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If you are considering creating a new website, whether for your company, your personal blog or for other reasons, you have many choices to make. For those who want to create a blog for themselves and have little or no budget for it, they may consider using the best free blog maker. If you want to make an attractive corporate website, you need to look for a platform that offers more advanced additional features and functions.

For many, one of the most important decisions is whether they want to build their website with a content management system such as WordPress or whether they want to choose a website builder. To find out which one is best for you, do some more research and understand the main differences between the two. You must also have a clear goal for your website and know the essential elements needed to achieve what you want.

What’s better: WordPress or Website Builder?

So what are the fundamental differences between WordPress and web designers?

WordPress is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL, usually used with MySQL or MariaDB database servers, but can also use the SQLite database engine. WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites in April 2020. Speaking of which: Wikipedia

WordPress vs. Website Builders: Which Option is Better? (Explained 2021)

Websitemakers are tools that generally allow you to create websites without having to modify the code manually. They fall into two categories:

  • Online tools offered by web hosts They are usually designed to allow users to create their own private website. Some companies allow the owner of the website to install alternative tools (commercial or open source) – the most difficult ones can be called content management systems.
  • Standalone software that runs on a computer, creates pages and then publishes them on any host. (They are often considered as web design software, not web developers) by : Wikipedia

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is not a website creator. CMS are flexible but have a learning curve. Web site builders are less flexible, but easier to use.

WordPress vs. Website Builders: Which Option is Better? (Explained 2021)

Ease of use

A website designer is usually the system of choice for those who feel overwhelmed by the idea of creating their own website with a minimum of help. Web designers are often very intuitive and designed to make the process of creating a website as simple as possible.

WordPress, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult to understand, but has the advantage that it is more flexible and offers better possibilities. So, if you want more control over your site and a wider range of features, WordPress can be more attractive.

Edit your page

A typical website designer has a ‘drag and drop’ function to create the layout of new pages on the site. This makes it very easy for the editor to drag and drop text or images and to build and reorganize the pages and other elements on the site as desired.

A CMS system like WordPress works a bit differently. The editing tool you use to create your page does not necessarily reflect the appearance of the live page. This can be more problematic for inexperienced users.


For the less tech-savvy, WordPress can quickly become a bit confusing to get the right result. However, if you are trying to achieve a certain look, you can change the theme code to create a site more suited to your needs and make some plugins work properly.

But without a basic knowledge of programming and the technical knowledge to make a website as fluid and intelligent as you want it to be, it can quickly become overwhelming. Using a web builder saves you from tinkering with code, which can be a relief for the less techies!


WordPress offers a number of plugins (software components that allow you to add extra functionality to your website). That’s why, when you choose WordPress as your CMS, you have much more creativity and flexibility. However, it is important to note that not all plugins are compatible with your chosen WordPress theme and some modifications to the theme code may be necessary. This can be tricky, especially for beginners.

The webcompiler still offers a number of optional plugins (none of which should be encoded). However, the choices are much more limited, so that those who use a website builder may find that they are limited in terms of the features they can add to their website.

Hosting your website

If you choose a website builder, you don’t have to worry about a separate host for the website, because it is included in the website builder you choose. This can make things much easier and less stressful. Acquiring a domain name with the creator of the website, everything works easily.

However, those who use WordPress will also need to find a PHP & MySQL host. This adds an extra element to the decision-making and research process for the launch of your website. It can also be confusing for people with less technical knowledge.

On the other hand, choosing a separate host for your WordPress site allows you to change hosts if you have a reason to. This is not possible for those who use a website builder because they are essentially linked to their host. If they decide to move, they will have to build a whole new location from scratch.

WordPress vs.Website Builder Tool
Features Page creator WordPress
Flexibility  Compared to WordPress, website builders are less flexible. They can manage small or personal websites, but have certain limitations when it comes to the complete management of a website. Being an open source website creation and management tool, it contains many themes and plugins that give you complete freedom to create/ customize your website.
User-friendly Most web designers have drag-and-drop features that make them very user friendly. In this way, you do not need any technical knowledge to manage the content of your website. This is not a drag and drop editor. You must use the WYSIWYG Editor to change the layout or formatting of your content.
User support Although site builders are very easy to use, you will find a lot of documentation about their use. WordPress has a great community when it comes to helping and supporting.  You can read and participate in their forums, ask direct questions and get answers to all kinds of requests.
Layouts and themes They have built-in templates that can be used directly to design the layout of your website. WordPress offers thousands of templates, for free or for a fee, depending on the user’s needs.
Prices Most hosting providers offer simple tools to create websites within their hosting. The price depends on the WordPress plan you take. The simplest plan is free, but buying WordPress hosting is cheaper.

The choice between WordPress and a website designer can be difficult, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Determine what you need, be honest about your technical options and use the points above as a guide, and you are sure to make the best decision.

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