think twice!

Environmental requirements for conventional refrigerators and freezers

The standard domestic refrigerator and freezer models are designed to operate at a suitable ambient temperature. This means that the space in which they are located must be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (Fahrenheit) all year round, even in the winter months.

Failure to maintain a temperature of at least 50 degrees (depending on the specifications of each model) will result in various malfunctions of domestic refrigerators/freezers.

He’ll try to defrost the food in the freezer. In addition, the unpredictable freezing of food in the refrigerated room can begin! In fact, the device is lightly laminated in a cold or unheated environment.

Is it too much trouble when you install a fridge/freezer for the first time?

Yes, I’m afraid so.

For example, if a refrigerator/freezer is stored in a cold store, it is normal that it is not powered, but it takes some time to warm up before it is switched on. Take your fridge-freezer directly to your home’s cold store by plugging it in and expecting it to be turned off.

The good news is that if the fridge/freezer is stored on its side, transported to the side or transported to your home, the refrigerant still needs time to stabilize. However, it is likely that the heating process will take extra time compared to the refrigerant (see the manufacturer’s model installation manual).

Is this a special warehouse for British equipment owners?

We think so.

The regularly low temperatures, sudden drops in temperature and long winters in most parts of the UK, which freeze and fall from time to time, make these devices difficult to use.

Of course, the weather is not mild enough all year round, as in other parts of the world, where you don’t have to worry about unheated temperatures. Unfortunately, the British are forced to do so. There are simply too many temperature differences over a certain period of the year to use the model in an unheated environment or outdoors.

Why do normal refrigerators/freezers not operate at low temperatures?

To explain this, we think it’s a good example.

In many models of household refrigerators/freezers they react to the current level of ambient temperature. If the room temperature rises a few degrees with this equipment (probably due to sunlight on a hot day), the refrigerator will work harder with this equipment to keep food and drinks cool.

The cooling technique works well, but not when the temperature drops. When the ambient temperature drops below 38 degrees, most household refrigerators/freezers turn off their freezing and/or cooling functions.

What happens is that the compressor, an intelligent mechanical element that keeps the freezer compartment sufficiently cold, cannot continue to work and the heat is therefore not dissipated from outside the freezer compartment. And the cooled air from the freezer, which is normally led to the refrigerator to keep it cold, stops working when the compressor dies.

Soon the milk will explode, the chilled meat will no longer be edible and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream will probably look liquid.

Is the double thermometer for the domestic fridge/freezer the best option?

The fridge/freezer with two thermometers allows better monitoring of the temperature. Although this can reduce the thawing or cooling of food, it does not completely solve the problem.

Finally, when the ambient temperature in a garage, barn or other unheated environment cools down, refrigerators without a freezer compartment will not work. If it’s cold enough, the inside of the fridge can also freeze. The inside temperature of the refrigerator approaches the room temperature in an unheated room fairly quickly and with sufficient time.

In addition, domestic refrigerators/freezers with a water supply system and placed in a sufficiently cold chamber will block, the water pipes will freeze and the filter may also crack or freeze.

What should I do with my outdoor fridge/freezer?

For outdoor use there are refrigerators/freezers or freezers that are specially made for outdoor use. And by exterior manufacturers generally mean an unheated room such as a garage, shed or other cold room such as an extension. These are the ones you can use instead of your fridge or your household fridge/freezer in your garage.

For example, Beco models are often described as frost-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees below zero) and 109 degrees Fahrenheit (109 degrees) on hot days. Some of Beko’s most advanced chiller/freezer models feature NeoFrost technology with a digital display on the outside door to control two thermostat settings.

There are also smaller, illuminated freezers that can also be used in back rooms.


We recommend that you do not even think about moving an old fridge/freezer (or a device that serves its sole function) to an unheated environment such as your garage. Although it seems a good idea at this stage, it is likely to fail when the temperature begins to drop significantly. At this point, the device could eventually break.

It is much better to buy a refrigerator/freezer that is specially designed for the outdoor environment and can withstand lower ambient temperatures.


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