Snowmobiles are a must, along with the necessary tool kit. They come in different shapes, and the best snowmobile is designed to be easy to handle to save a person, depending on the task they’re performing.

During the avalanche, the shovels of the snowmobile come to the rescue. The most important thing about the
in a snowmobile excavator is its durability, strength, weight, utility value,
, as well as the ability to store it compactly in smaller dimensions for easy storage.
Be prepared to deal with all circumstances when sitting on a snowmobile.

My personal recommendation

If you’re considering buying a snowmobile, I personally recommend the Climb Backcountry Shovel.

The aluminium of which this snowmobile is made is characterized by its great resistance and lightness. For optimum coverage and leverage of the bucket and saw, it comes with a fully functional and quickly accessible saw blade and a sturdy, retractable handle.

The oversized handle and large blade ensure maximum productivity when transporting snow, while all cutting and digging tools stay as close together as possible thanks to the smooth, easy to carry design.

Thanks to the bucket’s buttons, the height of the bucket can easily be adjusted to the situation in which you find yourself.

However, if you have a limited budget, the AceCamp shovel is an excellent choice for your budget. It is also made of a highly resistant aluminium material. The included buttons also make the configuration easy.

In short, the Klim Backcountry Shovel is a good choice for snowmobiles, but if your budget is limited, the AceCamp shovel is a great alternative.

Comparison of snowmobile blades

  County climate BCA Excavator Arctic Cat Field finish shovel
Hardware Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Buttons Yes Yes Yes
Treatment Circular File T File T
Dimensions 29.5 x 10.75 inches 12 x 7 x 12 inches 25.79 X 9.06 inches
Weight GBP 0,8 GBP 2,1 GBP 1,16
In Bold protection of the saw blade against light Wood saw Cheap price
Our result 96/100 95/100 90/100
Prices See the current price. See the current price. See the current price.

Best snow shovels in 2020

ClimbExcavator in the hinterland

Climb Backcountry will be the shovel of your dreams with all its modern and advanced features. It will simply amaze you with its excellent design, specially developed for active motorcyclists.

Climb backcountry shovel system

The shovel is made entirely of aluminium to keep it light and at the same time give it a shiny appearance to caress the copper’s eyes. With a light shovel, you can remove as much snow from the piste as possible without forcing yourself or injuring your hands or back. This allows the excavator to be transported in tunnel bags while driving a snowmobile without exerting pressure on the back.

The excavator is equipped with a wide blade that efficiently removes the maximum amount of snow from the track, so you can drive without too much effort. This shovel is the best option if you drive a hard snowmobile or a backcountry vehicle.

The shovel has a large retractable handle that makes it possible to dig the snow from any height and from any location. This means you don’t have to lean on your back for hours to move the snow and you can get rid of hand or back pain that can ruin your ride as you should be in better shape while driving.

Climate shovel with retractable handle

An accessible saw blade is attached to the rear of the windvane, which in turn is attached to the rear of the windvane. This saw blade can be used by removing the saw blade from the handle and attaching the saw to it. In the event of an emergency, the saw blade is accessible with several push buttons and clamps to attach or detach it from the handle.

Climb snowmobile shovel with removable saw and shovel blade

The saw blade is an indispensable tool to protect yourself at night or during snowmobile nights in the garden. This can be useful if you are planning a heavy blow to the face or body part in order to survive in the background. The saw blade is protected by a plastic coating, which is included in the delivery.

The shovel handle is wider and a razor blade is used to measure the maximum height of snow for a ski test or snow bag measurement.

The brilliant design and ease of transport keep all excavators close together and make this bucket the best and most efficient in every way.

Foldable bucket SOG

The SOG folding bucket comes in a compact carrying bag that can easily be attached to a belt or tunnel bag. It has a raven-eye closure so that the shovel of the carrying bag remains intact while you ride the sled. The shovel can be hung on the belt using the supplied ballistic nylon cover. If you attach the carrying bag to the belt, it can be weighed by the weight of the excavator, so it is recommended to attach it to the tunnel bag.

The SOG bucket can be folded to a compact size, which is the most efficient feature of this bucket. This feature of the excavator makes it easy to transport the excavator when driving a snowmobile. The shovel is very compact, with a small blade and a large handle.

The SOG Folding Bucket has the ability to transform itself into an elite power tool, a fastener, an axe for the camp, a hawk for survival and a primitive jungle. So a shovel has so many forms to increase the survival of your country behind your back and help you have fun without danger.

This SOG excavator distinguishes itself from other classic traditional excavators by a 7 inch wooden saw with an adjustable blade. This puzzle protects you from thieves from behind when you drive at night, because it is easily accessible and easy to use.

The bucket is compact and has a construction that is both portable and sturdy. The bucket consists of a black carbon steel frame in a sturdy housing that gives it its strength. Steel is also resistant to cold and severe weather conditions. SOG tools are designed and built to last much longer than one would expect.

The handle of the telescopic shovel is shaped to provide a comfortable grip and allows you to easily lay 7 inch wood that can get stuck between your snow tracks. The bucket head is equipped with a 4-position locking system that gives it extra versatility.

The shovel has a razor blade that makes it very sharp, so it can easily cut through the snow, even if there are traces of wood or stone in the snow. SOG steel is designed with a 1075 carbon steel powder coating for increased strength and productivity.

However, the size of the blade is not sufficient to dig the maximum amount of snow in a trench. To get rid of the snow completely, the road would have to be dug several times, but the road would be cleared of all obstacles such as traces of wood or stone hidden in the depths of the snow.

IUNIO Foldable portable military excavator

Experienced sports enthusiasts of the hardcore design of military portable folding excavators use their outdoor experience and assemble details to test their functionality, usability and safety.

This high-tech excavator can be used as a mini snow shovel to clean up tyres stuck in deep snow. This shovel also comes with a tool to help you break the ice or remove stones from your tracks or the path you want to follow with the snowmobile. It is very compact and saves a lot of space in your tunnel bag for other tools you need to clear snow.

The excavator is not only compact, but also very light and can easily be transported in any vehicle or bag. It can also be useful to dig up land or build sand castles during your beach holiday. The foldable bucket can also be used for digging peg holes for tent pegs and for digging stones to smooth out the tent surface.

The 31-inch bucket is designed for athletes who need to improve their level on the field. The bucket comes with an extension cable that can be extended to the height that suits you. You can easily choose the length of the excavator according to your size by adding any number of extensions to the belt. This prevents you from bending over for long hours and relieves back or shoulder pain.

The bucket, like the handle, is made of high-grade carbon steel, which gives the whole tank great strength and increases resistance to all types of wear and tear. The handle is made of rubber to ensure comfort and to prevent injuries or scratches on the hands.

This military excavator is very portable due to its foldability. So it fits in the high-quality packaging of the tactical belt, which comes with the belt buckle. It can easily be worn on the belt without coming loose when riding a snowmobile. It’s also guaranteed for life.

The bucket weighs about 2.45 pounds and is multifunctional. The only drawback is that the head of the shovel is not as big as the other shovels, which can make it a bit difficult to remove the snow I once tried. However, it is much more portable and equipped with more advanced features than other buckets available on the market.

Rescue line aluminium sports facility shovel

The Lifeline Sport Excavator is the best known excavator on the market because of its high quality and versatility. The sports excavator is made of aluminium and is available in six different colours, which are a unique feature of this excavator. The spades are available in six different colours: blue, red, black, olive, orange and yellow.

The aluminium bucket is coated with a high-quality powder coating so that the different colours of the bucket remain intact, glossy and bright, even after exposure to different chemicals or weather conditions. The aluminium shovel is based on the ideas of an experienced athlete, whose strength, quality and weight have been tested internally by Lifeline’s quality team.

The aluminium used is of high quality and lightweight. The coating of the aluminium makes it wear-resistant. The bucket is a three-part construction, so it can be easily disassembled in three parts for easy storage and transport. This makes the excavator an ideal travel accessory that you can store in your tunnel bag because it takes up very little space.

The excavator weighs just 1.3 pounds and this lightweight design makes it easy to carry when carrying accessories on the road. The length of the shovel handle can be adjusted from 25 to 32 inches, depending on your needs and requirements. Due to the different lengths of the bucket, it is multifunctional and can be used for three different purposes.

To create a shovel to reduce the weight on your back while walking or backpacking, simply remove the medium length adjuster to create a small extension shovel. If you need a medium extension for the excavator, you can use an extension in the handle 25 on site.

The bucket can also be used over its full length (32 inches) by attaching a hand extension and then extending the bucket all the way to the end. This backpack shovel should be on everyone’s list, because winter can be unpredictable and this shovel can save you from any situation, as its use is quite unlimited.

However, this bucket can work perfectly when cutting vertically, but is unable to draw or climb anything other than a light, fluffy powder. Even if you try, the shovel may break and separate the knife from the handle. Nor can this shovel be fitted with a looped handle, which gives you comfort and a lever for shovelling snow.

Moreover, it cannot work in ice-cold terrain because it is made of aluminium and is extremely light. You will also have difficulty moving large amounts of snow at the same time.

Despite the disadvantages, it can be quite a purchase if you have a budget and are looking for a simple but multifunctional excavator.

Lightweight snow ploughfor acetate bearings

AceCamp’s snow plough is made of high quality aluminum that is designed to last longer than expected. The aluminium used to make the bucket offers excellent performance. The material is very resistant to rust and can withstand severe frost. Aluminium has deformation-inhibiting properties and therefore does not bend, even if you try to cut the ice with a shovel.

It is ideal for snow removal on a snowmobile with ease and comfort. The AceCamp bucket is about 25.79 x 9.06 inches long when extended over the entire area. However, it has a foldable character and can be compact up to a length of 17.13 x 9.06 inches. This shows that the bucket can be extended from 17.13 inches to 25.79 inches over its entire length, depending on the size of the user.

The shovel weighs about 1.16 pounds, making it very light in the wild, so it can be easily transported during transport. This bucket has a two-piece construction that can easily be assembled and disassembled in less than five minutes.

The blade at the edges is sharp enough to cut through the ice in icy terrain, but you should always be careful when working in this situation.

The AceCamp is a fairly cool but functional shovel for an active athlete who likes to ride a snowmobile in all weather conditions, because it can be used on ice and snow without any problems. It is very accessible and practical, with many possibilities. This can be a good catch when buying a snowmobile shovel.

Considerations for the purchase of a snowmobile shovel


The blades have different shapes and sizes, which determines their functionality. For example, a round shovel is best for digging and breaking ice, a square shovel with upright sides and a flat shovel with a straight point is a great way to get from one place to another, while a shovel with a straight, sharp blade is best for removing weeds and scraping ice.


The bucket of the best snowmobile scooter shovel is made of a strong, resistant and light material, because it should not put a heavy load on what it wears. Many spades are made of very strong plastic, like Lexan, which is light and does not stick to snow. And he’s not cold either! Aluminium is another popular material used for snowmobile blades because it is lightweight, strong and corrosion resistant. On the other hand, steel is the strongest and most durable material; it is only heavy and requires greater effort to complete the task.


The handle is attached directly to the end of the rod and should slide as comfortably as possible on the palms of the hands. The best material for the handle is rubber, although many buckets, such as the Nachman snow shovel, are designed with a T-shaped clutch to improve grip and, ultimately, performance.


The handle is a decisive factor for comfort. It does, however, to a certain extent determine the duration of a position. With the right shaft length you can work comfortably without stretching or stopping your back.


Ergonomics refers to the design of the excavator in terms of how it is adapted to the health and comfort of the intended user. Since the function of the excavator is to move material from one place to another, it must be designed so that it does not stretch the back, arms or any other part of the body when in use.


The size of your backpack plays a role when you’re out and about on days when you have to carry too much. Remember that the backpack must be a combination of load capacity, accessory capacity and tool storage. A backpack should have a reasonable size, not too small, not too big, just perfect to make your trip comfortable.


The excavator you transport must be equipped with a saw blade and a sturdy retractable handle to ensure maximum reach and easy transport. Normally the standard bucket comes with an oversized handle and a wide blade to ensure maximum movement in the snow with maximum efficiency and to allow better placement. Make sure the backpack you buy has a shovel bag.


Sometimes the value of a snowmobile is only recognized when you are in a situation. It is true that one must be prepared with the right tools, and the shovel is only one of them, which is important for salvation. If you know the snow conditions, it is crucial to plan the right winter in advance to prepare for your trip, if you have the right shovel. In addition, you must identify the characteristics that you believe should be present in the scope you wish to purchase.

The aforementioned snow shovels do excellent work in clearing and sawing snow and various other tasks. Most are lightweight and have detachable parts for easy storage and transport. However, you will need to do more research and consult with experts to get the best snow shovel for your needs.

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