With each passing year, more entrepreneurs and inventors are turning to crowdfunding platforms to raise the capital they need to launch a new product or service. Kickstarter is the oldest crowdfunding website in the world and one of the biggest, but there are plenty of newer ones. In fact, there are now more than 2,000 different projects on Kickstarter, and we’re seeing more than half of them in the U.S.

For better or for worse, the Kickstarter phenomenon is back. Two years ago, fans of digital currency project OpenCoin began using Kickstarter to raise funds for their then-unrealized startup. And now, the same thing is happening with the blockchain. In April, the blockchain-based secure messaging platform Hive and a Lithuanian student project called Filament launched their own projects on Kickstarter, asking the public to help fund their projects. In the past few weeks, two more Kickstarter campaigns asking for donations have gone live.

There was a time when Kickstarter projects were all the rage. At the moment all seems quiet in fundraising land: There is less and less exciting talk about proposed innovations. I have to admit, however, that I still have an ear to the ground as I continue to encourage campaigns that stand out above the rest. Of the many competitors offering their products on the platform, here are three that I think the average person will be interested in.


There’s a new kind of shoe that makes waves. It’s called Senja and is an all-season waterproof shoe that is more durable, breathable and lighter than other sneakers. These new shoes are made from vegan materials that are manufactured using environmentally friendly production methods. word-image-5326 Senja Shoes is the project of an international team of shoe enthusiasts and engineers. The founders recognized that the vast majority of today’s shoes had problems caused by industrial stagnation. Most shoes are not suitable for most weather and terrain conditions, are produced in an environmentally unfriendly way and can barely be worn for 12 hours without pain. Senja is made of environmentally friendly materials, so you can travel far, free and sustainable into the future. The most interesting feature of Senja is the new FlexForm fabric used only in the shoes. Kayla Martin, marketing manager for Senja Shoes, told FashNerd.com: You’ll feel great in Senja, and not just because of the comfort of FlexForm. Moreover, Senja is made of environmentally friendly materials, so you can travel far, free and sustainable in the future. So far they have raised £77,016 from 757 supporters, exceeding their target of £3,947. There are 34 days left, so if you want to support the campaign, now is the perfect time.

WEARABLE TECH : Not just a smart ring

If you’re a fan of wearable technology, thank this stylish smart ring with personal health features. The ring is designed to track the user’s response to their activities, daily decisions and body rhythms. It provides personal data and recommendations to improve the user’s overall lifestyle. word-image-14529 The Circular Smart Ring, which debuted on Kickstarter in late January 2020, is a sleek, lightweight smart ring that uses the correlation between day and night data. The wearable wellness device, which offers the user personalized recommendations for a healthier lifestyle, focuses on the user’s reactions to their actions, daily choices and rhythms and offers personalized recommendations based on the data collected. We wanted to develop a device that was not only more personalized, but that also used the data found to make recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Many of the wearable devices we see are too bulky, look too much like gadgets, are not customizable, and give the user raw data without explaining how to use it. Being wearable users ourselves, we wanted to develop a device that is not only more personalized, but also uses the data to make recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, said CEO Amauri Kosman. Seven ring sizes are available, from US6 to US12. The waterproof and scratch-resistant ring with integrated data storage is only available for 17 days. Circular is compatible with iOS 11+ on Apple devices and all Android 6.0+ devices and has already raised £172,619 of its £16,602 target. This campaign has already been supported by 1,057 people, and you can support it here.

WELLNESS TECH : Who doesn’t want a stress robot

If you suffer from stress that leads to sleepless nights, this portable device may be the solution. The LEROU robot is designed to help us work more efficiently. This is a personal head massage device that promises to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. word-image-14530 When you use it, you’ll really feel like someone is massaging your temples, the innovators behind the technology promise. LEROU Through stimulation, LEROU will ultimately improve the quality of your sleep and change the way you sleep and rest. Another feature worth mentioning is that the LEROU robot can massage the corners of the eyes, preventing and eliminating the growth of crow’s feet. Through regular use, of course. LEROU will ultimately improve the quality of your sleep and change the way you sleep and rest. If investing in a robot that can look like a real massage therapist is something you’re excited about, the good news is you’re not the only one. 137 supporters have already helped this campaign raise £18,627, exceeding its original pledge of £7,894. The bad news is that there are only 8 days left, so you need to get there in time. Share your tips and corrections word-image-14531 Editor-in-Chief and WearableTechStylist for FashNerd.com, Ms. Muchaneta has worked in the fashion industry for over 14 years. She is currently one of the leading authorities on the fusion of fashion with technology and wearable technology, and is a regular contributor to digital news sites such as Wareable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1 most backed Kickstarter ever?

Despite the fact that Kickstarter is a new website, it has reached a certain level of popularity. Currently, it sits at number 4 on the Alexa Internet top sites list, and has over 40 million monthly visitors. When a new project is posted to Kickstarter, the crowd immediately takes notice. In fact, many of the projects that make it to the top of the list are eventually funded, which means that Kickstarter is not only a popular way to raise money for new ideas, but also a popular way to make a product for the masses. The database of Kickstarter campaigns is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking out great ideas and innovations that will help them in their lives. But what if you needed a way to learn about the projects before they actually got funded? Well, that’s what this is for!

How many Kickstarter campaigns are successful?

Kickstarter is a great way for projects to get off the ground, but it’s not the only way to fund your product. In fact, it probably isn’t even the best way. Amazon is a great example of an online storefront, but it’s rare that a project succeeds on Amazon.com and doesn’t hit its funding goal on Kickstarter. The number of Kickstarter campaigns is staggering. The crowdfunding website has been around since 2009 and has since become the go-to place for inventors, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. Each year, Kickstarter brings in over $1 billion in pledges from over 14,000 funded projects.

If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, it is a funding site for creative projects. You can pledge money to support campaigns that you want to see come to life. There are thousands of projects on the site right now, and many of them are much more than what you would expect. There is a project for a device to help you assess risk, an edible pacifier, portable security cameras and even a watch that tells you the time in two time zones! There is no doubt that Kickstarter is one of the most successful funding platforms out there. Over the last decade, this site has funded over 1500 projects, ranging from the diminutive Pocket-Sized Tesla to the much bigger £17.5m Pebble Watch. The big question, however, is whether it will still be around in 5 years. Since its creation in 2009, Kickstarter has been criticised for its exclusivity, with most of its funding going to US projects. In a recent study, the site found that, in the last year, only 3 per cent of projects that launched on Kickstarter were from outside the US.


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