Rarely does a website have as much influence as YIFY on the distribution of torrent films to millions of torrent fans around the world, but now it is YIFY’s proxy servers and mirror sites. Over the years, Yify has grown into a huge pool of free movies and is on par with Kickass Torrents, The Pirate Bay and EZTV when it comes to the volume of torrent movie files.

Thanks to the YIFY interface, you can download subtitled movies in 720p HD or 1080p Full HD free of charge and directly. Not to mention the fact that the subtitles are available in many languages. From the beginning of 2018, however, the ISPs began banning this site in several countries on behalf of the rightholders.

The only viable alternatives to this clutter are YIFY proxies and flow mirrors that bypass all geographical limitations and allow transparent visualization.

What are YIFY proxies and torrent mirrors?

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The last two or three years have been extremely unforgivable for nature reserves and the brook community in general. Repression is widespread on websites such as Kickass Torrents, EZTV, The Pirate Bay, RARBG etc. in connection with reports of copyright violations. Film distributors and copyright holders have long criticized law enforcement or persuaded them to create these websites.

The largest of the torrents, Kickass Torrents or KAT, came to a sad end around 2016 and the owner was subsequently arrested. Subsequently, many sites followed this example and were marked with a red flag without rhyme or reason. The disappearance of almost all nature reserves seemed inevitable.

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YIFY therefore could not escape the attack and his original estate was confiscated. Things started to go wrong for legions of users who were bloody looking for alternatives to circumvent the ban on their favourite torrent film site.

Sites like Reddit and Twitter have been taken care of down to the last detail. Various discussion forums on the internet have tried in vain to find a solution or a small clue that might give them a glimpse of the film’s favourite torrent site.

But difficult times tempt us to react proactively. Not content with these limitations, the owners of YIFY quickly launched a stream of new YIFY proxy and mirror sites that contain the same library, index and database as the original site. Since 2018, these proxies/mirrors are completely safe to use as they are just clones of the main domain and have the same interface.

In addition, YIFY employees and community members ensure that these YIFY proxies/mirrors are regularly updated with the latest film streams and that dead links are immediately removed.

Is it safe to use a VPN with YIFY proxy/mirrorist sites in 2018?

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Now you can also offer a VPN service to bypass geographical restrictions. The Premium VPN can hide your IP address and browsing history and encrypt all traffic on its own servers in remote locations. However, VPNs cost tens of cents and can inevitably affect download speed.

This leaves us with only one viable alternative to activating YIFY, namely YIFY proxies and torrent mirror sites that have none of the above disadvantages. With this in mind, I suggest you use the free VPN to hide your IP address and your browsing history, as ISPs always follow the new YIFY torrent movie pages.

For those of you who have encountered difficulties visiting YTS.ag due to geographical limitations in your region, our list of over 30 legal and functional YIFY 2018 proxy/mirrorist sites will be helpful in bypassing the main domain at once. All right, let’s go.

30+ List of best proxy and mirror sites YIFY 2020

That’s it. That’s it. Click on one of the links above to be redirected to a proxy site in your browser and enjoy direct downloads of a lot of free movies. Now you no longer need to rely on dubious software, two-bit scripts or nephacks to unlock YIFY content in your country. These proxies/YIFY pages will be sufficient to solve all problems of your YIFY.

Exclusion of liability : We don’t encourage hacking. This information is intended for educational purposes only.

И… that’s the end! Don’t forget to bookmark this page to stay informed about new proxy and mirror sites, as we are constantly updating this list with new YIFY Torrent movie pages. Click on the links below if you have problems visiting other popular torrent sites such as Kickass, EZTV, The Pirate Bay, etc. Adios.

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